Sunday, February 08, 2009

Morne Swanepoel - friend of important JKD + SAVATE links

Morne Swanepoel
Personal Details
Born on 5th March 1972
Resides in Amanzimtoti, Durban, South Africa
Married to Aileen Cusens
Children - 2 boys (Bradley + Dylan)
Religion - Christian
Weight 95kg's
Started training in 1976
Profession - Full time Martial Arts Coach/Student

Morne Swanepoel with Daniel Duby. Does anyboddy know anything about Daniel Duby?
He was one of after WW2 savte teachers in USA and teached also JKD - Jeet koon do
PFS School
Daniel Duby
23974 Aliso Creek Rd. Suite 337
Laguna Nguel, CA 92677, U.S.A
Tel.: 001 / 7148298211

Michel Leroux (Technical director - French federation Savate) + Morne Swanepoel + Kanfouah (French federation Savate)

Is Jeet koon do (Bruce Lee's style without style) connected with savate trough SIFU Daniel Duby, Paul Vunak, Michel Leroux, USA & French savate federation.
Is JKD another part of savate and why all savate knowledge in USA and outside is transfered to this Bruce Lee's style through special trainers profile: savate + JKD masters. After WW2 - second world war savate was JUDO + SAVATE master combination.
Does anyboddy know anything about Daniel Duby?

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