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Croatian experts in WTF Taekwondo Academy

2009 Int’l Taekwondo Symposium on Taekwondo Curriculum Held in UC Berkeley

Mr. Dai-soon Lee (fifth from left), chairman of the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation and vice president of the WTF, poses with presenters and panelists of the 2009 International Taekwondo Symposium at the University of California, Berkeley in the United States on Aug. 15, 2009. The symposium was to develop curriculum on taekwondo for the projected World Taekwondo Academy.

An international symposium on the development of taekwondo curriculum was held on Aug. 15, 2009 at the University of California, Berkeley in the United States.

The 2009 International Taekwondo Symposium, jointly hosted by the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation and UC Berkeley, drew about 120 taekwondo leaders, academics, and international sports dignitaries.

Among the attendees were Mr. Dai-soon Lee, chairman of the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation; Dr. George Killian, president of the International University Sports Federation (FISU); Dr. Ken Min, an honorary professor of UC Berkeley and member of the WTF Council; Mr. Mr. Franjo Prot, a professor of Zagreb University in Croatia and president of the Croatian Taekwondo Federation; Prof. Russel Ahn of UC Berkeley; and Dr. Chong W. Kim, dean and professor of Management, Lewis College of Business at Marshall University.

In his congratulatory speech, TPF Chairman Lee said, “The main purpose of this symposium is to systemize curriculum of taekwondo for the proposed World Taekwondo Academy and thus help cultivate international taekwondo leaders.”

“The outcome of this symposium will be presented for the participants in the 2nd International Symposium for Taekwondo Studies on Oct. 12 and 13, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark on the occasion of the 2009 World Taekwondo Championships,” said Lee, who also serves as vice president of the WTF.

WTF President Chungwon Choue said in his congratulatory speech that “Taekwondo studies at universities have contributed to the cultivation of taekwondo leaders and I strongly believe that this symposium for the development of curriculum for the World Taekwondo Academy will greatly help promote taekwondo around the world.”

In his key-note speech, FISU President Dr. Killian said, “Without visa problems, seven more countries could have participated in the taekwondo competition at the 2009 Summer Universiade in Belgrade, Serbia. Taekwondo athletes, however, showed their best performances during the Universiade.” A total of 430 athletes from 70 countries participated in the taekwondo competition of the 2009 Universiade, the third largest in terms of participating athletes and medal tally after athletics and swimming.

Under the main theme “Establishment of World Taekwondo Academy: Its Purpose and Rile,” Dr. Chong W. Kim said, “To promote taekwondo as a systematic education and study and training course, the present educational system related to taekwondo is not enough.”

“To meet these new educational demands, a new educational system is required. That is WTA. The founding of the WTF makes diverse education and training demanded in that both external and internal come true, elevates taekwondo’s status and makes original taekwondo’s duty perform,” he continued.

Dr. Kim said, “WTA is an educational institute, where leaders from all social standings, students and professionals related to taekwondo spread its spirit and Olympic spirit, study taekwondoism, enhance Olympic spirit, and deal with subjects related to taekwondo.”“The aim of founding WTA is to enhance knowledge related to taekwondo and make all countries develop the ability to perform. This aim as an Olympic sport will make taekwondo spread and practice Olympic spirit, enhancing world peace and love for humankind. Also taekwondo practice makes people practice to reach patience and self-control.”

“Like this, based on the mission and aim of WTA, it is very useful to establish vision –“to realize the Olympic spirit and love for humankind through cultivating taekwondo spirit,” Dr. Kim said. “To accomplish this, first is the mission to practice and study taekwondo spirit, second is to plan spreading the Olympic movement and spirit, third is to make circumstance to play fairly taekwondo as a sport, and last one is to contribute to make its status higher enhancing business ability related to it.”

Concerning the division of curriculum, he said, “All the curriculum of WTA is for performing the vision and mission of WTA. The mission of WTA is to develop curriculum for all the people who do not know what taekwondo is, not to mention taekwondo men.” He divided the curriculum into two: leadership session and skill improvem

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