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WTF taekwondo in FISU university sports


The university Taekwondo movement under the International University Sports Federation (FISU) has grown dramatically in the past 22 years. It has seen 10 World University Taekwondo Championships and 3 Universiade Games (2003 in Daegu, Korea, 2005 in Izmir, Turkey, and 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand). Moreover, FISU has been promoting continental developments, including in the Pan Am region; the Organización Deportiva Universitaria Panamericana (ODUPA) was formed in 2007. Therefore, it is the perfect time to have the 1st Pan Am University Taekwondo Championship in accordance with FISU's endeavors.

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It is my honor and privilege to welcome each and everyone of you to the 1st Pan Am University Taekwondo Championship. UCMAP spearheaded the development of the world university taekwondo program by hosting the 1st World University Taekwondo Championship here at Berkeley in 1986. Ten additional university taekwondo championships have been held: Santander,
Spain; Guadalajara City, Mexico; St. Petersburg, Russia; Manzanillo, Mexico; Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei; Berkeley again; Patra Greece; Valencia, Spain; and Belgrade, Serbia. Three Universiades since 2003 have included taekwondo at Daegu, Korea; Izmir, Turkey; and Bangkok, Thailand.
Taekwondo will have its fourth consecutive appearance in the Belgrade, Serbia, Summer Universiade this coming July 1-12 with the inclusion of poomsae for the first time as part of the taekwondo event, along with kyorugi. The 11th edition of the world university championships will be held at Vigo, Spain, in 2010 and the 26th Summer Universiade will be held in Shenzhen, China, in 2011. This is the first continental university taekwondo championship to be held under the sponsorship of ODUPA, a continental organization of FISU, the International University Sports Federation.
No doubt this taekwondo championship will be followed in the future by other continental university federation sports. Your participation as athletes, officials, sponsors and spectators will contribute to the success of world university taekwondo development through this milestone I would like to express my deepest sincere appreciation to the Organizing Committee, each and every member, headed by Dr. Russell Ahn. Best of luck to the athletes and please enjoy this taekwondo learning experience under the Berkeley martial arts environment.
Ken Min, Grandmaster
Founding Director, UCMAP
FISU Taekwondo CTI

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Dear all collegiate competitors, coaches, referees and officials, Welcome to UC Berkeley!
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 1st Pan Am University Taekwondo Championship, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Berkeley campus. The Organizing Committee and I
have made our best efforts to provide you with this history-making event.
FISU (International University Sports Federation) has been growing and expanding dramatically over the past 60 years and is promoting continental developments, including in the Pan Am region; the Organización Deportiva Universitaria Panamericana (ODUPA) was formed in 2007. The 1st PAUTC is an official event of ODUPA that will help cultivate fine taekwondo instructors and an elite group of scholars.
Therefore, UCMAP is hosting the Pan Am Taekwondo Instructor Development Seminar in conjunction with the 1st PAUTC. Its theme is “The Educational & Psychological Analysis of Taekwondo, and the Pedagogical and Physiological Understanding of Taekwondo.” Throughout this event, we will learn about the educational values of taekwondo as well as gain a physiological
and pedagogical understanding of Taekwondo as a Korean martial art.
Training in the martial arts has many rewards, and taekwondo forges a strong connection between mind, body and spirit, especially in those who diligently study and work hard to pursue a higher academic education at universities or colleges. I am sure that your experience at this event will provide you with a better sense of yourself as well as your taekwondo abilities.
I must take this opportunity to thank the dedicated ODUPA President Julio Jakob, ODUPA officials and championship organizing committee, officials, sponsors, referees, medical staff, and volunteers for making this tournament a remarkable experience.
I would also like express my appreciation to FISU President George Killian and WTF President Chungwon Choue, and give special thanks to PATU President Jiho Choi for all cooperation as well
as ongoing support of university taekwondo movements. Last but not least, I would like to express my respect and appreciation to our program founder Dr. Ken Min, who provided thoughtful advice and wisdom for making this event possible.
Best wishes for a great tournament,
Russell Ahn, Ph.D.
1st PAUTC Tournament Director
Director of UCMAP

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Welcome message for the Pan Am University Taekwondo Championshipfrom Mr. JULIO JAKOB ODUPA PRESIDENT member of the executive committee of fisu It is a great honor to receive this Pan Am University Taekwondo Championship, first event hosted by the Organización Deportiva Universitaria Panamericana (ODUPA), together with the UC Martial Arts Program (UCMAP). Participation in this Panamerican Championship will allow all of you to have great opportunities to demonstrate excellence in athletic competition, but also -and as important as that- to build friendships with colleagues from all the Americas. By that mean, a greater understanding among peoples and nations will be promoted, which is an unavoidable way we have to walk toward global peace. To be sport champions requires discipline, practice and a very strong determination, skills that are essential for success. All those, plus a sense of fairness, a positive attitude and teamwork, are significant qualities for leaders of tomorrow. Sportsman is the one that has not only invigorated his muscles and developed his strenght in the course of a sport, but the one that in practice of it, has learned to repress his anger, to be tolerant of his colleagues, not to take advantage of a vile advantage, deeply feel shame on a mere suspicion of a trap, and bring up a cheerful face, even under the disappointment of a setback. This is the main task of ODUPA. To create citizens of the world with all those principles and values, so the life of our children and grandchildren can be better. Sports is a wonderful tool to achieve this objective. And the UCMAP shares this goal with us.
This is a tremendous opportunity to project our aims to the Americas, and also to the whole world.
Therefore, I wish you all to enjoy this Championship to the most of your capacity. And when you go back home, I encourage you to share all your experiences with your fellow students-athletes, because our event must have a multiplier effect through all of you.
I whish you the best, I congratulate the UCMAP for the Organization of this Championship, and I assure you that for all the Americas, you are all "GOLD MEDALISTS".
Julio Jakob
President ODUPA

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