Saturday, May 16, 2009

WBC - World Boxing Council President re-elected, plots the future


Jose Sulaiman was on Tuesday unanimously re-elected as president of the World Boxing Council.
The 77-year-old accepted his new four-year mandate at the congress in Cheng Du before telling Reuters the sport is facing a "crucial moment of transition".
Sulaiman, who has led the WBC for 33 years, says that in order to ensure boxing's future well-being, the WBC is working towards a global licence for boxers.
The licence will detail a boxer's full medical history, weights and fight records in a bid to prevent mismatches, suspension violations and tragedies.
"An 'A' quality boxer will not fight a 'Z' category opponent," Sulaiman said, explaining the goal.
Sulaiman is also proposing a World Golden Fists Amateur Tournament to nurture fledgling talent and wants to launch a four-round competition explaining that this is crucial for beginners in the sphere of professional boxers.
"There is almost no one who has come into boxing and reached the limelight, who hasn't been a four rounder at the beginning of their career," he said.
(Source: Reuters)

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