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18th Summer Sport for All Festival - Serbia

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Serbia, city - Bajina Basta, 2008.

XVIII SUMMER SPORT FOR ALL FESTIVAL – BAJINA BASTA 2008 was held according to the adopted program in Bajina Basta from 18th till 22nd June 2008. The event was held under the patronage of IOC that made all members of Association Sport for All Serbia to commit to an additional activity to organize the Festival as successful as it had been for so many years.

The preparatory period has been used to define all conditions of stay as well as other services prices that accompany implementation of this Summer Festival programme (sports ground, rafts, boats, local transfer, program for Opening ceremony). At the same time the preparation for printing and distribution of posters and flyers (Bulletin No 1.) was performed. This printed material was distributed to all member organizations of Association Sport for All Serbia, local SFA organizations, local Sport Associations, firms and other stakeholders and individuals. Also, short film was realized and presented in Belgrade and some other places in Serbia (Novi Sad, Kopaonik, Nis ...). Election of members of Organizational Committee and other work bodies in charge of this event were done.
The “PRESS”, one of the best selling daily newspapers in Serbia was elected for general media patron. Daily sport newspapers “Sportski zurnal” and “Sport” as well as local and national TV gave a special attention to this event.
Turnout of participants have been satisfactory. Namely, the program of XVIII Summer Sport for All Serbia Festival was comprised of 786 interested citizens of all ages, from kindergarten kids to veterans.
Competitive program was held in mini football, volleyball, basketball/street ball, table tennis, shooting, chess, darts, badminton, street aerobic and urban orienteering.
Opening ceremony was performed at the first day of Festival at 8 PM. After artistic part with excellent performance of Cultural Artistic Association “Milenko Topalovic” from Bajina Basta and Children brass orchestra “Petar Milicevic”, Mr. Miloje Savic, president of the Municipality of Bajina Basta welcomed all participants. XVIII Summer Sport for All Serbia Festival – Bajina Basta 2008 was solemnly opened Mr. Milorad Perisic, President of Presidency of Association Sport for All Serbia.
During the “Water sports day”, water games were organized as well as boat rides on Perucac Lake and Drina canyon, and rafting down this very famous river.
Within the framework of outdoor competitions the following activities were realized: walking tour, competition in traditional games (tug-of-war, rock-throwing from the shoulder, standing jump, jumping over haystack), green aerobic and visiting Raca Monastery.
Mr. Ivan Curkovic, President of Olympic Committee of the Republic of Serbia was presented at the Festival also as a representative of IOC. He attended the XVIII Summer Festival from the beginning till the end of the Festival. Mr. Curkovic addressed the participants on the ceremony especially organized for the occasion and awarded recognitions of IOC for contribution to development of Sport for All to selected organizations, participants and persons and declared Festival closed.
Mr. Herzel Hagay, member of TAFISA Board followed very carefully one part of realization of program.
During the Closing ceremony Association Sport for All Serbia awarded its own recognitions – plaquettes to selected organizations and individuals. Recognitions for TAFISA and ESFAN were also among 5 awarded recognitions. Mr. Herzel Hagay took the recognition on behalf of TAFISA and the recognition for ESFAN will be awarded at the event relevant to the ESFAN/TAFISA.
In general terms, it may be concluded that the Program of XVIII Summer Sport for All Festival – Bajina Basta 2008 was fulfilled as a whole and as such justified expectations, invested efforts of members of the Organizational Committee and other engaged associates and volunteers, as well as donors and other financial resources.
The official organizer of the event was Association Sport for All Serbia. Other partners were Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Belgrade, Municipality of Bajina Basta, Sports Tourist Center Bajina Basta and Member organizations of Association Sport for All Serbia on the national level.

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