Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bosko Vidovic - SAVATE BOSNIA


Ju-jitsu man from BOSNIA and Republic Srpska (Serb) is also savate licensed.


Bosko Vidovic
Member, MAIF International Advisory Board

  • Born on January 15th 1973 in Leoben, Austria
  • Started with martial arts 1987 in Split (Croatia)
  • Trained in Karate from 1987 till 1991 in Karate Club "Borac" from Split, under Mico Novakovic sensei
  • Simultaneously trained in Mu Gen Do (No-Limitations-Way) under Petar Mijic sensei, Karate club "Marjan"
  • Received 1st Dan Karate in 1991
  • Trained in Kick-box during 1991 and 1992 in Brcko (Bosnia & Herzegovina) under Mensur Peljto
  • Founded the first Kick-boxing club of Srpska Republic in 1993
  • Started with Ju-Jutsu in 1994 under Nenad Tubic sensei
  • Certified coach in Thai-boxing on seminar under champion Rob Kaman - Belgrade 1997
  • Certified Kick-boxing coach since 1997, with diploma from Faculty of Physical Culture, Novi Sad (Serbia)
  • Received 1st Dan Ju-Jutsu in 1998 and founded the Ju-Jutsu Federation of Srpska Republic (entity within Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • During period from 1998 to 2002 participated on many Ju-Jutsu and Kick-boxing competitions with his club in Srpska Republic
  • Since 2003 started with participation on various international Ju-Jutsu and Kick-boxing seminars
  • Founded Martial Arts Academy in 2003
  • Received 3rd Dan Ju-Jutsu in 2003
  • Received 3rd Dan in Kick-boxing in 2004
  • Received coaching license in Savate boxing in 2004
  • Served as General Secretary of Ju-Jutsu Federation of Srpska Republic and Kick-boxing Federation of Srpska Republic since 1998 till 2003
  • As of 2004 serves as General Secretary of Savate Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina

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