Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Savate equipment retailers

We see rarely savate equipment in Martial arts stores around the globe. What is the reason? Not so much Savate practitioners? Bad karma? Savateurs - poor people and don't buy much of their equipment? To expensive equipment for savate? To complicated technology to make good integral dress? Shoes to similar to those at NASA space journeys? Martial art stores hate us, because we are not good people? Martial art stores don't want to earn money on savate practitioners.

And the only normal store specialized in complete savate equipment is SPORT 7 in Paris.
The only one? Can you imagine this? No bond of savate trademarks (and shops and representatives) over the world. Very, very weird.



Sakke said...

Helsinki, Finland:

Most of the people in our practices have bought Savate-shoes, even newcomers.

Anonymous said...

Yes - this is true only in your case and in your training center outside France. KWON, TOP-TEN, ADIDAS and many others still didn't decide yet to promote savate equipment as "chain" brand. You still don't have topic in e-stores with SAVATE name. But you have Kickboxing, muay thai, boxing, karate, taekwondo....and many other styles...even Escrima, Kali and Viet Vo dao :)