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FISU and EUSA: WAKO kickboxing wants to be University SPORT

WAKO Europe board members Miss Aleksandra Nedelkovska and Mr. Bojan Kolev, who is also a member of WAKO Europe Education and students committee, together with Mr. Vladimir Sitar, chairman of WAKO Europe Education and students committee, have visited European Association Of University Sport (EUSA). Visit was about including kickboxing in a big family of European University Sport Association which would be a great step forward for WAKO EUROPE and kickboxing.
              In Ljubljana, capitol of Slovenia on February 21st, we had constructive meeting with the president of EUSA, Mr. Adam Roczek. On the meeting also were present Mr. Matjaz Pechovnik, secretary and Mr. Patrik Perosa , sport manager of EUSA.
    EUSA has 45 country members from Europe and this year the EUSA Championship will be in Rotterdam, Holland, including 19 sports.   
      On the meeting, which started very well, we discussed about including kickboxing  in a  big family of University sport. We explained everything about championships organized by WAKO IF and WAKO Europe and big popularity of our sport around the world. We introduce WAKO as affiliate from GAISF  and Sport Accord. Also, kickboxing is a sport which includes students in WAKO championships. For example, Mr. Kolev expressed his experience in Bulgaria where he has organized student championships   7 years in a row. That impressed representatives from   EUSA.  As a Balkan president, he suggested that Balkan championship this year should be separated from University championship. That was accepted from EUSA. President of EUSA was invited to be a part of this championships and he accepted.  
That was one plus more for WAKO Europe and for us as, representatives of WAKO Europe on this meeting.
      The president of EUSA, Mr.Roczek has introduced us with the terms that we must fulfill so WAKO Europe can be included  in EUSA and  also he gave us open hand for cooperation.   
           Country Members of Wako Europe already fulfill their activities and terms so that kick boxing will be a part of University sport as soon as possible.
      WAKO Europe must send the official request letter to be a member of EUSA.
  After that, EUSA office will send conditions about.
  In April this year EUSA will have General assembly and they will discuss  about us.
  This meeting finished very well for both sides.
Aleksandra Nedelkovska, WAKO Europe board member
Picture 1. EUSA  President, secretary  General and  sport menager  with WAKO Europe representatives.

A special meeting was also held with the representatives of the European kickboxing Federation (WAKO Europe) which is a Continental Division of the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO). Mrs Aleksandra Nedelkovska (MKD), Boyan Kolev (BUL) and Vladimir Sitar (SLO) expressed interest in EUSA and its sports programme, discussing potential cooperation in the future.

The outcomes of the working meetings will be presented at the EUSA Executive Committee meeting in April.

Official Invitation

Location: Ufa, RussiaContact: Registration (

1st WAKO International University Kickboxing 


1st WAKO International University Kickboxing Championship will take place in Ufa, Russia, from 12th to 17th July, 2014.

For the program and all necessary details please read carefully the enclosed invitation!

ATTENTIONAccording to WAKO rules&regulations the eligibility for the participation is reserved to WAKO national Federation/Association members.


MATCH FIXING: Scientific report confirms the astonishing scale of sports betting fraud and encourages the establishment of an international integrity platform

Source: Sportaccord


The findings of the scientific report include startling figures on the scale and scope of the sport-betting market, which is identified as the primary purpose for match-fixing as it has been transformed in the last 15 years into a multi-billion dollar industry.  

