Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"The Denver Republican" - Saturday Morning, June 20, 1896 - SAVATE

Original Complete Newspaper Issue

"The Denver Republican", Denver Colorado

Saturday Morning, June 20, 1896

Disbound, twelve pages, holed where previously bound with only light chipping in blank margins, some wrinkles; otherwise in very good condition. Wonderful Issue !!!


"Boxing With All Fours by Means of High Kicks"

"An Adversary Easily Disabled"

"A Man Who Is Skilled in This Manner of Fighting Can Break Bones and Dislocate Joints With His Kicks-The Disposition of the Weight Is the Chief Thing to Be Learned-The Various Blows."

Very descriptive article by Henry G. Williams, with 6 1/2" b 6 l/1" illustration!


George from CalSavate - discover savate - french boxing - boxe francaise history in USA.

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