Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Women (boxing) on olympic games

AIBA officially presented a proposal to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) last month to include women's boxing in the Olympic Games. A decision from the IOC is expected on August 13.


Savate Canada said...

You can follow this issue more at or there's also a Facebook group a lot of savateurs have joined:

In Canada a lot of women who do savate also box competitively, because the two sports are complimentary and because of a relative shortage of savate fights.

Anonymous said...

I see. But - make more savate fights and you will have more savate activities :).
And what do you say about LIGHT CONTACT BOXING (english boxing)?
boxe educative for members +18?

Janesse said...

Putting on an event is a LOT of work -- trained judges, officials, a host space, enough matches... There aren't many of us in the sport, and most people would rather train than organize.

I haven't heard of any light-contact boxing here, but it sounds fun! If it gives you a chance to learn how to move and develop ring experience, it should be good for members.

Anonymous said...

link for light contact boxing - AIBA.
Idea from 2007:

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