Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Modern and traditional canne de combat

Italians for French with love.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Savate came from Asia - German statement

New version of savate history - "SAVATE kommt Aus Asien
Universitysport-show - Hochschulsportshow RWTH Aachen 2010, Germany, Savate.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Savate Greece

This could be also savate. Yes. No doubt. We see integral dresses and muay thai boxing gloves.


Judges FIKB savate in Italy 2010

Judges F.I.KB - Savate, educated by prof. Luigi GALLO, responsible F.I.KB - division savate defense, with a help of M. Luigi ALESSANDRI and M. Marco COSTAGUTA.
Maurizio GIACALONE responsible for Savate – Assaut, Combat and Forme. (14 judges).
2nd of April in a club of Andrea Doria, Genova, M. (maestro) Luigi ILENGO with M. GIACALONE will show also practical part.


After the death of Tran Trieu Quan (ITF 1 http://www.tkd-itf.org/) no activities of merging all 3 ITF.
Dr. Chang Ung is talking something about merging (ITF 2 - http://www.itftkd.org/) with WTF.
And (ITF 3 - http://www.itf-administration.com/) is talking about joining to CISM - military sport and after with WTF.
Can you understand something? Can Rogge understand this very complicated labirint of taekwondo ITF and WTF?

Prof. Dr. Chang Ung and Mr. Hein Verbruggen, the President of Sports Accord.

Prof. Dr. Chang Ung and IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge

The ITF President Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung held the very fruitful talks on several occasions with the Presidents of IOC and Sports Accord in the friendly atmosphere in the periods of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, concerning the future of Taekwon-Do. The IOC President expressed his concerns and attitude on the talks between ITF and WTF and put forward the principles for solving the TKD matters in the nearer future, and the Sports Accord President also expressed his full supports to the views and proposals of the ITF President to cope with this issue. Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung again met with the IOC President in Singapore on 23rd Mar. this year and asked for his sustained attention and efforts to settle it down as quickly as possible.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jogo do Pau weird stances

I wonder if somebody in the past used these oriental looky stances.

Karoum Reda - front leg specialist

First world savate student cup 2005 in Lille, France.

Mr. Karmaoui (Morocco) - World savate champion 1992 made savate seminar in Morroco

Mr. Karmaoui from Morocco was World savate champion in the year 1992, African champion 2002, Champion of Morocco.

Founder and National Technical Director of Boxe Savate
Judge on a World championship (Paris-France 1993 / Belgium 1997 / France 2000)
African Boxe Savate Champion on African Championship in Cameroun
Delegue Officiel(B) in FIS - Féderation Internationale de Boxe Savate
Member of Technical Commision in FIS - Federation Internationale de Boxe Savate
Responsable for Boxe Savate in Morocco in F.R.M.F.C.K.T.S

Master in:
Black belt 5th dan Taekwondo (W.T.F)
Black belt 2nd dan Hapkido
Black belt 1st dan Karate
Gant d'argent Boxe française savate
Black belt Full contact

savate seminar in Morocco:

With savate fighter Enoch Effach in Morocco:

Enoch Effach at Mr. Karmaoui Abdelhak founder of savate in Morroco (also taekwondo practitioner).


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Muay thai Serbia is invented


Tarbes, France - Interclub Savate tournament

FISU Finance Director in Lausanne

FISU Finance Director Uyan Bekhbat (MGL)

Please teach some Balcan countries and their student sport federations about financing FISU sport events. They all have very different models, but they agree only in one point - this year they won't give any money to world student championships FISU - national team expeditions. They say we live in a hard times.

Monday, 15 March 2010

FISU Finance Director Uyan Bekhbat spent two days in Lausanne attending working sessions and meetings with FISU partners and associates.

Mrs. Bekhbat represented FISU in a working group meeting with TSE Consulting and Maison du Sport International representatives planning the upcoming seminar on Accounting/Finance to be held in May at the MSI in Lausanne. This session is integrated in the 2010 IF Staff Seminars programme that aims at developing knowledge for all international sport federations based in Lausanne through exchange and sharing of ideas, knowledge and common experience.

