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Savate master Italo Manusardi member of AEMMA fencing
Born in Lodi (Near Milan) in 1926, M. Manusardi began his study of Greco-Roman wrestling in 1939, under Mario Zirotti and Italo's father, Arrigo, the famous Italian champion and first teacher of wrestling to the Italian police.
In 1941 he was classified in first place for the lightweight division of Greco-Roman wrestling for the championship of Italy.
In 1943, in the German Army, he was given the opportunity to continue training and perfect his wrestling. He also learned Ju-Jitsu and Duelling Sabre under Master Wolfram Werner at the Reinhardt Kaserme of Ulm am Donau of the Wermacht war school of the Ernste Panzer Pionier Division.
After the war, M. Manusardi returned to Italy. He then won a gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling, three gold medals in free-style wrestling and one in Judo (Trofeo Nazionale Dajelli, Gran Premio CONI-FIAP, Gran Premio Nazionale Roma).
In 1967 M. Manusardi began teaching Savate and in 1968 received the title of Professeur de Boxe Française et Canne and his Maitre d'Armes diploma in Paris.
He also has the following titles; Gant d'Or for the Ligue Royale Belge de Boxe Française, Founding Member of the Association Nationale des Professeurs de Boxe Francaise de Versailles, President of the E.N.B.F. Europe, technical teacher for the Italian Olympic committee (CONI) for wrestling and sambo, former president of the Italian Boxe Francaise Federation and former vice-president of the Italian Savate Association. He also holds a Black Belt VI dan JuJitsu, Black Belt VII dan Karate Full Contact, and is a Member of Honour of the Italian Kick Boxing Federation (FIKB - gold medal) and the Martial Arts Federation.
He was instrumental in the revival of the of the Italian Walking stick system and as such is considerd the father of la Canne Italiana. He is the Founder of the Sala d'Arme e del Codice d'Onore Lazzaro Delfino in Milan, where he teaches, Italian Canne et Baton, Duelling Sabre, Epée & Foil with his nephew M. Lorenzo Ravazzani.
For his life long dedication and work he is considered "a herald of the Honour and the Glory of the Salle d'Armes, the last one of a Noble Tradition."

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