Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slovenia - Mediaval Fencing - NATO and Slovenian Army

David Cvet - Instructor from Canada with Slovenian roots on his visit in Ljubljana fencing club. Born in Canada, graduate of the University of Toronto with majors in biochemistry & genetics, and computer science. He began his work career conducting six years of diabetes research at the Banting and Best Institute, and following that, pursued a career as an IT (information technology) professional for 25 years. His IT career spans from the earliest days of systems engineering on mainframes and super-computers to architecting and designing computing environments for international financial institutions to ultimately achieving positions as CTO (chief technology officer) for various technology companies including startups. He retired from the IT profession in February 2004, and now turns his attention to the resurrection and reconstruction of historical European martial arts.
This year Slovenian Army (NATO member) sponsor again new visit and participation costs will be 50 Euro. We are very happy that Slovenian army shows interest in Europe martial arts with one exception - only savate is not interesting for this institution.


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