Saturday, May 16, 2009

Korean Boxing Association suspended

Is AIBA always that strict? For all AIBA members? I doubt ...

13th of May 2009
The AIBA EC Bureau announced on Wednesday that it has provisionally suspended the members of KBA, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Commission Members, etc., and to not allow the Federation to participate to any AIBA events in any official capacity until a case of serious violation of the AIBA Technical & Competition Rules by the Korean Boxing Association has been reviewed and adjudicated on by the AIBA Disciplinary Commission. The AIBA EC Bureau approved to send a representative to investigate this case of violation and report to the AIBA Disciplinary Commission.
The Korean Boxing Association has allegedly allowed a boxer to compete although he was overweight at both the general weigh-in and daily weigh-in during a national competition which was a qualifying tournament for the AIBA World Junior Championships Yerevan 2009.
Earlier in April, the AIBA EC Bureau also approved to put the case of the elections at the Korean Boxing Association and the inappropriate management of boxing related matters by the elected President Mr Yoo also under review by the AIBA Disciplinary Commission in order to support boxing development in Korea. This after having read many petitions on the subject.

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