Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Muay Thai (IFMA) – Arafura Games 2009 Starts

Darwin, Australia (10/05/2010) - An explosion of light and sound heralded the start of the Arafura Games 2009 with an Opening Ceremony that had the people of Darwin on their feet cheering the thousands of athletes from across the Asia Pacific Region, and beyond, and the start of nine days of fantastic athletic competition. The stadium was packed to bursting point with an electrifying atmosphere when over 4,000 athletes marched proudly into the stadium bearing the flags of country.
Jon Stevens and Christine Anu completely captivated the audience and 300 young performers from all over Darwin danced and sang their way into the hearts of the spectators and athletes in the TIO Stadium. The torch ceremony and the spectacular fireworks display will be a great memory for this once in a lifetime opportunity for many.
Muaythai is the newest attraction out of the twenty-eight competing sports. The huge popularity of the sport is billed as one of the highlights of the Arafura Games. Today’s newspaper featured Muaythai on the front page and the 7-competition is expected to draw a full house every day. Muaythai is proudly a part of the Arafura Games.
Let the games begin!

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