Saturday, February 07, 2009

Two blinks

BEWARE of good and bad policeman ALI.

Ali Kanfouah - respected savate - boxe francaise champion who said that - "savate no more" made an interview:
He commented weird relations in French savate federation, and symbolic he touched his friend Johnny Chaterine (tragically died on Reunion).
What he wants so say with his words? Is savate really still controlled with an old relations from JUDO or some other stronger international control? We know that we still have some old JUDO masters - known as savate begginers in USA and Europe. And FIS still don't want to make an ARCHIVE of its all competitions, masters, history ...
Is there really freedom in spreading savate sport? Who really doesn't want to internationalize this sport? Who is playing double role? Who created or invited many kickboxing nations involved in savate that really don't feel nothing to savate sport except the money they get from their ministries of sport for their two times a year activities in french boxing.
They really belong to some other sport who is already internationalised and they don't have any intention to internationalise an opponent to their first sport. This so called parasitism in savate with friendly support from various types of kickboxing isn't the right tactique.

And now something completly different: Strong decision ---->

While the general assembly of the international Savate federation, Dr.Hamid Reza Hesaraki, the president of Iran Savate association and General secretary of Asia Savate Confederation by the decision of the general assembly members and approval of the president of FIS, was appointed as the Secretary General of international Savate Federation.
Dr. Hesaraki as the president of Iran Savate association and founder of Savate in Iran, from the early days od developing Savate in Iran and Asia had this great goal in his mind:" Helping to include Savate among the recognized athletes of GAISF."
Hereby Iran Savate association appreciates the general assembly members of FIS specially Mr.Gilles the president of FIS for his trust and confidence."

Do I see here Michel Leroux? Ex-technical director of French savate federation? Now active in French Wu-shu kung-fu federation.
Is this really him?

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