Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ksenija Koprek (Croatia) vs. Eva Halasi (Serbia) 0:3

21th of February 2009 - Varazdin, Croatia, Europe - sport Hall "Graberje" hosted finals of European championships women and also junior men - fights.

Traditional pair - almost every time: Ksenija waited Eva for a month or two, because of Eva's injury.
Women: Ksenija Koprek (Croatia) vs. Eva Halasi (Serbia) 0:3.

Junior man for Croatian junior savate champion:
Finals +85kg
Agron Preteni (Pit-Bull Split) vs. Domagoj Lustring (Osijek) Won Preteni with stop in the 3rd round.

Finals -85kg
Marijan Belic (Valpovo) vs. Ante Goreta (Pit-Bull Split) - KO in the first round. Won Belic.

Semi-finals -65kg
Goran Mimica (Pit-Bull Split) vs. Marijo Jantolek (Cobra Marija Bistrica) 3:0. Won Mimica.
Silvije Tebet (Stubica) vs. Igor Karlovic (Omega Varazdin) 2:1. Won Tebet.

Semi-finals -70kg
Luka Tomic (Pit-Bull Split) vs. Matija Godinic (Kneginec) 2:1. Won Tomic.

Elimintion fight -60kg
Stipe Prtenjaca (Sesvete) vs. Luka Leskovic (Stubica) 3:0. Won Prtenjaca.

YES IT WAS SAVATE. Certainly it looked also like savate. There were integral dresses and many other savate things. Congratulations.

But more important thing was - that Varazdin hosted for the first time - PROFESSIONAL boxing match where two fighters shows everything in ENGLISH BOXING
Zoran Cvek(CROATIA) (ex-savate fighter) vs. Tomas Hengstberger (AUSTRIA) -67kg.
And MOST , MOST important thing in Croatia:
Bank of Zagreb was their official sponsor.

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