Saturday, May 09, 2009

Professional Woman Boxing: Marina Horvat (Croatia) vs. Eva Voraberger (Austria)

16th of May in Austria.

poster Eva Voraberger

Schedule of fights: Eva vs. Marina

Eva Voraberger vs. Zeljana Pitesa in kickboxing - Split 2009 (Pitbull)

Eva Voraberger posing.

You know Marina Horvat as savate fighter (also kickboxing and now also English Professional Boxing).

Eva Voraberger
Born: 10.02.1990
Hometown: Graz
2 Professional fights 1 victory (K.O) / 1 defeat

Marina Horvat - Boxrec:

Now when we have strict license/passport commission in FIS - Miodrag Rakic - there will be many troubles for Marina in savate amateur sport. Yes - you can dream of.

And you can find Marina as amateur in Croatian Olympic Committee. Registered for 4 years after being WORLD SAVATE CHAMPION 2005 (51-54kg) combat against AIROUCHE Kahina (France)in Bobigny 17th of December 2005.

Iron&Steel Boxpromotion

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