Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mr. Miodrag Rakic - Savate federation Serbia

With his club in ex-Yugoslavia he was a founder of Savate federation of Yugoslavia in 1987. Activities: Rijeka 1988, Zagreb 1990, Milano 1990 and European Championship in May 1990. With Yugoslavia disintegration in 1991 and coming civil war savate activities were stopped and Savate federation of Yugoslavia ended its activities.
Mr. Miodrag Rakic got silver glove 1st degree - Gant d’Argent 1 in 1990 (similar as two other respected Serbs - Mr. Borisav Pelevic (WAKO) and Mr. Miodrag Jotic (IFMA). All new official gloves were introduced and translated to Serbia in 2007 (thanks to president of FIS).
Savate federation Serbia (Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia are ex-Yugoslavia countries)was created in the same year as Slovenian savate federation. Savate federation Croatia was established in 1987 in Zagreb.
Probably the first activity of newly created Savate federation Serbia was a seminar and OPEN tournament in Ljubljana, Slovenia (february) 2004 made among Belgium, Croatian, Serb and Slovenian team in assaut - light contact (later - Balcan championship). This activity was organised also with the help of FIS and FIS president (2003) Alexandre Walnier (Belgium savate).
Mr. Miodrag Rakic was also very active as president of regional WAKO - Kickboxing federation in Serbia called Kickboxing federation of Vojvodina.
With the support of Sport union Serbia and Olympic Comittee Serbia and FIS he helped to develop savate in Serbia with high standards in a very short period of time. In smaller Slovenia just 500 km northern from Belgrade and "stable" European Union - EU country this was in the same period of time impossible.

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