Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Russia - Oleg MATYTSIN Candidate to the position of the FISU Vice President/ FISU assessor


On behalf of the Russian Federal Agency of Sport and the Russian Olympic Committee we would like to express our support to the candidature of Dr. Oleg Matytsin, President of the Russian Student Sports Union, as an applicant for the position of the FISU Vice President/FISU assessor.
We know Dr. Matytsin for a long time as one of the Russia’s best sports managers and true student sports enthusiasts. We firmly believe that his strong academic background along with sound experience in sports and energetic personality well qualify him to hold one of the senior positions in FISU.
The Russian Student Sports Union (RSSU) is a prominent national sports institution traditionally serving as one of major foundations of Russia’s mass and high performance sports. Since Dr. Matytsin’s joining to the organization the RSSU received a significant impetus to further development. He has introduced a plan of turning the Union into an effective body dedicated to expansion of student sports movement in Russia. One of his key goals is to upgrade the RSSU status tying it closer to the Federal Government and to attract more substantial state funding.
Enhancement of the students’ participation accompanied by an improved and institutionalized funding will certainly transform the RSSU into a successful sports development body.
We are also aware that Dr. Matytsin is an ardent supporter of the proposal to expand FISU base through the development of the Continental Associations and generally to breath new life and energy into the global university sports movement.
We believe that being a reform promoter in his national association Dr. Matytsin will bring great energy and expertise to implementation of your vision of the revitalized FISU.
In this connection and with great pleasure and confidence we would like to recommend Dr. Matytsin to the position of the FISU Vice President/FISU assessor and support him as Russia’s representative at your distinguished organization.

It would be a great honor to be elected FISU Vice President/ FISU asscessor and I will do my best working for further development of the University
Sports worldwide and FISU better future - a development based on the following
  1. Improvement of the legal framework for all aspects of the FISU (structure and timing of the FISU Executive Committee and the FISU Commission).
  2. Enhancement of cooperation between continental federations and providing the balance of representation in the FISU Executive Committee and the Commission of FISU.
  3. Organizational and financial assistance to developing countries for University Sports
  4. Establishment of cooperation conditions with the International Olympic Committee and the Continental Olympic Committees. Gradual development of interaction between FISU and the International Olympic Committee.
  5. The development of a strategic partnership with international sports federations.
  6. Expanding the scope of cooperation with continental and regional Association of University Rectors.
  7. Establishment of modern information management system in FISU. FISU PR-project elaboration intended to promote the image of the organization responsible for the future of humanity.

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