Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stupid and good judge, Belgium (french speaking part)

If the name of the game is assaut then it should be controlled match. This first video is typical case, how to destroy good assaut young hope. And instead of punishing hard kicks and punches this pour human figure turns potentialy good assaut match to catastrophe.
Judges without uniforms - without formal dress. Shame on that kind of sport.
Judges without FIS savate card licenses. Who knows how many judges we have in FIS with licenses A, B, C international degree? Is this just a coincidence or very well planned and tricky game?

and much, much better judge Alexandre Walnier (but still - there is to much freedom in fight, not enough clean technique, grabbing opponent's leg, sweeping with a help of pushing an opponent, to strong reverse kick) and again no uniform and city shoes. Nice one but not official :). This second video is from Belgium savate assaut championship. Nice tournament.

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