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Comments on text Savate club Vojvodina

I apologize for the the text that was taken from different sources about Savate Vojvodina.
Here we have true story about development of savate in Savate club Vojvodina written by their members and leaders.
And please don't be afraid to write the comments. In this way we can discover savate world quickly and more efficient. Please help us build knowledge and history of savate in this blog.

o my goodness
Success unthinkable! You connect incompatible things - especially in Serbia.
As the first order with us in Serbia to introduce I am Odžić Maja – PRESIDENT OF SAVATE CLUB VOJVODINA, which you have written a ton of lies!
I have to note that the one who wrote this obviously does not know the situation in all the martial sports, especially in savate in Serbia. That is familiar with this topic would be known to him by the Law on Sport of the Republic of Serbia sporting the constitutional right of every individual. Also, the law can not forbid anyone to perform in two or more sports as long as it deals with the amateur / read from love / and is not ranked athletes. This means that did not compete for the national team of Serbia, one of the sports. Exceptions are made when approved by the national federation and the Ministry of sport if one of the representatives for the purpose of preparation does not have enough opponents in the category / which is often the case with the lowest and highest categories in savate / and only allows them to perform at the state championships in related martial sports! Policy is valid as long as someone is ranked in a sport. When his home association can erase from the record he or she by the Constitution and law of sport can to performances in which the sport to another. DEMOCRACY.
As regards my club we have the most successful club in Serbia, but three years in a row and do the SAVATE. 10 of 16 gold medal for Serbia in the international savate championships brought my club! And yes, I am with Savate Federation of Serbia organized the World Championships in savate!
I see that you have all the relevant links but ... care only that you have on the site muay thai club Vojvodina find some pictures or results in savate after 2000. year!
Because this is not the site Savate club Vojvodina! Vojvodina is the name of a region in Serbia and all the sports clubs have / usually the best in his sport / and carry the name of Vojvodina / basketball, volleyball, muay thai...!!!Well and savate.
You did not see Mr. Jotić on any picture with the declaration or in the ring competitors Savate club Vojvodina!
How have you concluded that it was the same club and that he was the president!?
What you wrote is a bunch of lies and slander! And that's not right!
As the history of my club and here are concerned about:
Savate club Vojvodina was 1992. when there was no Kik box in Serbia and President was the best savatist Miodrag Jotić! The beginning of the war in our region and the introduction of sanctions Serbia FIS is set to ban the performance of our fighters and all savate centers have turned Kik box! That is savate club Vojvodina turned off and established martial art sports club Vojvodina / current Vojvodina - Veletabak / which deals with the kick box and his discipline and muai Thaya sport.
My husband and I have 2002. founded the sports club Phoenix wanting to do kick box because savate has not yet been returned to our rooms. The foundation of the National Savate Association we were one of the first members. My husband mentioned in the text, Miroslav Odžić, began to compete in the savate long ago in 1985. years and in this savate club Vojvodina / this is his first love / the whole our club began to practice savate including me. Since my competitive career was not overly successful by my standards I turn and become a coach and judge in savate and as you can see me going good! As we had success in the kick box and savate that would not violate the law in 2004. year / per tape in 2005. because of legal stuff / we have decided that I, as someone who is dedicated exclusively savateu open your savate club. How is my husband has performed for savate club Vojvodina and the old club is turned off from the register of sports organizations in Serbia on the basis of our results, we decided that our club called Savate club Vojvodina and restore the old glory. I since 2005. years to the day from any international championship, we are back with a medal and assaut and combat! Competitors choose in 2004. in which the sport will continue to compete and we from our side provide room for training and separate terms for both the club! Although the coach Kik boxing club, my husband in training savate training for themselves and continue to actively compete in savate / 24. years already! /and still brings the best medal for our national team!

As regards the visit to the President of FIS she was working, and concerned the forthcoming World Championships in savate. Because the World championship in savateu is in Novi Sad, Serbia would be stupid and disdainfully of me and the national federation that disregard history of savate in our region and in Serbia which coexist much longer than 2003. Miodrag Jotić which is currently engaged in Kick boxing promoter and the muai thai sport in Serbia / it is a muay thai federation of Serbia and is the representative of Mr. Jotić / is a historical personality in the Serbian savate because it is the first from our area who brought a medal /silver from an international championship in savate/ then it was the World Cup because the official world championship does not exist in savate.
Sadly if someone can comment to his meeting with Mr Le Duigou bad in any context, especially if it is to note that Mr. Jotić in the national Olympic Committee President of fair play. Had better examples of fair play, but to maintain friendly relations with its long-time opponent twenty years even though the long years involved in confronting the martial arts!
As regards my club we do savate and all other martial arts in Serbia and the world we respect but we don’t care! My club and I appreciate all that Mr. Jotić done for savate in our country and we wish him all the luck in the sports that are dealing with. Currently working on the organization of the World Championships in savateu which will be held in Novi Sad in the field of fair Playa because we want to show savate what really is one of the few sports in which the fair play is a struggle for primacy is not important to beat your opponent but tactical defeat. In this respect, Mr. Jotić is much help to the European fair play award at the organization of the championship award for the best fair play individual and team!
We want all the worshipers savatea a lot of success in the upcoming World Championship. As regards the history of savate club Vojvodina and connection savatea and kick box in Serbia that is all! I'm sorry but not a big conspiracy as you specified in your text!
Sports greeting
Maja Odžić – President of Savate club Vojvodina,
Novi Sad, Srbija 1300 kaplara 1-3,
tel 064 155 46 74.

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