Monday, August 29, 2011

FRANCE: Internationnaux de France de Boxe Francaise - International savate tournament 1993

Piermatti (France) vs Frackzyck (Poland) - 1993

Always the same story. With boxing technique so called savate guests try to destroy french boxing and they not even try to fight under savate rules with savate techniques and tactiques. It is the game of domination where everything is allowed, also backfist.

FRANCE: Margot Laffite in savate two-parts dress learned boxe francaise with Tony Ancelin

 Thank you Margot Laffite for the best savate presentation ever seen on this blog.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

FIKBMS: Carlo Di Blasi educated in savate on INSEP, France

SAVATE roots but now in KICKBOXING?


Carlo Di Blasi

Date of birth : 20th May 1960
Citizenship : Italy

  • Degree in law ate the State University of Milan in March 1986.
  • Interpreter in French language in 1979 at the Centre Culturel Francois.
  • Master in Civilisation at Montpellier (France) University in French in 1978.
  • Kleines Diploma in German language at the Goethe Institut in Milan 1976- 1979.
  • Studies in Spanish, Danish and English languages from 1980 to 1982.
  • Judo studies from 1974 to 1977 with master Kurihara in Milan
  • Karate studies from 1977 to 1979 with Master Shirai in Milan
  • Savate Boxing from 1979 to 1986 as fighter in the National Team.
  • Instructor of Savate Boxing in 1982 in Lyon at the National University of Sport (INSEP)
  • Silver glove 2 degree in 1982 in Lyon at the National University of Sport (INSEP)
  • Professor in Savate Boxing in 1986 in Paris, National University of Sport (INSEP)
  • Promoter of Muay Thai and WKA – KICKBOXING from 1986 inviting, give seminars all over Italy many Champions and teacher among them Fred Royers, Thom Harinck witk Peter Aerts, Andre Panza, Rob Kaman, Ramon Dekkers Don Wilson.
  • Promoter of PRO World Championship from 1991 till now with different body sanctioning WKA, ISKA, WKN, KICK, WMC, WAKO PRO.
  • President of the Italian Federation of Kickboxing, thaiboxe and savate from 1989 to 2001.
  • Promoter of the OKTAGON one of the largest kickboxing event in Europe (first edition in 1996) till now.
  • Author for “IL SOLE 24 ORE EDITING” (Italian financial newspaper) of the book “LAVOARARE PER LO SPORT” (working in the sport), Best Seller in 2002.
  • Author for “Sport Promotion Editing” of the book “KICKBOXING STORY”.
  • Journalist for martial arts magazine from 1982 till now as “SAMURAI-BUSHIDO” and “BUDO INTERNATIONAL”
  • Commentator for EUROSPORT TV from 1999 till 2004.
  • Commentator from Italia Uno TV from 1994 till now.
  • Commentator fro Dahlia TV from 2009 till now.
  • Producer of the TV Sports program magazine called “OKTAGON” featuring 8 shows a year

Friday, August 26, 2011


A group of martial arts experts based in Paris delivers Tahtib sessions and presentations.
4000 years ago, as described in Beni Hassan tombs, tahtib was developed by Egyptians to win against the persian invaders' swords.
How could sticks win against swords? A higher mastery of space, time, center ?
As in Japanese (Budo) and Chinese martial arts, Tahtib, the "mother" of all martial arts aims at human achievement.
Tahtib brings unique dimensions particulary thru rythm and group practice.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jogo do pau: One by one

Bad things: One strike after another (no counter strikes)
Good things: Every strike is followed with a side step (sometimes right decision, sometimes shortened ones as bad decision)

FRANCE: Boxe francaise Widens

Boris Essere - black dress.

WAKO kickboxing: New promotional video

Do we have FIS savate promotional video? To put it on all (few) national savate websites?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WoMAU: SAVATE on World Martial Arts Festival, South Korea 2004, ChungJu

 World Martial Arts Festival, South Korea 2004 published: NAUMENKO.YURI @ YANDEX.UA

Friday, August 19, 2011

FRANCE: Canne de combat - When it is light contact

How do you incorporate words light contact in your savate vocabulary.
You decide ...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

FRANCE: Hayatte AKODAD, who's that girl

French-Moroccan Hayatte AKODAD. In 2010 she won Boxing championship of 6 Nations in English boxing (pugilistic). Bronze medal 2008, silver 2009 and gold 2010 on Savate world combat championships. In 2008 she started to work in emergency department.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FIS: Savate stage Cameroun

If the annual vacation times are an occasion for many to share a period of well-deserved rest with their families, there are others who continue to maintain the fire, far from their homes.
A proof of this was the travel of a FFSBF delegation to Cameroon from the 17th to 23rd July 2011, at the invitation of Mr Ali ADJI President of the African Savate Confederation. Joël DHUMEZ, Rodolphe REDON, Hubert ABELA, accompanied by 4 fighters of the French national teams (who you will recognise on the photo), took the responsibility of providing technical and refereeing training courses.
This visit was followed widely in Cameroon, in the written press and in the TV and radio media. The delegation was received by the Minister of the Sports in person who, thanking everyone, through the intermediary of Vice-President Joël DHUMEZ, asserted his support for the development of Savate in Cameroon, and for the work carried out by the President Ali ADJI.
Despite the warm Cameroonian hospitality, the trainers did not deviate from their objective of raising the skill levels of the fighters, or the level of expertise of the officials, numbering 13 trainees.
In addition, there was an opportunity, after the training, to fight in the France-Cameroon Gala, in which the Cameroonian fighters shared the number of victories with their opponents (2 to 2).
Satisfied with the work done, the President Ali ADJI proposed to receive a delegation again in 2012.