Organised crime is estimated to launder over

US$140 billion annually through sport betting

and 80% of global sport betting to be illegal. 
The report states that the most manipulated competitions are at a national level but highlights that the ‘fixing’ of competition and betting is instigated at a transnational level. Football and cricket prove to be the most targeted sports by criminals.
SportAccord participated to the research notably by conducting a survey last year within its members to question their current measures and policies. By taking part in one of the afternoon’s panels, the aim was to once again put an emphasis on the importance, from the sports movement perspective, of prevention and education. The report notes that 60% of the initiatives identified in that field were launched in the last 18 months, with 40% developed in Europe mainly in football, tennis, cricket and rugby.
SportAccord Integrity Officer discusses the importance of education within the sports organisation's panel
As part of its findings, the Sorbonne-ICSS Report provides Guiding Principles for governments, sports organisations, betting regulators and operators to adopt in order to combat match-fixing and illegal betting. These recommendations include: creating a sports betting tax to finance investigations into match-fixing and illegal-betting, determination of an integrity risk assessment and management system for sports organisations and prohibiting players, coaches and administrators from betting on competitions and matches within their sport. It also recommends that sports betting operators cooperate with sports bodies through, for example, enhanced monitoring systems and the exchange of intelligence in cases of breaches of sports regulations or national legislation.
This extensive and comprehensive two-year project provides a clear call to action and notably encourages the creation of a coordinated international integrity platform. SportAccord looks forward to following up on this unique work and in particular to consider the way for SISO (Sports Integrity Standards Organisation) to be a proactive stakeholder of such an international integrity platform.

  • Access HERE the Executive Summary of the Sorbonne-ICSS Report ‘Protecting the Integrity of Sport Competition: The Last Bet for Modern Sport’.
  • Access HERE the Sorbonne-ICSS Guiding Principles for Protecting the Integrity of Sport Competition. 
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THE DAY OF FRANCOPHONE MOVEMENT: Ломаченко (Lomachenko) you are REAL winner

Lomachenko was much better. Can Ukraine learn something of this USA bellow the waist relations?

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IOC: French must stop showing "arrogance" if Paris bid for 2024 Olympics is not to fail again, warns Killy



By Duncan Mackay

Jean-Claude Killy has warned that Paris must show more "humility" if it bids for the 2024 Olympics and ParalympicsOctober 20 - If Paris bids for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics then they need to show "humility, of listening and of perseverance", instead of being arrogant, they have been warned by Jean-Claude Killy. 

Killy is France's most senior member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and claimed that the country needs a fresh approach if it is to finally succeed after five consecutive unsuccessful bids.

Three of these have come from Paris.

They were for 1992 which were awarded to Barcelona, 2008 to Beijing and 2012 to London when the French capital was the overwhelming favourite only to be beaten in one of the biggest upsets in Olympic bidding history.

This was then followed by a bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics from Annecy, when they polled only seven votes as the Games were awarded to South Korea's Pyeongchang, the second lowest total in recent history.

Lille had also bid for the 2004 Olympics but were not even chosen as a candidate city for a Games awarded to Athens. 

The last successful French Olympic bid came from Albertville, who were awarded the 1992 Winter Games.

A bid from Paris for 2024 is widely expected, especially as it would mark the centenary of the 1924 Games which were held there and immortalised in the Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire

Paris lost its bid to host the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics to London, despite being the favourite for most of the campaignParis lost its bid to host the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics to rivals London, despite being the favourite for most of the campaign

But Killy, a former skier who won three gold medals at Grenoble in 1968, has cautioned that Paris needs to adopt a new attitude if it is to come out in front of what is expected to be the most competitive bid campaign since 2012 which also featured Madrid, Moscow and New York.

"We must stop putting ourselves forward as something we're not," Killy told French newspaperJournal du Dimanche in an interview published today. .

"We can't turn up once every ten years and tell the whole world what the Olympic Movement is about, that shows arrogance, and then go and repeat that ten years later."

Killy, who gave his lukewarm support to Annecy's bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics, gave Paris a word of advice should they emerge as 2024 host city candidates.

"They should create a Team France obviously backed by the Mayor [of Paris]," said Killy, who is currently head of the IOC Coordination Commission for Sochi 2014. 

"It also helps to pay attention to the competition. 

"The Americans will be hard to beat.

"France should adopt a position of humility, of listening and of perseverance."

Paris last hosted the Olympics in 1924 but Jean-Claude Killy warned that they will not be awarded the 2024 Games out of sentimentParis last hosted the Olympics in 1924 but Jean-Claude Killy warned that they will not be awarded the 2024 Games out of sentiment

If Paris pinned its hopes of being awarded the Games because it is the centenary of 1924, then it is doomed to fail, Killy warned.

