Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WAKO and IFMA - report about tragic death of Roberto Valdez

IFMA source: http://www.ifmamuaythai.org/HTML/09_0223_inmem.html

The world of muaythai world mourns the tragic loss of

Roberto Valdez

President, Philippines Muaythai Association

The world of muaythai We wish to express sincere condolences for the tragic death of Roberto Valdez and to extend our heartfelt sympathy to his family, friends, and colleagues who are affected so greatly by this loss. He made many contributions to the world of muaythai and his efforts will be greatly missed. Roberto served as President of the Philippines Muaythai Association and is credited with the promotion of muaythai throughout the Philippines.
There are no words that seem proper at a time of tragedy, only sincere wishes for the well-being of those who suffer the loss. We hope that justice is served and that Roberto is resting peacefully. The global muaythai community sends its support and sympathy as we all mourn the loss of Roberto Valdez.

WAKO source: http://www.wakoweb.com/en/NewsDetail.aspx?Ctn=82816
We have just received the tragic news that our friend, Roberto Valdez, a former Muay Thai and Kickboxing friend, who helped us during last Macau Asian Indoor Games as a referee and judge, the man who actually helped us in creating the WAKO Philippines, died in a terrible accident in Manila.
The bad news comes from Mr. Abram Tolentino who is the current president of the Philippines Kickboxing Federation affiliated to WAKO.
In the name of WAKO as a whole, our most sincere condolences to Roberto's family. May he sleep in peace.

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