Saturday, September 27, 2008

TAFISA games 2008 - Busan, Korea & Muay Thai

The Sasjik Asiad Stadium was filled to capacity for the opening of the TreX-Games under the patronage of the IOC. Many IOC members and sport personalities from around the world filled the VIP section of the stadium. Korea really showed why they have been chosen in the past to be part of the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, and Asian Games, with the colorful performances during the Opening.
Muaythai is the biggest sport in the Games with the biggest numbers - over 800 athletes, coaches, and officials from all 5 continents. Today will be the opening for the Muaythai Games. Many royal sport personalities from around the world have sent congratulations messages to IFMA. Please find enclosed the Souvenir Program for the 2008 IFMA World Championships, which is part of the official sport programme of the TAFISA, Trex, Sport for All Games.



BoxxTomoi said...

I'm posting this entry to my blog, one fighter from our gym took part in this event.
Thank you. I'll credit you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you too, for your comment and visiting this blog. And of course - wish good results for your gym members.