Friday, May 15, 2009

2010 WUC Savate


Sunday, 10 May 2009

In the framework of the inaugural edition of the World University Savate Championship in 2010, the Organizing Committee invited a FISU Delegation for a working visit.
The FISU Delegation was composed of Mr. Alexandre Walnier, Technical Chair for Savate and Mr. Laurent Briel, WUC Director. The French FISU Member Association, FFSportU, was also represented by its Director for International Relations Mr. Vincent Rognon and by Mr. Daniel Lemoine. The International Savate Federation was represented by Mr. Joël Dumez, while the French Savate Federation was represented by Mr. Alain Guillard and Mr. Manuel Alexandre.
The Organizing Committee was represented by the following persons:
Mr. Bertrand Gautier, General Director of the WUC Savate;
Mrs. Sylvie Trivière, Secretariat;
Mr. Anthony Février, Media Liaison;
Mr. Georges Bossard, Treasurer;
Ms. Elodie Leborgne, Website;
Ms. Laure Iacono;
Mr. Claude Belleau, Lodging & Catering;
Mr. Grégory Garnier, Transport;
Mr. Jean-François Just, Communications;
Dr. Gérald Bir, Medical;
Mr. Lionel Girard FISU liaison, who is also the FISU Technical Chair for Rowing.
The city of Nantes couldn't have been a better choice to host the 1st edition of this championship as the region boasts the highest number of student-athletes practicing the sport.
During the working visit the following points were discussed:
- Sports Equipment;
- Lodging;
- Catering:
- Transport;
- Communications and partners;
- General Management.
The competitions will take place in the ‘Palais des Sports de Beaulieu' in the centre of Nantes. This sports center will also serve as the headquarters of the OC and will be the nerve centre of the WUC.
The delegations will be lodged in the university campus of Fresche Blanc. Each participant will stay in a single room with bathroom and toilet (+/-9 m²). These student housings are located on the tramway itinerary which links the campus directly with the sports center. The officials will be lodged at eight minutes walking distance of the competition venue. Breakfast and dinner will be at 800m from the campus.
The OC will organize a number of events to promote savate as well as a healthy lifestyle.
The foreseen dates of the WUC are Friday June 25th to Saturday June 26th, 2010.
This WUC will be based on the concept of sustainable energy. Therefore the OC will rely on Public City Transportation, in particular the tramway of Nantes.

It started like this:
During the French University Championships at Rennes, on Thursday March 27th 2008, a first meeting with the organizers of the University World Championship at Nantes and a member of the French Federation of the University Sports was held. The principal objective of this meeting was the organization of the steering committee for the World Championships, which will include representatives of the University, the Town of Nantes and the region.
The responsibilities of each member of the Steering Committee were decided, and future meetings planned. We all hope that this world event will be a success. The next meeting, including FISU, FFSU, FIS, the University of Nantes and the local partners will be held on June 11th 2008 in Nantes.

In the photograph, left to right:
Mr. Daniel Lemoine: Technical Officer of the French Federation of University Sport responsible for Savate.
Mr. Bertrand Gautier: Regional manager of the CRSU of the University of Nantes.
Mr. Gilles Le Duigou: President of the F.I.S.
Mr. Franck Le Goff: Organiser for Savate at the University of Nantes.
Mr. Alain Guillard: responsible for working with the local authorities and joint Organiser for Savate at the University of Nantes.

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