Monday, April 13, 2009

GAISF Fades Away, New Name for Giant Sports Association

3/28/2009 (ATR)
One word will replace five as the General Association of International Sports Federations undergoes a streamlining of its name, confirmed on the final day of the Sportaccord convention in Denver Friday.

So we can expect solutions for civil sports organizations after a while, when this mysterious world will be prepared to put out the final truth. But till then, we can rest in recession...

AGFIS news about itself:
GAISF rebranding and headquarters relocation
14 April 2009
The General Assembly decided on 27 March 2009 to change GAISF name to SportAccord.

President Hein Verbruggen noted: "We have made the change because we need a brand name. As an IF-organisation we handle a number of important projects and intend to organize major multi-sport events. We need a brand name for recognition of our Organization and to market our events, starting with the first Martial Arts & Combat Sports Games in 2010."
The SportAccord event itself would hereafter be known as The SportAccord Convention.
The headquarters will move from Monaco to Lausanne, with a new office located at the House of International Sport.

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