Thursday, September 11, 2008

K1 - Debrecen with (HUN) Ferencz József (savate)

Savate federation Hungary - have brilliant fighters. They are not afraid to fight in K1 matches, and again later they are prepared to fight in light contact version savate - french boxing called assaut.

Gala: Ferencz József (HUN) vs. Zathureczky Zsolt (HUN) 1:36, 19th August, 2008 Debrecen , Hungary, K1

Peugeot - (nice cars), interesting French car industrial giant which in this case sponsor K1 tournament, and we see Remy Bonyaski promoting their trademark.

We can see also match of Karacs Attila against Litvanian Shootboxer. Nice pants - similar to savate.

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