Monday, September 15, 2008

Active mitts workout

Cooperation of trainer and fighter during the training on mitts is very important. Don't be passive like a sand bag, try to act like real enemy.
COACH FEEDS: Foutte Median, Jambe Avant
1- Parade Bloque, "Glise'" (Slide) Cross "Direct Bra
2- Deplacement with Lead Hook "Crochet"
3- Foutte Bas, Jambe Arrierre
4- Foutte Figure, Jambe Avant
COACH FEEDS: Chasse Frontal Meidan, Jambe Arrierre
1- Parade Bloque (Pushing the kick past and to side)
2- Decalage, "Swing" Bra Arrierre
3- Foutte bas, Jambe Avant
Continue to move.....

Savate Combo 1 (working the Chasse Frontal distance)
- Coach, bra avant (jab)
- Fighter responds.
1 parry/catch
2 riposte Chasse Frontal Jambe Avant
3 Cross (direct figure, bra arrierre)
4 Hook (crochet, bra avant)
5 Fouette Bas, jambe avant
-Coach feeds.Foute Median, Jambe avant
- Fighter
esquive en passant et decalage
1 foutte bas jambe arrierre
2 foutte figure jambe avant

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