Monday, September 22, 2008

Goran Borovic - savate fighter in Shootboxing


Goran Borovic (31 years), member of club Barun Trenk in Zagreb (in savate competes for Omega gym boxing), Croatia, Europe got an invitation - shootboxing competition S-CUP EUROPE, 20th september 2008 in Netherland.
After the big succes in Rosmalen last November 2007, Shootboxing Europe is organizing the S-Cup Europe together with the well know East Side Promotions. 8 fighters of 8 different European countries will fight each other to win and qualify for the S-cup World, which will be held in Tokyo Japan on the 24th of November 2008. Tournament in Netherland is organised by Andy Souwer (also as competitor).
Shootboxing is similar to thaiboxing (throwing is allowed and choking in stand-up position...).

8 European fighters will fight in the tournament. There will be only one winner. The participants are:
Denis Schneidmiller (Germany)(known from S1 muay thai explosion tournament - Ljubljana Kodeljevo, Slovenija), Abdallah Mabel (France), Rick Barnhill (England), Malik Mangouchi (France), Chris Venrooij (NL), Rudolf Durica (Slovakia) Dzhabar, Askerov (Russia), Joakim (yuka) Karlsson (Swe), Marco Pique (NL), Luis Reiz (Por) .

Besides the S-Cup Europe there will be more fights to enjoy; Ruben van der Giesen will fight Christian Di Paolo for the WPKL European Title and Gerold Swaane will fight his retirement fight against ‘Belgian Bull’ Jan van Denderen. Of course there will be a lot of Local Heroes who will fight each other to make this a fight night you won’t forget.

Presale tickets cost €25,-. On the night of the event, tickets at the door will be €30,-.

Goran's statistcs:
Amateur boxing (AIBA): 50 fights, 40 wins (15 KO), 6 lost
K-1 Max/Thai/Kick/Savate: 54 fights, 46 wins (23 KO), 7 lost

After his successful amateur fights on European savate championships in Ankara, Turkey 2008, he continues his PRO fights in Shootboxing. Shootboxing (like savate) is also additional sport in FIKB (Italian kickboxing federation).


Goran lost his fight in quarterfinals against Chris van Venrooij (Netherland) and Denis Schneidmiller (Germany) won the tournament winning a match against Dzhabar, Askerov (Russia).

and this Source: say, that Shootboxing was S1 competition. This is CRORING - Croatian website.

Denis Schneidmiller vs. Luiz Azeredo - Shoot Boxing S-Cup

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