Friday, September 12, 2008

ITF + WTF taekwondo - China merge session (Ung Chang)

The 5th Session of the Coordination Committee for Taekwon-Do Integration between the ITF and WTF has been held in the Beijing Shi Cha Hai International Plaza in Beijing, China on 10-11 Sep. this year. Following the plenary meeting, the subcommittees for Sparring and Pattern have concurrently held its meeting and consulted profoundly and comprehensively about the technical integration for Sparring and Pattern. The subcommittee for Pattern has exchanged the references of both sides concerning the Taekwon-Do Technical Composition and continued explaining about the fundamental principles of Taekwon-Do Power accordingly. Through this opportunity, both sides have confirmed the common views on the fundamental principles of Taekwon-Do Power and, based on it, both sides have agreed to clarify the fundamental movements of Taekwon-Do technique by technique at the next Session. The subcommittee for Sparring has, as well, shared the in-depth views and opinions on the most basic issues amidst the tournament rules of both sides. Both sides tried their best at this meeting to seek the way to unify the rules of Sparring throughout the tournament rules of each side and agreed to make it more details at the next Session. Both sides have agreed to determine the time and venue for the next Session through the communications.

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2007 activity:
North Korea's only member of the International Olympic Committee arrived in Seoul on Friday to discuss merging the South and North Korean-led world governing bodies of Korea's traditional martial art taekwondo.
Chang Ung represents just the latest effort at sports exchanges between the two Koreas, and he reiterated his country's support of the South Korean city of Pyeongchang and their bid for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.
Chang said:
"The North Korean NOC Head has already confirmed that North Korea is going to support Pyeongchang's bid. As an IOC member, it would be unethical for me to give comment."
Chang Ung, North Korean IOC Member.
On Sunday, Chang will visit the Seoul headquarters of the World Taekwondo Federation, which is run by South Korean officials, and that's for a meeting with the head of the federation.
And North Korea's under-17 football team is currently training in the south and the two nations have had discussions about sending a unified team to the Beijing summer Games.

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