Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Savate club Banat, Serbia with 4 new savate masters

The Serbian Federation hosted an International Sports Camp, in Vrdnik, between the 15th and 25th August 2008. Forty people took part in the event.
Participants had the opportunity to test for colour and silver gloves, with excellent results - 1 blue, 8 green, 10 red, 2 white, 4 yellow, 7 silver,1st degree and 1 silver, 2nd degree. The instructors were Yvon Nugel and Bohren Souihi of France.

Two Gala competitions were also held:
France-Croatia-Serbia in Ruma
Croatia-Serbia in Novi Becej

Guests included F.I.S. President Gilles Le Duigou and Joel Dhumez of the French Federation.

4 new savate masters - Boxe francaise - GAT 1 - Gant d'Argent - silver glove first degree are members of Savate club Banat:
Ivana Popadić, Slobodan Popov, Predrag Darijević and Stevan Arsenijević.
Congratulations to all of them.

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