This will definitively prove to be another great networking opportunity as well as an excellent chance for further exposure of FISU, its activities and its staff’s working experience.

A work meeting was also held with BDO specialist in finance and accounting Valentin Henny. BDO is FISU’s partner in this field and one of Switzerland’s leading providers of auditing, fiduciary and consulting services.

In closing, the FISU Finance Director had a work session with FISU Office Executive Assistant Paulo Ferreira, reviewing all financial documents and procedures of the first 6-months of the FISU Lausanne Office.

Savate club Vojvodina - morning TV

Morning programme - RTV 24th of March 2010. In this club they have technology to beat French savateurs on the regular basis, as they said. And we beleive as many times again.

Training savate , Alsace, France

Should more martial arts represent in the Olympics; Chicago martial artists debate


Representatives from the United States and Italy compete in a  world savate tournament in Paris.
Representatives from the United States and Italy compete in a world savate tournament in Paris.
Meredith Lyons

There is argument that martial arts is already adequately represented in the Summer Olympics through Judo, Boxing, Wrestling and Tae Kwon Do. However, outside of the die hard fans of each discipline, aside from Boxing, those sports don't have the large following that many other Olympic sports garner. Many fans don't even realize they are part of the games.

With the ever-increasing popularity of mixed martial arts, it would seem that something similarly watchable would be a good candidate for addition. "Combative sports have always been a part of the Olympics," states Chicago martial artist Domingo Rodriguez. "Pankration being one of the most important competitions in the ancient games, and it being at it's most basic mixed martial arts. But I don't think the Olympic Committee will ever see MMA as anything more than barbarous, the same with brazilian jiujitsu or muay thai as sports are too brutal."

Classmate Sara Habert sides with Rodriguez. "I would love to see MMA in the Olympics." Habert says "I agree, however, that it is considered brutal by some and would receive a lot of opposition, so I don't think it will get there anytime soon."

Jun Fan instructor Lacey Bade adds an additional concern to adding mixed martial arts. "The real problem is the elimination style they use to determine winners in the Olympics. Often the winner of an MMA bout is too injured to go on the fight again later that day."

If MMA is out, is there another combative sport that may make a good showing at the Olympics? Judo and Wrestling, athletic as they may be, just aren't as exciting to watch from a spectator standpoint. Jui Jitsu has also risen in popularity recently due to it's connection with MMA, however, the intricate moves and chess-like skill that it requires makes it similarly difficult to become involved in from an audience standpoint.

"Because savate can be competed in purely on points and form without excessive violence, that would make a good case for it to join Judo, TKD, boxing and wrestling." Rodriguez, ranked white glove in savate, offers.

Habert is also a fan of the kicking arts. "I would also like to see kickboxing included, both for men and women," she says. "I think it would draw an interest from a lot of people. It is athletic and fun to watch. It is just aggressive enough, not too violent."

Bade debates the merits of savate, American Kickboxing, Muay Thai and karate. "Which one really represents 'kickboxing'? Which one could you choose without somehow playing favorites? Would the Thai fighters get all upset if they added savate and not Thai?"

"I think savate might be the most interesting and probable," Rodriguez decides. "Besides the Olympics have obscure events like curling and biatholan as a huge draw, I'm sure a lot of Europeans would like to see themselves kick some butt in something else."

"And what about forms?" Bade adds. "They're a legitimate martial art, and there are a lot of competitive people who don't want to be combative but are good martial artists. Also, many styles have some sort of form you need to learn. It would be cool to watch, too, just like the gymnastic forms we enjoy during the summer games."

