Friday, February 13, 2009

Reunification in ITF taekwondo


Almost the end of "The 43rd Year of Existence of the ITF: The Reunification Year - March 22nd 2008 to March 21st 2009" ... and I think reunification of all taekwondo groups still didn't succeed.
Are there still 4 ITF taekwondo main groups with the same names ITF?


JC said...

In my opinion the ITF is going downhill... some of the people I used to train with entered the ITF European Champs last year and all did very well, which I would not expect from a high calibre competition (not taking any credit away from our fighters). I just think there is too much bureaucracy/politics involved now a days. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think that ITF and of course WTF have smart universal taekwondo politics.
Divided they get more money and people.
Nobody knows that there are 4 ITF federations, except some rare martial arts specialists.
WTF protects ITF and this is it.
The story is similar to story of good and bad policeman. But anyway - good strategy.