Friday, September 26, 2008

Planning the results in boxing olympics 2008, Beijing

AIBA Information on Disciplinary Cases in Beijing


Shortly before the Olympic Games, AIBA received information that some of AIBA Executive Committee members were planning an organized manipulation on certain countries' bouts. Although these were sad and totally disappointing news, we felt very fortunate to learn the scheme and prepared some plans to protect our boxers.

As our worries came true during the competitions in Beijing, we have now put these cases in front of AIBA Disciplinary Commission for investigation and decisions. With full statements from various sources which greatly helped AIBA to save our boxers from this scheme, we are now waiting for the results of the Commission's investigation.

AIBA also realized the fact that those people were trying to harm our organization by accusing AIBA's management of the competition during the Games since they failed to succeed in their manipulation. In this regard, AIBA promises to open the results of the outcome of these cases to all AIBA Families and to do its best to protect the benefits of our boxers.

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