Between the dance-like quality of martial arts forms and the combative grace of savate, there is definitely room for more martial arts action in the Olympics. However, considering female boxing categories will be introduced for the first time since 1904 in the 2012 Summer Olympics in England, and wushu was rejected by the IOC when the Chinese attempted an addition in 2002, the savateurs will probably have a long wait.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Savate in International Olympic Committee

Celebrating a quarter century with the lord of the rings

Written by Marc Fion (translated by Julie)

To celebrate its quarter century, the International Savate Federation (FISav) showed its determination to prepare the ground for a more glorious future. A few days before the celebration of its 25th anniversary, March 23rd, a delegation of around fifteen members of the Federation met in Lausanne (Switzerland). Jacques Rogge, the master of Olympism, welcomed this cosmopolitan group to his castle next to the IOC house of glass.

It was Alexander Walnier, the general secretary of FISav, who revealed the intentions of this sport to Jacques Rogge, who he had had the occasion to mix with during two Olympiades on the board of directors of the Belgian committee. He said that today we are closing the first page of hard work “not only of technical development, but also of the understanding of the philosophy of this exceptional sport that we extol."

He went on to describe the next essential issue which faces savate on 30th April. In Dubai, at the General Assembly of SportAccord, Savate seeks recognition in the family of international federations and the opening of the way to acceptance within the Olympic family.


"Savate is in the hands of a good team today and will grow with your presence among us", Alexander Walnier explained to a very attentive Jacques Rogge. He followed with agreement with the President’s creed: to fight against the blights of modern sport. He referred to doping and the problem of “recognition at all costs” that is prevalent in so many environments. He proclaimed the will of the boxing family to fight criminals and sport outcasts that play with the health of athletes, scorn ethics, and idealize money.

Alexander Walnier finished by praising the initiatives of the president of the IOC (notably, the first Olympic Games for youth in Singapore in August). He underlined "the innate sense of ethics and of respect" he saw in the President that generate the respect and admiration of all.

Jacques Rogge applauded the resolute speech of FISav, recalling the culture of Savate that Prince Alexandre of Mérode, "great advocate of the cause", had earlier instilled in him. He congratulated the members of the Federation for their entry into international university sport and for their will to grow again at the end of the congress of Dubai. "Your recognition goes through the universalism that you succeed in conferring to your discipline." Recalling his close and determined following of the values described by Alexander Walnier in his preliminary speech, he described his concern for education, his refusal of a capitalism with perverse tendencies and too marked an ideology, his constant promotion of ethics in all his works. Before departing the following hour for Singapore, the President again mentioned the importance of good governance and of a good structure within a federation. "The IOC is open to you... Keep your enthusiasm and put it to the service of your beautiful cause."


Gilles Le Duigou, President of FISav, was given an Olympic gift by President Rogge. In turn Alain Piette, member of the executive committee, presented a plaque in recognition of the work accomplished by the late Prince Alexandre of Mérode, former member of the Belgian Federation of Savate, former Vice-President of the IOC and President of the medical commission of the IOC for several years.

Jacques Rogge promised to pass this on to his family.


In addition to those mentioned earlier, the following FISav members also met with the President of the IOC: Joël Dhumez, Vice-President of FISav; Jean-Paul Coutelier, treasurer; Jean-Marie Rousseau, 1st President; Ubaldo Paschini, former representative of Italy on the Board of Directors; Michel Roger, President for ten years; Julie Gabriel (Great Britain), Gerhard Schmitt (Germany), Parfait Rakotonindriana (Madagascar), Serguey Boulanov (Russia), Miodrag Rakic (Serbia) and Alfredo Lallo (Italy), all members of the Board of Directors. Shortly after, the first flag of FISav was presented to the Olympic Museum where Savate hopes, one day, to be on show in a prestigious window.

This occasion was not just about praising the progress made since the federation began. Equally, it was about a song of hope for the next decades where it will need to call on the strength of all in their chosen areas of work. It is only in this way that Savate will develop its many competitions. The reward will be found in making full use of skills and in the respect of all.