FRANCE: LaFond savate style

It's a Lafond style of cane fencing.
The Lafond's martial arts changed the cane's tecnics because the weight of cane changed. Also the tecnic is similar with french modern saber and sword.
Cane do 36 inches.
For self defense Lafond' technic use the elder's cane or an umbrella..

The french's Staff is 4 feet long approximative. It is conical forme like french cane.

Traditionnal gymnastic and stretching especially for french savate.

USA: Savate fight over at the OCKickBoxing in Irvine CA

Nicholas Saignac, judging.

RUSSIA: Alex Sidorkin (St. Peterburg)

Monday, August 08, 2011

WAKO kickboxing: German Olympic Committee recognised kickboxing

German savate federation - now situated in WKA (World kickboxing association) - Germany (in one of regional WKA Germany - sub association) is now in much worse situation as before comparing to new kickboxing status.
WAKO kickboxing in Germany is at the moment the only one recognised kickboxing federation. Is this the end of WKA, ISKA, IKF and also FIS structures in Germany or the new beggining of boxing sports?

We will see, as the future is maybe even brighter than we think :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

AIBA boxing: Youth Olympic Games KO


Pero vs Turchi - Men's Heavyweight (91Kg) Boxing - Gold Medal Contest - Singapore 2010 Youth

ITALY: Oktagon 1996 - Finals - Lee Hasdell vs. Andre Mannaart


Milan, Italy - Oktagon 1996 - Finals - Lee Hasdell VS Andre Mannaart 1/2 - Kick Boxing Free Fight

Oktagon 1996 - Finale - Lee Hasdell VS Andre Mannaart 2/2 - Kick Boxing Free Fight

And who promotes also these days chauss fight in Italy? Isn't it the same team from FENASCO, CISCO, FEDERFIST and now FIKBMS. But all the time as OKTAGON tournament.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

SWITZERLAND: Without savate trainers on university level?

Can we help them and send some certified savate trainers?
This year Switzerland student team (SUMMER UNIVERSIADE 2011) is the biggest ever.


19th of July 2010

FISU University sport disciplines - Switzerland
National Sporttrainers
Surname, Name
1.       Badminton
Roth Priska
2.       Basketball
Michaelides Markos
3.       Beachvolleyball
Erni Daniela
4.       Archery
Dielen Tom
5.       Crosscounty
Berger Beat
6.       Ice hockey
Scharl Jean-Sébstien
7.       Fencing
Steffen Andreas
8.       Football
Michaelides Markos
9.       Golf
Scharl Jean-Sébastien
10.    Handball
Egli David
11.    Judo
Schaffter Olivier
12.    Canoe, kayak
Matti Peter
13.    Karate
Posavec Simone
14.    Gymnastic
Gilliéron Jean-Marc
15.    Athletics
16.    OL
Schütz Roland
17.    Equestrian
Alder Rahel
18.    Rowing
Csonka Andreas
19.    Chess
Kradolfer Georg
20.    Shooting National
Breitenmoser Paul
21.    Shooting International
Riva Guido
22.    Swimming
Andermatt Adrian
23.    Sailing
Schneider Fredi
24.    Skiing Alpine
Iten Heiner
25.    Skiing Nordic
Walpen Alexander
26.    Snowboard
Sonderegger David
27.    Squash
Latella Antonio
28.    Tennis
Udvardi Patrick
29.    Table tennis
Studer Daniel
30.    Triathlon
Pfefferlé Pierre
31.    Unihockey
Schild Reto
32.    Volleyball
Latella Antonio
33.    Jumping (water)
Geissbühler Michael

Monday, August 01, 2011

SPORTACCORD: SportsHub - still no savate after one year?

After one year of Sportaccord recognition of our sport SAVATE, no one asked nobody in FIS about our promotion. We still cannot see our sport among other combat sports. How long should we wait?

But look WAKO kickboxing promotion. They take it seriously. WAKOchannel

BELGIUM: Big crises in this country. Will we lost savate in Belgium?

As 2/3 of French people are willing to accept Belgium-Wallonia part (if Belgium state will fall apart), there are 39% of Wallonia people who support this idea.
And what about savate and let's say 2nd strongets savate team ? And Belgium savate federation which is part of Belgium Olympic Committe? Not many countries in FIS have this status...

