Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 people tournament in Australia - Congratulations

The Australian Savate Federation held a two day event at the Gold Coast in Queensland in March. Some participants traveled from Darwin, 2000km away, for the event!
A three hour seminar was held on the 21st March - Cedric Vilella (Brisbane) and Graham Thorn (Darwin) taught Savate sessions, and Craig Gemeiner (Gold Coast) taught Vigny La Canne.
Cedric is a visiting french combat fighter, Graham represented the UK, becoming World Vice-Champion in assaut in 2000, and Craig is the President of the Australian Savate Federation and winner of the 2005 Asian Pacific savate championships.
The seminar was followed by an Invitational Assaut Competition on the 22nd. Six fighters took part, 3 from the Gold Coast and 3 from Darwin. Each fighter had either 2 or 3 fights. The overall winner was Connor Van Vurren (Gemeiner Academy), with Chris Wauchope (Darwin) in 2nd place, and Garrick Olislagers (Gemeiner Academy) in 3rd place.
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