Each can take their road. Some may work on bringing new technical information to the attention of the Board of Directors, others may set off again on missions to Iran or China while passing through Cameroon or Latin America.

Silambam competition - kids - 2010

And when we come to a competition level in Silamabm it looks ... that poor.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finals - French technical championship savate - Marzan

Correct savate moving. Dynamical jumping stance. Nice.

Julie Gabriel and Yonnel Kurtz savate demonstration

Sort ceter Emile Antoine, street Jean Rey - 15° arrondissement - Paris, France.

MMA: Josh Barnett and SAVATE


Josh Barnett in Japan - DREAM.13 trained savate on preparations.
4:07 --> move to this position

Savate Uruguay

Assaut Savate - TV Bandeirantes RS - year 2003 with Marcio Reginatto and Sergio Santos (Uruguay).

Assaut tournament 31th of January 2010 - Pavia, Italy

Palalido Milan, Italy - savate assaut

Savate Elite 2010 Palalido Milano ROBERTO D'EMILIO

Friday, March 19, 2010

French boxing - Savate: France (Melun) vs. Poland

The young ambassadors of Savate

An international Savate seminar took place in Poland between 1st and 7th March. This event, led by Mr Mohamed Dehimi under the aegis of the International Savate Federation, had two objectives.

The first objective was the promotion of Savate in Poland by giving demonstrations and training in the discipline as well as an international encounter between teams from Melun and Poland. The second objective was the involvement of young people from the neighborhoods of Melun. These young Savateurs initiated the Polish students in Savate and gave demonstrations in high schools and colleges.

Authorized by the President of FISAV, Mr. Gilles Le Duigou and the Polish Federation, their trainer, Mr Mohamed Dehimi, ran technical gradings for the Polish savateurs and awarded diplomas for coloured gloves. The days were full, with demonstrations in the high schools and colleges in the morning, and in the clubs in the evening. With their trainer, the fighters braved the cold and the snow and travelled 160 km a day between the three cities.

A satisfactory result for the President, Mr. Gilles Le Duigou, and for Mr. Mohamed Dehimi - the Polish savateurs made good technical progress and the young melunais fighters proved to be ambassadors of Savate and were a credit to our discipline.

David Pauly (Melun, France)

Kaya Hasan

Malik Delalu


Badr Hari: 2012 BOXING Olympian in London?

K-1's Golden Boy Badr Hari is apparently considering an interesting move. Sources indicate that Hari has been approached to represent Morocco as a boxer in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. According to Simon Rutz, Hari's manager and the head of It's Showtime, Badr is considering accepting the offer and views it as a great honor.

Hari himself alluded to this idea a few months ago in an interview before his fight with Mourad Bouzidi: Is boxing your cup of tea? Because it was said that you have plans to represent Morocco at the Olympic Summer Games in London (2012) in amateur boxing. Is that true? Yes, we're working on it but it's not easy to realize this dream of mine. Negotiations are still going on. But the qualifications for the Olympics already start at the beginning of next year. Yes, but that's no problem. First of all, the Commission has to agree with me being an amateur boxer. We already had several conversations with the Olympic Committee and they will decide if I will be in consideration for it.

