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Curriculum of Ubaldo PASCHINI

When you will read this you should ask yourself about savate. What is savate and how much savate depends of its members.

Judo Master of 6th Dan IJF - FIJLKAM - Master FIJLKAM
Member of Honour of the International Federation Savate
Born a Verzegnis (Carnia-Udine), at Marzovalis, Italy (First with elementary children Cossacks 1944-1945-Krassnoff)
On 15 May 1938, a resident of Sesto San Giovanni, in Magenta, 68 / A Tel. GSM +39335 6459841-tel.fax.02-22476768 E-mail: paschini_ubaldo@fastwebnet.it
Housing in a Verzegnis Carnia (UD), location Saddle Chianzutan n.2

Curriculum updated February 20, 2008
Emigrated in Paris. He practiced also in Ameaux (Le Plessis Robinson) and Kawaishi (Paris) in 1954. He became black belt 1st Dan - "College of Ceintures Noires de France" in 1960. Subscribed to FFJDA (1960) to continue his path to become Federal judo teacher, under the leadership of Jean Vareilles, (with Yves Klein, the first judoka in France with 4th DAN in Kodokan JUDO - made in Tokyo in 1953. In 1962 he began with activities as a teacher, assistant instructor in Olympic Judo Club Fontenay aux Roses. In summer 1962, he came to Yugoslavia, having participated with a French team on a meeting a Plitvice. He organised on the terrace of the Pine Hotel on a Lake Verzegnis (Italy) first demonstration of judo in Carnia (22 th July 1962) and then in August another demonstration in a local cinema named David in Tolmezzo, Italy (his buddy was Uke Mr. Luoni Novara). In 1963, after collecting points for theoretical and practical examinations to obtain official recognition of the 1 ° Dan in a French Judo Federation and Associated Disciplines, he is promoted by Mr. M. Awazu - 1. Dan. During the holidays in Italy in 1963, he taught for a month at the judo school Judo Friuli in Udine with Dino Furlan. In 1964 returned in Italy. He teaches at GIMO Judo Club in Milan and Judo Club Olimpia Sesto San Giovanni. He established also Judo Club Universe in Milan and Emilio Colombo Judo Club in Milan. Sports Director of "Cà Dwarfs" in Cortina D'Ampezzo - 1965/66/67/68/69. National Judo Referee (FIAP) from 1969 to 1971. In 1970 he founded Judo Club Cortina D'Ampezzo and organized 1st Trophy - International Judo Open Abraham Oldrini in Sesto San Giovanni (38th edition was on 10th November 2007). In 1971 founded a Satori Ryu Sesto San Giovanni. In 1972 (30 years of business-2002) established Sports Club Sesto, which then from 1987 becomes Sports Centre Sport Club Sesto, in Sesto San Giovanni, where is currently President and facilitator - together with his wife and son Concetta Valis. In 1976 he founded Judo Club Tarvisio 1977 and the Judo Club Tolmezzo. National and international functions - from 1982 to 1987 Head of National Judo Sector - Italian Association of Culture and Sport - AICS-CONI - Rome.
From 1985 to 1995 National President of "Unione Italiana Boxing French Savate". From 1985 to 2001 Vice President of the International Federation of Savate - FIS, based in Paris. From 1987 to 1992 President of the International Commission of Karate CSIT-CIO, based in Brussels Belgium. From 1988 to 1992 National Sector Head of Martial Arts AICS-CONI - Rome. At the congress of Chianciano 19-20-21th April 2002, he was elected into the National Council CSEN-President of the Lombardy Regional CSEN (Centro Sportivo Educatione Nationale), President of the Provincial Committee of Milan CSEN. Since 1964 Master Teacher technical FIJLKAM-CONI.
http://www.fijlkam.it/ - Italian federation of wrestling, judo, ju-jitsu, karate and other martial arts.
- 1974 3rd Dan Kodokan in Tokyo 1986
- 3rd Dan IJF
- Cooperated with Yugoslav federation of Judo - 6th Dan 28.01.01
- 4th DAN - International Judo Federation on October 24, 1987
- 5th Dan FIJLKAM January 2002.
- 6th Dan - International Federation of Judo 20.04.2003

Awards received:
- 1984 Silver Award from President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini
- 1984 National Award "Tower" for the sport
- 23th October 1996 Gold Medal from International Savate Federation
- "Sceau de la Ville de Paris" (the seal of the City of Paris)
- September 29, 2001 Paris, he received the highest honor of the International Federation (FIS) Savate Member d 'Honour of the International Federation Savate
(If you ask FIS about this kind of awards they say that they are but they don't posses any archive)
- Member of PANATHLON CLUB MILAN (probably like kickboxing Ennio Falsoni)
- Other activities: Chairman of Fogolâr Furlan Sesto San Giovanni
- Employee of the "La Gazzetta dello Sport" - rubrics of Martial Arts.
- Consultant of Trocellen Italy SpA, for the Sports Industry International Tatami
- Volunteer in Sport, the City of Sesto San Giovanni
- April 23, 2004 became President of the Lombardy Regional Committee CSEN until January 30 2006.
- FIJLKAM - Contribution to Sports for 50 years of operation as judo teacher - award in Sale Marasino (BS) 18 September 2004.
- From February 1st 2006 National Head - Sector Martial Arts and Sports Combat in OPES-EPS CONI (Olympic Comittee Italia)
-Member of the Technical Committee for the Scientific celebrations of the Centenary of the Birth of First Carnera
- till 2006 in Provincial Committee of Milne Bay
- OPES Commissioner OPES for Friuli Venezia Giulia, April 2006-L 'Body Friuli in the World designation Ubaldo Paschini, his official representative on the Committee for the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Primo Carnera.
- 8th December 2006 - Invited from Marius Vizer to 58th Congress UEJ in Novi Sad.
- December 15th, 2006 Master - FIJLKAM
- 17th December 2006 Rome - Prize "Melton S. Davis"
- 2-4th July 2007, Rome, Ministry of Health, National Institute of Health, participated in the Corsican Training for the cure of Health in Sports Activities And the prevention of doping.
- 10th November 2007 Gold Medal of IJF delivered from Marius Vizer IJF President at the 38th Trofeo Oldrini.
- 17th December 2007 6th Dan FIJLKAM

Comitato Regionale FV

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