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Source: WBC website

June 30th, 2008.

The American Sports University of San Bernardino, California awarded our President, Jose Sulaiman Chagnon, an Honorary Doctorate on Humane Letters, last June 27th, in a ceremony that was massively attended and, without a doubt, will be remembered for several concepts as one of the most emotional ever seen on that Campus.

Doctor Hwang, representing the University, conferred such a high honor to the leader of the World Boxing Council, whose new Honorary Doctorate joins three previously received ones, awarded in different parts of the world.
In the same meeting, the former Heavyweight world champion, Muhammad Ali, was also honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters; the ceremony was attended by one of his daughters, Mynamar, on behalf of “The Greatest”.
To be with Doctor Sulaiman, many fighters who have been glories of boxing were present, such as Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Rodolfo “Gato” Gonzalez (the real one), Mando Muñiz, Manuel Medina, Bobby Chacon, “Coloradito” Lopez and Paul Banke, among others.
A few minutes before such ceremony, on the same Campus, the World Boxing Council Museum was inaugurated, a spacious and beautiful place, where nevertheless, there was a moment when it was difficult to walk, due to the massive attendance and participation of many guests, as well as students.
In the evening, in an Arena that is located within the limits of the hotel where our President stayed, there was a boxing evening, and prior to the main event,
Doctor Sulaiman Chagnon stepped in the ring, where he was presented with a trophy for the “Humanistic Sentiment of the WBC, which is always in search of the sake of boxers”.

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