Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Association of professional boxing Vojvodina, Serbia & Miodrag Rakic (president of Savate federation Serbia)

Association of professional boxing Vojvodina - http://www.profiboksvojvodine.com/
and Miodrag Rakic president of amateur organization - Savate federation Serbia as delegate in proffesional organisation called Association of professional boxing Vojvodina.
For AGFIS it will be very hard job to proove that savate is an amateur sport and people who works and compete in it.

Dzendzi Fleis and Eva Halasi (European savate champion) are on the list of professional boxers (like Ksenija Koprek savate champion (Croatia)). Their coach (trainer) who is also registered fighter (boxing) Mihalj Halas is coaching in savate both of them. Mihalj Halas is also present in Savate federation Serbia with 3 clubs:
  • KBV Budo klub "Realni aikido" Senta, Mihalj Halas 064/299-7474
  • BK "Ringfighter promotion" Kanjiza , Mihalj Halas 064/299-7474
  • Savate boks klub "Spartakus" Novi Knezevac, Mihalj Halas 064/299-7474

On a picture: Mihalj Halas (left), Eva Halasi (center), Miodrag Rakic (right):

Dzendzi Fleis (Serbia) in professional boxing against Fadiu Idrissi (Denmark)

and picture from Association of professional boxing Vojvodina:

And after all - Savate world combat championship we expect in Vojvodina, Serbia. And we will meet all this people.
Yes fighting sports are connected.
Just follow the smell of money and this will be your right and the only one direction.


http://www.probox-bih.ba/ - PRO BOX BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA

http://www.beepworld.de/members53/kickboxskoko/ - SKOKO promotion

and our SAVATE forces know each other - there will be on 8th May 2009 in Metkovic, Croatia:
Professional fights - boxing: Fleis and Halas will compet for Hungary not for Serbia. And Zoran Cvek - Croatian ex-savateur will be also there.

1. Ivica Perkovic (Croatia) VS Muhamed Ali Durmaz (Germany) (6 rounds)
2. Marino Goles (Croatia) VS Ratko Draskovic (Montenegro) (6 rounds)
3. Zoran Cvek (Croatia) VS Mihalj Halas (Hungary) (6 rounds)
4. Almin Kovacevic (Croatia) VS Alishan Gereev (Russia) (6 rounds)
5. Ali Chusseinov (Austrija) VS Zoran Didanovic (Serbia) (6 rounds)
6. Fleis Djendji (Hungary) VS X (Serbia) - woman boxing
7. Eva Halasi (Serbia) VS Donijele Bickei (Hungary) (4 rounds)- woman boxing
8. Istvan Petrovics (Hungary) VS Ibragim Zeliev (Russia) (4 rounds)

Source: http://www.profightstore.com/default.aspx?detaljno=3079&kategorija=boks

Boxrec: http://www.boxrec.com/fighterfinder.php?country_code=RS&region_name=null&towncity_name=&towncity_id=13885&division=ALL&submit=Go

Senta, SerbiaFleis Djendji
4 (3) - 4 (1) - 0


Senta, Serbia Eva Halasi2 (2) - 1 (1) - 0


Kanjiza, Serbia Mihalj Halas2 (1) - 1 (1) - 0


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