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FRANCE: Canne de combat - League PACA region, Nice, 2011

Florian Adami

GUADELOUPE: CDC - Cameleon institute

Canne de combat - nice.

FRANCE: CDC Bordeaux

Fantastic video.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

FRANCE: Sisters Leccese in savate, Lille

Tonia Leccese (youth world champion 2011) and her sister Florence Leccese (ex-fighter and savate forme french developer)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

UK: Assaut Championships, London 2011

17th July 2011 - London, Assaut Championships, Mixed age elimination bout -
Michael Grove (Spectrum Savate Club) vs. Tom Handley (London Savate Club)

ITALY: Savate defense combined with Tony Blauer's spear system in Milan 2011

IOC: Women : men = 50:50 and Brighton declaration on Women and Sport

Brighton Declaration on Women and Sport
Scope and Aims of the Declaration
This Declaration is addressed to all those governments, public authorities, organisations, businesses, educational and research establishments, women's organisations and individuals who are responsible for, or who directly or indirectly influence, the conduct, development or promotion of sport or who are in any way involved in the employment, education, management, training, development or care of women in sport. This Declaration is meant to complement all sporting, local, national and international charters, laws, codes, rules and regulations relating to women or sport.
The overriding aim is to develop a sporting culture that enables and values the full involvement of women in every aspect of sport.
It is in the interests of equality, development and peace that a commitment is made by governmental, non-governmental organisations and all those institutions involved in sport to apply the Principles set out in this Declaration by developing appropriate policies, structures and mechanisms which:
  • ensure that all women and girls have the opportunity to participate in sport in a safe and supportive environment which preserves the rights, dignity and respect of the individual;
  • increase the involvement of women in sport at all levels and in all functions and roles;
  • ensure that the knowledge, experiences and values of women contribute to the development of sport
  • promote the recognition by women of the instrinsic value of sport and its contribution to personal development and healthy lifestyle.
The Principles
1. Equity and Equality in Society and Sport
Every effort should be made by state and government machineries to ensure that institutions and organisations responsible for sport comply with the equality provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women.
Equal opportunity to participate and be involved in sport whether for the purpose of leisure and recreation, health promotion or high performance, is the right of every woman, regardless of race, colour, language, religion, creed, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, political belief or affiliation, national or social origin.
Resources, power and responsibility should be allocated fairly and without discrimination on the basis of sex, but such allocation should redress any inequitable balance in the benefits available to women and men.
2. Facilities
Women's participation in sport is influenced by the extent, variety and accessibility of facilities. The planning, design and management of these should appropriately and equitably meet the particular needs of women in the community, with special attention given to the need for childcare provision and safety.
3. School and Junior Sport
Research demonstrates that girls and boys approach sport from markedly different perspectives. Those responsible for sport, education, recreation and physical education of young people should ensure that an equitable range of opportunities and learning experience, which accommodate the values, attitudes and aspirations of girls, is incorporated in programmes to develop physical fitness and basic sport skills of young people.
4. Developing Participation
Women's participation in sport is influenced by the range of activities available. Those responsible for delivering sporting opportunities and programmes should provide and promote activities which meet women's needs and aspirations.
5. High Performance Sport
Governments and sports organisations should provide equal opportunities to women to reach their sports performance potential by ensuring that all activities and programmes relating to performance improvements take account of the specific needs of female athletes.
Those supporting elite and/or professional athletes should ensure that competition opportunities, rewards, incentives, recognition, sponsorship, promotion and other forms of support are provided fairly and equitably to both women and men.
6. Leadership in Sport
Women are under-represented in the leadership and decision making in all sport and sport-related organisations. Those responsible for these areas should develop policies and programmes and design structures which increase the number of women coaches, advisers, decision makers, officials, administrators and sports personnel at all levels with special attention given to recruitment, development and retention.
7. Education, Training and Development
Those responsible for the education, training and development of coaches and other sports personnel should ensure that education processes and experiences address issues relating to gender equity and the needs of female athletes, equitably reflect women's role in sport and take account of women's leadership experiences, values and attitudes.
8. Sports Information and Research
Those responsible for research and providing information on sport should develop policies and programmes to increase knowledge and understanding about women and sport and ensure that research norms and standards are based on research on women and men.
9. Resources
Those responsible for the allocation of resources should ensure that support is available for sportswomen, women's programmes and special measures to advance this Declaration of Principles.
10. Domestic and International Cooperation
Government and non-government organisations should incorporate the promotion of issues of gender equity and the sharing of examples of good practice in women and sport policies and programmes in their associations with other organisations, within both domestic and international arenas.

