Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Zurkhaneh - probaly New AGFIS WRESTLING sport

Almost 2000 years old. Very suimilar to French wrestling - ooops - Greco-Roman style wrestling. Some elements of training includes kettlebels - well known old european army training with weights. Some dervish dances are includes all with sounds of percussion. All in all - we have new wrestling FILA discipline - when SAMBO was born inside FILA, and then also MMA grappling - now it is time for other subdivisions.
Hey guys - who can reborn savate under his umbrella? Nobody? Hmmmm...


Compilation of Cedrics traditional iranian wrestling (koshti bastani) competition at the world championship of Zurkhaneh sports in Busan (TAFISA - TREXgames), South-Korea, 2008. Cedric first loses from Afghanistan, then wins from Iraq, Tanzania & Germany. www.zurkhaneh.be

Huge indian clubs (mill sangin) at the European Championship for Zurkhaneh Sports in Saarbrücken, Germany, 2007 (CLUBBELLS)
And after some years - talk about doping sports will start again. Yes healthy living.

and another competition version:

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