At this point, it looks like the door is open for Hari and it's his choice - if he wants the spot, it seems to be his. This brings up two obvious questions: How would he do? And is this a good choice?
To be honest, I am not sure about that first one. Hari is a good puncher, and clearly one of the best kickboxers in the world, but boxing and kickboxing are two different beasts. Some kickboxers almost solely rely on their hands, but Hari is not one of those - he uses kicks in his arsenal and he uses them well. Take those away, and it's a different sport, one that Hari has virtually no experience in. Is two years enough time to focus his boxing to get to an Olympic level?
Which bring up the second question: Even if he can try to compete, should he? Should he take the time to train in boxing instead of kickboxing and focus all his energies on this Olympic opportunity? When considering this, the name that I keep hearing in my head is Kid Yamamoto, a cautionary tale against pursuing your Olympic dreams if ever there was one. At the end of 2006, Kid was considered one of the top P4P MMA fighters in the world. Then he stepped away to try and gain an Olympic bid. He didn't make it, and upon his return, the "old" Kid was gone. In his stead was a less dynamic fighter, who has lost his last 3 pro fights. Kid took a break from top level MMA at the height of his skills, only to see nothing come of it except the permanent loss of his P4P status. That's not to say this is exactly what will happen to Hari, but you have to recognize that it's a possibility.
From a business standpoint, Hari would be taking a calculated risk if he accepts. If he does well, his stock will go through the roof. But if he fails, and fails spectacularly, he will loss precious time at the peak of his career, and potentially permanently tarnish his reputation as a top-level fighter. It's undoubtedly a very hard decision to make, no doubt made tougher by personal feelings of patriotism and pride in your heritage. Also potentially making the decision difficult - any influence by K-1, as whatever financial risk Hari takes here, K-1 also takes. You have to think they will have some thoughts about how one of their most popular stars handles such a major decision.
Thinking about it myself, perhaps it's selfish, but as a Hari fan, I want to see him competing in the sport he excels at, against the best in the world. Not putting those Grand Prix chances on pause in order to fight as an amateur boxer. If it truly is his dream, I would certainly not begrudge him pursuing it, and would root for him to take home the gold. But I would also be nervous about the possible long-term impact on the legacy of the definitive K-1 fighter of this era.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

German assaut, Buhlbron

Savate Christmas assaut competition 2009, im Burgerhaus Buhlbronn.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Croatian kickboxing blog writes ...

Are Croatian kickboxers angry of savate development? Are they afraid of somebody? Pukanic, Saric examples, are they connecting point with some sport called "BOXE AMERICAINE"? Let's see what it is written in their very popular BLOG caled kickboxing333.

Source: http://kickboxing333.blog.hr/

Ah this Frenchmen ... always the first

But in kickboxing they are not so good.
In amateur kickboxing WAKO you can not see them, they have problems with national kickboxing WAKO federation - it can not develop this and that way. This is just because of savate which is to strong in France that it controls all other fighting sports. And they don't allow kickboxing and others to develop.

Croatian WOMEN savate assaut championship 2010

Croatian savate assaut championship - Savate club Kraljevec 14th of March 2010. assaut women - cadets and seniors.



-25 kg
1. HELENA BELJAK – SK Stubica - D. Stubica
2. MARTINA ŠILIPETAR – SK Stubica - D. Stubica

-30 kg
1. TIHANA BEDEK – SK Stubica - D. Stubica
2. KRISTINA BOSKOVIC – SK Kraljevec - Zagreb

-35 kg
1. BRIGITA GASPARIC – SK Djidara - Zabok
2. MONIKA BENCI – SK Kraljevec - Zagreb

-40 kg
2. LARA CAR – SK Kobra - Marija Bistrica

-45 kg
1. LUCIJA KARAJICA – SK Hrvatski Vuk - V. Trgovisce
2. LUCIJA DAMJANOVIC – SK Kraljevec - Zagreb

-50 kg
1. NINA SANTEK – SK Omega - Varaždin
2. KRISTINA SOKOLIC – SK Omega - Varaždin

-55 kg
1. BARBARA STRUCIC – SK Omega - Varazdin
2.IVANA MIKULCIC – SK Hrvatski Vuk - V. Trgovisce

-60 kg
1. JOSIPA BARISIC – SK San - Garesnica
2. STJEPANA HORVAT – SK San - Garesnica

-65 kg
1. EMA ZGREBEC – SK Omega - Varazdin
2. MARIJA PETRIC – SK Omega - Varazdin


-52 kg
1. JASMINA BELJAK – SK Stubica - D. Stubica
2. VALENTINA BALAZINEC – SK Kneginec - Kneginec

-56 kg
1. MARINA HORVAT – SK Ban Jelacic - Zagreb
2. MIA ZUKINA – SK Stubica - D. Stubica

