Friday, May 29, 2009


This is the specific main changes in the new Sport Rules for WAKO, decided by the board in the last board meetings

1. Electronical Open Scoring in Light-Contact, Kick-Light, Fullcontact, Low-Kick and
The scoring system is now changed to adjust and Electronical Open Scoring System. In practical the changes are to be found in Article 5.3 in the Ring Sport Rules and 8.2 in Light-Contact and Kick-Light. The text for our scoring system is the same in all sections. But, as you will see we have taken care of also our manual scoring system (with klickers) in order to give time to our affiliated nations to adapt, implement and buy a electronical system. In our World Cups, Championships and other big tournament, only electronical system will be used from the year 2009. In the General Rules in both Tatami and Ring Sports we have added an article at the end of the document, shortly describing the using of the Electronic system.

2. Including Veteran section in Semicontact and Lighcontact:
Text about weight classes and rounds are implemented in the correct articles.

3. Kick Light (Light-Contact with Low Kicks):
We have established a new section based on the decision to open up a discipline called Kick Light. This is in practical Light Contact with Low-Kick. It is Light-Contact rules with the only addition of kicking in the legs. Also the fighters must use shorts, like in Kow-Kick. Besides that it is a Light-Contact rules. We will use Electronical Scoring System.

4. Aero-Kick:
From January 2010 Aero-Kick will not any longer be a competition discipline in our tournaments. However, we hope that our affiliated members continue to practice this kind of exercise activity to serve and attract this kind of population. It can only bring more members to your organization and it can connect even more our sport with the fitness centers all over the world. It is a positive and healthy activity and gives a wider perspective to kickboxing as sport.

26. May 2009 - World Association of Kickboxing Organizations

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