AIBA boxing: Professional boxing in AIBA confirmed

President's Speech for APB Announcement

Dear National Member Federations and global boxing family, ladies and gentlemen, I am here today to make an historical announcement about the future of AIBA and our sport with the hopes of enlightening the lives and dreams of many boxers. In 2007 at the AIBA Extraordinary Congress held in Chicago, we set together a new mission for AIBA in order to govern the sport of boxing in all its forms. Since then, including the launch of the World Series of Boxing, we have strived our time and efforts to realize our reform plans and long-term goals. The launch of the World Series of Boxing gave some great motivation and belief that our sport could be transformed as one of the highest reputable and recognized sports around the world. Although it was by no means easy to launch a new team-based global boxing competition in today's competitive market, we can look back on the first season with pride. Today, the AIBA Executive Committee has unanimously approved the creation of another revolutionary program which is the AIBA Professional Boxing program called APB. The main reasons to develop AIBA’s own professional boxing program are as follows:
  • First of all, I would like to change AIBA as the ultimate responsible body for the boxer‘s entire boxing career including amateur and professional and would like to give more opportunities to all our boxers to compete and live in a better boxing world with a stable financial status and as respected role models for young generations.
  • I would like to make of AIBA the true governing body to support all National Federations and grassroots including clubs by generating more revenues from the APB program.
  • I am also deeply determined to change the image and reputation of our sport with transparency, popularity and social contribution by taking the responsibility of managing the destinies of the sport of boxing in all forms
  • I am determined to launch professional boxing under the umbrella of AIBA so that we will be the true and respected leader of our sport, and not any other organization. 

The two core programs in AIBA Professional Boxing such as an Individual Ranking Competition and a Worldwide Competition were approved. In the Individual Ranking Competition, all APB boxers will compete at different levels representing their country but with some emphasis on individual glory. This program will start immediately at the time of the APB launch. The Worldwide Competition will be a global event for which each National Member Federation can send APB boxers to represent its country. This program will be developed a few years after the launch of AIBA Professional Boxing. The APB boxers will be categorized in three different divisions:
1. World Ranking
2. Continental Ranking
3. National Ranking divisions

The Worldwide Division will feature the top 20 boxers in each weight category, fighting over 10 rounds for ranking competitions and 12 rounds for title matches. The Continental Ranking Competition will feature boxers ranked 21-50 in each weight category, fighting over 8 rounds for ranking competitions and 12 rounds for title matches. National Ranking Competitions will feature boxers ranked 51 and below in each weight category, fighting over 6 rounds for Ranking Competitions and 10 rounds for title matches.
With the launch of APB, we will also change the Technical Competition Rules for all of our programs. This means, that we aim to take headguards off in all elite men competitions in AIBA Amateur, WSB and AIBA Professional Boxing programs.
However, we decided to maintain headguards for Women, Youth and Junior categories.
For the scoring system for all competitions, from the time of the 1st season of APB which will be during the Spring of 2013, we will use the current WSB scoring system for all AIBA Amateur and Professional Boxing competitions. We will invite the current AIBA (AOB) registered boxers who wish to turn to professional boxing to APB with an age limit from 19 years old until 40 years old. In addition, in order to truly develop the APB ranking competitions with the best boxers around the world, for the 1st season only, APB will accept current professional boxers to join APB with limited terms and conditions. In addition, most importantly, we will allow these APB boxers to compete in the Olympic Games with limited terms and conditions and we plan to make this dream come true from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. All boxers in AIBA programs, AOB, WSB and APB, will only be selected through the full cooperation with our National Member Federations. This means that the boxers will remain as registered boxers of National Federations, although they turned to AIBA Professional Boxing. It is planned to identify and select the best AOB boxers for APB within a one year time period until the Olympic Games. As we are launching a massive program in our organization, our financial conditions must be stabilized in order to operate all necessary means for the success of these 3 core programs. Therefore, we will establish AIBA’s own marketing arm called the Boxing Marketing Arm (BMA). BMA will be the main promoter for boxers and will organize all future APB competitions.
In addition, BMA will be the ultimate marketing tool to generate all necessary revenues for AOB, WSB and APB by controlling all commercial rights of these 3 organizations. In this regard, we have already secured enough seed fund to begin our operation for APB and BMA. We will start AIBA Professional Boxing with a program with National Member Federations having strong wills and a determination to change our sport to a better commanding position in the international sports community and Olympic movement. Therefore, we will grow step-by-step by satisfying continuous and stable achievements in each year without hasting to achieve our goals within a short period of time. This year, with the AIBA Executive Committee’s approval, we will complete both business plans for APB and BMA and start to organize the APB structure in AIBA. Then, in 2012, we will register both APB and BMA to sign top boxers from both AOM and current professional boxing program. Finally, at the beginning of 2013, the AIBA Professional Boxing competitions will start. I need your support. I need your participation. Trust me and your Executive Committee members. We need your endorsement that we are doing the right thing for our young generation to compete in boxing with some long and bright hopes and dreams. I believe APB will boost the continuous success of WSB. I also believe APB will greatly support and assist much more all the boxing programs in your countries. I would like to thank you for listening to this announcement and cordially request your full participation with some patience and support on AIBA and boxing.