-60 kg
1. STEFICA BUBNJARIC – SK Kneginec - Kneginec
2. MARIJA KOSI – SK Omega - Varazdin

-65 kg
1. LUCIJA KUTLESA – SK Kraljevec - Zagreb
2. ZELJKA JAREC – SK Ban Jelacic - Zagreb

-70 kg
1. IRENA ZUNEC – SK Omega - Varazdin
2. KSENIJA KOPREK – SK Omega - Varazdin

Saturday, March 13, 2010

French savate student's championship 2009

Nicola Guiducci - as judge

And an old FIST not FIKB initials on his referee's shirt. What does it mean?

Proudly presents: SAVATE - Sportaccord 2010 - confirmed

Confirmed Sportaccord sport organisations - Dubai 2010:

Source: http://www.sportaccordconvention.com/vsite/vnavsite/page/directory/0,10853,5197-197363-214586-nav-list,00.html
Savate (capital letters and bolded) - see Number 102 - lucky number !!!!

  1. 2010 SportAccord Combat Games
  2. 4 global Ltd
  3. 776 Original Marketing
  4. abold gmbh/AS&P/ProProjekt
  5. Action Images Limited
  6. Active Rights Management Limited
  7. ADR-Conseils
  8. AECOM
  9. Africana Tourist Football Club
  10. Aggreko Event Services
  11. AIPS
  12. AISES
  13. Al Jazira Sports Club
  14. Al Mustafa Travel Agency
  15. Alem International Management, Inc.
  16. Alittihad newspaper
  17. Amateur Athletic Union
  19. Aon Limited
  20. Around the Rings
  21. Arup
  22. Arup Gulf Ltd
  23. ASOIF
  24. Associated Press
  25. Atos Origin
  26. Badminton World Federation (BWF)
  27. Bahrain Olympic Committee
  28. Beijing delegation of Sportaccord Combat Games 2010 Beijing
  29. British Olympic Association
  30. bwin International Ltd.
  31. Cannon Design
  32. Carlos M. Garcia
  34. CH2M HILL
  35. CHB Enterprises LLC
  36. CIES
  37. City of Berlin
  38. City of Edmonton
  39. City of Kaohsiung
  40. CMD Life Style
  41. CNOSF
  42. Colorado Time Systems
  43. Commercial Doctor Ltd
  44. Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)
  46. Confederation Internationale de la Peche Sportive (CIPS)
  47. Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules (CMSB)
  48. Confederation of African Canoeing
  49. Confederation Sportive Internationale du Travail (CSIT)
  50. Contemporary Group
  51. Creative Technology Ltd
  52. Crystal CG International
  53. Danish Foundation for Elitesportsfacilities
  54. Davis Langdon
  55. Davis Langdon & Seah International
  56. DB Schenker
  57. DBD Pty Ltd
  58. De Telegraaf
  59. Dentsu Sports Europe Limited
  60. Denver Sports
  61. Designwerk
  62. Destinations Sport Europe Limited
  63. Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund
  64. dotSport LLC
  65. Drexel University
  66. Dubai Eye - Sports Talk
  67. ECA2
  68. EFM Event Logistics
  69. EFM Management Ltd
  70. Egyptian National Sports Council
  71. Endeavour
  72. EPICURE & CO S.A.
  73. ERAI
  74. Ernst & Young
  75. EU Sports Platform
  76. European Olympic Committees
  77. Eurovision
  78. Event in Skane
  79. Event Knowledge Serivces
  80. Event Planning Group
  81. Event Stockholm/Stockholm Visitors Board
  82. Events New South Wales
  83. Events South Australia
  84. Eventscorp
  85. EventScotland
  86. EVMI e.V.
  87. F2FX
  88. Fast Track
  89. Fast Web Media
  90. FaulknerBrowns Architects
  91. Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI)
  92. Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)
  93. Federation International des Echecs (FIDE)
  94. Fédération Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT)
  95. Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS)
  96. Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG)
  97. Federation Internationale de Hockey (FIH)
  98. Federation Internationale de Luge de Course (FIL)
  99. Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM)
  100. Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA)
  101. Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)
  103. Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc (FITA)
  104. Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees (FILA)
  105. Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ)
  106. Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU)
  107. Fédération Mondial du Jeu de Dames (FMJD)
  108. Federation of International Polo (FIP)
  109. FIFA
  110. Freelance
  112. G4S Secure Solutions
  113. GAC Logistics
  114. Games Bids Inc.
  115. Gangwon Province, Korea
  116. Generations For Peace
  117. Get the Point
  118. GL events
