Monday, September 15, 2008

FIKB Regional Assembly - Liguria, Italy

On 13th September in Genova, Italy there was Kickboxing- Savate (Federazione Italiana Kickboxing) Assembly of Region Liguria with Marco Costaguta. There were also Federal President FIKB (also president of WAKO kickboxing), Ennio Falsoni and national coordinator of Savate sector in FIKB, Mr. Alfredo Lallo (ex president FIST). They exposed that unification of savate and kickboxing was a success and talked about further activities.
Sometimes when I read FIKB and WAKO websites together - it is very hard for me to find out whether I am on international or on national sites. Now when in Italy kickboxing and savate are together it is still more difficult to think about savate in Europe because many teams do both sports and only Italians in FIKB are so honest to show it transparent.

Source: FIKB

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