Thursday, April 23, 2009

Patrick Van Campenhout (WU-SHU) is elected onto the Board of ARISF

Great news for wushu and specifically the EWuF as our Secretary General Patrick
Van Campenhout is elected onto the Board of ARISF at their meeting in Denver.
What does this appointment mean for wushu...
The formal governing of the sporting world is made up of individual sports with
their respective governing bodies. Those sports that reach a specified level can
apply to become Members of GAISF (General Assembly of International Sports
Federations), there are currently 104 GAISF Member sports. The next level of
recognition is the International federations (IF) that has been recognised by the
International Olympic Committee (IOC) and these IF's are Members of ARISF
(Association of Recognised International Sports Federations) there are
currently only 31 sports that qualify as Members of ARISF. The ultimate
recognistion is actual IOC Board level. At that level only IOC Members, who are
individuals and not their sports are elected.
Therefore wushu has reached a new level of acceptance and recognition within
the sporting world. Well done to the EWuF team that have been promoting
wushu to the sporting community and thank you to the IWUF for their support in
achieving this wushu success.

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