  119. Golf Environment Organization
  120. Goteborg Co
  121. Government Ghazali College Latifabad
  123. Great Big Events
  124. Greater London Authority
  125. Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee
  126. Harris County-Houston Sports Authority
  127. Haymarket Network
  128. HBS Broadcast Academy
  129. Helios Partners, LLC
  130. Hellenic News of America
  131. Hockey friends circle
  132. Holland
  133. IBAF, International Baseball Federation
  134. ICSSPE
  135. IDSF
  136. IEC in Sports
  137. IFBB
  138. IMG
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  140. Informa Yacht Group
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  152. International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (CISS)
  153. International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (CIJM)
  154. International Cricket Council
  155. International Cycling Union (UCI)
  156. International Doping Tests & Management
  157. International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)
  158. International Federation of American Football (IFAF)
  159. International Federation of Basque Pelota (FIPV)
  160. International Federation of Cheerleading
  161. International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA)
  162. International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA)
  163. International Federation of Sleddogsports (IFSS)
  164. International Federation of Sports Climbing (IFSC)
  165. International Fencing Federation
  166. International Fistball Association (IFA)
  167. International Floorball Federation (IFF)
  168. International Go Federation (IGF)
  169. International Golf Federation (IGF)
  170. International Handball Federation (IHF)
  171. International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)
  172. International Judo Federation (IJF)
  173. International Kendo Federation (FIK)
  174. International Korfball Federation (IKF)
  175. International Life Saving (ILS)
  176. International Military Sports Council (CISM)
  177. International Orienteering Federation (IOF)
  178. International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
  179. International Powerlifting Federation (IPF)
  180. International Racquetball Federation (IRF)
  181. International Rafting Federation
  182. International Rowing Federation (FISA)
  183. International Rugby Board (IRB)
  184. International Sailing Federation (ISAF)
  185. International Sambo Federation (FIAS)
  186. International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF)
  187. International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF)
  188. International Skating Union (ISU)
  189. International Ski Federation (FIS)
  190. International Softball Federation (ISF)
  191. International Sumo Federation (IFS)
  192. International Surfing Association (ISA)
  193. International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)
  194. International Tennis Federation (ITF)
  195. International Triathlon Union (ITU)
  196. International Volleyball Federation (FIVB)
  197. International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF)
  198. International Weightlifting Federation (IWF)
  199. International World Games Association (IWGA)
  200. International Wushu Federation (IWUF)
  201. ISMF
  202. Istanbul Sport Events
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  204. JLT Sport
  206. JTA
  207. Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF)
  208. Karapiro 2010
  209. Karl's Global Events
  210. Ketchum Sports & Entertainment
  211. K-events/Filmmaster Group
  212. Kofi Annan Foundation
  213. Kommunicera Sportbusiness Translations
  214. KPMG LLP
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Heloise Thouroude - savate fighter

Savate club Dynamic Sevres, France.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Savate is among boxing sports the best friend of Youth

Hugo Levallois VS Paul Bellot

WSB Board approves significant tournament details

10 March 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland

Picture caption: The WSB Board of Directors, Dr C. K. Wu (third from left), AIBA President and Chairman of the WSB Board, Mr Ho Kim (right), acting CEO of the WSB and, from left, Mr Ivan Khodabakhsh, WSB COO, Dr Humbert Furgoni, Mr David Francis, Mr Julian Barnes and Mr Jonathan Cocke.

