Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last year in Mexico 2300 competitors were present and this year Mr. Carlos Lopez, after 2 years of hard work, was able to organize another unforgettable event. A fantastic success as usual in WTKA events organizations in any part of the world.
I was curious to touch with my hands the martial arts movement in Argentina in order to see also old friends coming from any part of latin-america countries.
Really we have to think that latin-america is a very big area, for example Argentina and Mexico are very distant and it is not so simple to travel because the costs.

To travel from Spain to Argentina is more chipper than travel from Mexico to Argentina!
But a lot of countries were present there to live an unforgettable experience in the name of Martial Arts.
For me as Italian to be in Argentina is the same to be in Italy: the same way to speak, the same way to move. Really 50% of Argentina citizens have Italian blood. In the past a lot of people travelled from Italy to Argentina finding the same way of live.
And Argentina persons love Italians. I fell myself in my house.

So at the Tournament 14 countries and 2100 competitors were present. 15 competitions areas for 3 days of competitions.
A very good result thinking about the cost of the travel.
I was there to open the Tournament and I was there rich of enthusiasm to testimony my closeness to the Federation, to the competitors and friends.
The Federation is growing in a incredible way: this year we will held our Asian and African Continental Championships. After WTKA will be the strongest martial arts and combat sports body in the world
I don’t know how many world organizations are able to organize Continental Championships with 2100 competitors. I think no one is able to do the same.

The competitions were beautiful, 3 enthusiastic days with a great and very professional Opening Ceremony with fireworks, songs and exhibitions. A great happiness for my hearth to see how martial arts are presents in strong way in any part of the world without politicals, religions and social-economics aspects.

Everywhere you may feel the same emotions, the same dreams, the same behaviours. The martial arts is a fantastic world, we have the opportunity to love and to live something of special. Martial arts are a special philosophy don’t presents in other sectors. It is a poetry, a humanistic religion, a beautiful soul energy.
In the martial arts we are all brothers, sons of the same hopes and fears; we are walking on the same street. Martial arts Sensei and Masters have the great and beautiful responsibility to teach not only martial arts but also a way of living.

WTKA Latin-america Championships showed a great technical level and a great atmosphere of friendship inside the Sport Hall. The same WTKA spirit presents in all WTKA events.
It was a great success, my personal greetings to Mr. Carlos Lopez WTKA Argentina Director.

The competitors smiles, the chief delegations friendship and happiness…this is the real richness of Martial Arts. A richness that belong to everybody!

Michele Panfietti
WTKA President

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