"Never [should they adopt this strategy], looking at its scope and responsibilities a romantic IOC no longer exists," he said.

But, even if Paris does bid, then Killy does not wish to be part of its campaign.

"Out of the question, or only a helping hand," he said.

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IOC President Bach meets Hollande to discuss potential Paris 2024 Olympic bid

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thomas Bach met with François Hollande during a visit to Paris ©IOCNovember 30 - International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach today met French President François Hollande to discuss a potential bid from Paris for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympics.

The pair, along with French IOC members Guy Drut and Tony Estanguet and IOC director general Christophe De Kepper, met in the French capital to also talk about the expectations for French athletes at the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, France's commitment to the fight against doping and illegal betting in sport and general sports development in the country.

On the eve of the meeting, Bach - who is in the city to attend the International Fencing Federation (FIE) Centennial Gala Dinner - spoke favourably about a bid from Paris to host either the 2024 or 2028 Games, and suggested that France should not be cautious about bidding again after five consecutive unsuccessful attempts.

France last hosted the Summer Olympics in 1924, meaning that 2024 will mark the centenary of those Games ©Getty ImagesFrance last hosted the Summer Olympics in 1924, meaning that 2024 will mark the centenary of those Games ©Getty Images
"The enthusiasm of the French people for sport is would be a very, very strong candidate," he told France 3 television.

"It's a sports competition, you can't wait until you're the only bidder.

"That's never going to happen.

"A bid can contribute to development, not only sports development but also social development in a country and in a city.

"You have to go for it, to be united, to fight for it."

Although the last successful French Olympic bid came from Albertville, which was awarded the 1992 Winter Games, the country last hosted the Summer Olympics in 1924, meaning that 2024 will mark the centenary of those Games.

While in France, Bach yesterday met with Abdou Diouf, secretary general of the International Organisation of La Francophonie, to discuss a potential cooperation for next year's International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, being jointly organised by the IOC and the United Nations.

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FIAS sambo: Rossiyskaya Gazeta: The ROC will promote Sambo into the Olympic Programme

After wrestling was again included into the Olympic Programme, Russia’s representatives in the IOC decided to propose making Sambo an Olympic kind of sports. That was announced to mass media on Thursday by Alexander Zhukov, the Russian Olympic Committee President, a member of IOC.
- The ROC is ready to facilitate in including Sambo into the Olympic Programme. First of all, we’ll put things right in our Sambo Federation. Then we will start preparing a respective application, said Zhukov. Any kind of sports has specific requirements, that’s why all documents should be prepared correctly for such inclusion. The main thing is that we are eager to promote Sambo.
Today at one of the first press conferences after his appointment to the position of the IOC member, Alexander Zhukov told about his thoughts of the appointment:
- I am sure this is as a great step forward for our country. Only three representatives of Russia were among 150 IOC members in the past. Above all things it gives an opportunity to influence the decisions made by the Committee in a greater way. This fact is undoubtedly significant for us.
We also discussed Sochi’s readiness to host the forthcoming Olympic Games. According to the ROC President, coastal and mountain sports clusters are ready to host sportsmen. Besides, all sports objects have been already tested. At present time specialists are putting the finishing touches. They do planting and the territory improvement. The city transport infrastructure and hotels have not been prepared in full, as well as the territory of the resort city has not been all over improved. But, in Zhukov’s opinion, these things are not so important because a lot of work has already been done.
- Moreover I would like to emphasize the barrier-free environment in Sochi. No city or town in Russia has such infrastructure as Sochi does, said Alexander Zhukov. – Now all sports facilities being under construction, especially those intended for international competitions, will take Olympic Sochi’s experience into account. Besides, it’s good that all these objects will function in the resort city after finishing of the Olympic Games.
The ROC President expressed his opinion on the Russian International Olympic University, which was opened in Sochi not long ago.
- You can not even imagine the extent of demand for this higher educational institution in the world. Unfortunately, there are few professional sports managers nowadays. But this university will prepare such specialists. Besides, skilled professionals will teach there. Many students want to study in this university and that’s a great benefit.
Text: Olga Bondarenko, 
Rossiyskaya Gazeta