The Board of Directors of the World Series of Boxing SA met today in Lausanne to discuss the most important items of business for the preparatory phase of the tournament, including the public relations campaign to launch the tournament, the first test event and concepts for the development of WSB referees, judges and coaches.
The budget and outline of a global public relations campaign were approved by the WSB Board. This will help to promote the brand identity of the World Series of Boxing (WSB) at global level and assist WSB franchises with the development and implementation of their own plans at local level. In parallel, the WSB website will be further developed to include complete franchise information, boxer biographies and a more prominent news focus. A competition database will also be developed to integrate all schedule information, results and statistics relating to the tournament.
The Board also approved the budget for the first WSB test event, which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on 21st April, prior to the start of the AIBA Youth World Championships. Before the test event, boxers, coaches, referees and judges will attend a training camp to help them prepare for the test event, which will be a dry run for a full evening of competition using the WSB competition format and rules. The training camp will be held at the Italian Boxing Federation's flagship facilities in Assisi, from where all participants will fly directly to Baku for the test event.
Preparatory work is well under way regarding the appointment of match officials. The Board heard that all AIBA 3-star referees and judges have been contacted regarding the possibility to officiate at WSB matches. Furthermore, a substantial number of AIBA registered coaches have applied to be considered for the WSB. These names are automatically entered into a pool from which the franchise teams can select their coaching staff. The Board also agreed in principle to the league schedule for the regular season.
Due to the excellent working relations with the International Olympic Committee, the WSB head office staff will be able to move into the MSI (Maison du Sport International, the House of International Sport) in Lausanne in April. The agreement will see the IOC move into the premises currently occupied by the WSB, while WSB staff will in exchange occupy one entire floor of the MSI "A" vacated by the IOC, with a second floor to follow in July.
In order to monitor closely the significant expenditure committed to by the WSB over the coming months and beyond, Mr David Francis, Chairman of the AIBA Finance Commission, was appointed as the WSB Treasurer and thus becomes an ex officio member of the Board. Furthermore, the WSB fiscal year was adopted as 1st July to 30th June in order to coincide with the WSB season.

Fabrice Aurieng - trainer

Wrong direction - chauss fight

Not really attractive.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Reverse lateral - jambe avant

Naive and coreographed "professional" MMA becomes more and more funny in a world of serious amateur martial arts.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Jogo do pau, Esgrima Lusitana, Porto

Professor Luis Preto

Precombat Mameli savate

They call it 2a combat.

Savate forme Tarbes 2009, 5th of December

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Savate Montreuil, France

Westcoast 2010 - Jean Piere Julemont and IAKSA Lemmens

Will Jean Piere Julemont rebuild Belgium Canne de combat as a good promotor of savate sport cooperating also with kickboxing?

video from 2008:
5 days - 100 Martial Artist on Westcoast 2008 event. Forest games.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Savate club Vojvodina

Objektiv, TV Apolo 28th of February 2010

Savate club Banat , Vojvodina, Serbia - on a radio

Radio Zrenjanin, 1st March 2010., guest : Predrag Darijevic, Savate club "Banat" Zrenjanin (sport news every Monday 13:00, 103.6 MHz)

Friday, March 05, 2010

Jogo do Pau and traditional dances

Armado Basulto - North Carolina - USA savate


Boxe francaise

Canne de combat

Croatian national savate championship 2007

National savate championship - Croatia - combat - french boxing - 2007.
senior -70kg
Danijel Stefanec - Sekulic (Savate Club Stubica) VS Emerik Veceric (Omega Varazdin)

Boxe francaise (Savate) & Canne - 1891

Re-animated chronophotographs shot by Demeny for the "La Nature" journal showing Savate and Canne in 1891. May be the oldest Savate footage ever.

Martial art festival in Hungary and savate demonstration