International Women and Sport Strategy
Governments and organisations committing to to be a part of an International Women and Sport Strategy will:
  • endorse and commit to the application of the Declaration of Principles, to be known as the 'Brighton Declaration of Women and Sport';
  • develop and execute an implementation plan which reflects full and practical fulfilment of the principles contained in the Brighton Declaration;
  • nominate a representative for the purposes of communications with the International Working Group on Women and Sport;
  • support international cooperation by striving to send qualified representatives to future international conferences conducted to discuss issues, share exemplary practices and model programmes, network and monitor progress in aplication of the principles;
  • provide feedback to the working group on the effectiveness of their actions taken to advance the principles.

IOC - ARISF: Floorball recognition in ARISF (IOC recognized sport)

What about savate, present on Olympic Games OG as a demonstrations port in 1900 and 1924. Savate would reach recognition immediatelly because of its long history and participation on OG. What are we waiting for?

The International Olympic Committee has during its 123rd session on the 8th of July in Durban rewarded IFF and Floorball with the full IOC recognition, based on the recommendation of the IOC Executive Board.
Mr. Tomas Eriksson, IFF President, expresses the situation in the following way: "Floorball has been given the full IOC recognition, for which Floorball is very thankful to the IOC and its administration. I see this as an important step towards participation in the Olympic Games, and the Youth Olympic Games, and we consider this a token of the good work that all Floorball stakeholders have done during the 25th years of IFF’s existence."
IFF first applied for the IOC recognition in 2003 after having received the provisional recognition of General Association of the International Sport Federations (GAISF), but then the IOC was in the process to change the procedure for recognition and therefore the application was never even discussed.
IFF then received the provisional IOC recognition in 2008 in-line with the new requirements and application in 2007, after a decision by the IOC Executive Board. When the IOC EB decided about the provisional recognition, they raised a requirement for IFF, to further focus and enhance the activities in order to develop the sport on a more universal level, spreading the sport especially outside of Europe was stressed.
IFF took this advice very seriously and continued to work with the IFF Development Programme Activities, which are designed to increase the outreach especially outside of Europe. Floorball has strengthened its presence in especially Asia and is also growing in Africa and in the Americas.
The IOC member Peter Tallberg (FIN) congratulated Floorball for the achievement. "The real work will only start now for Floorball in order to reach the ultimate goal, a participation in the Olympic Summer Games," Mr. Tallberg expressed.
IFF has also followed the advice, that it is important to have only active and functional members. IFF has now 53 member associations and the number of countries where Floorball is played is growing steadily.
"The full recognition will give our member associations a better possibility to apply for membership in the National Olympic Committees, and by that strengthen the presence of Floorball in their respective countries. We have now taken yet another step forward to fulfill our vision by becoming a Olympic Sport," says Tomas Eriksson, IFF President.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

RUSSIA: Savate first time on a Russian martial art federation's website

Savate federation Russia

FRANCE: History of the Rue des Moineaux 21 and Canne de combat

All lies about historical fencing die with this picture.
Fencing practiced together with boxe francaise, sabre wooden model fencing, canne de combat and with additional weight at the end of the stick.
Yes Canne de combat was and is the basis for all types of practical fencing.
All of the groups who want to change history facts "in the name of money" please stop your efforts. There is too much evidence waiting here, there and everywhere :) ...

WCG: Dates and venues of the SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 announced

left SportAccord Director of Combat Games Michal Buchel

During a visit of SportAccord representatives in St.Petersburg, the host city of the second edition of the SportAccord World Combat Games in 2013, it was announced that the Games will be held from 19 to 26 October 2013. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled for 18 October.
Various competitions may take place in the Ice Palace of St. Petersburg, a indoor multi-purpose complex that can accommodate more than 12 000 spectators. The Palace was specifically build for the Ice Hockey World Championships in St. Petersburg in 2000.
The preparation meeting between SportAccord, the Russian Union of Martial Arts, and with the direct help of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the City of St. Petersburg took place in the Olympic Hall of St. Petersburg. Present were also the heads and representatives of the national sports federations which will participate in the Games.
The selection of athletes for the SportAccord World Combat Games will be based on international rankings and results of in international championships. At the same time, it is the objective to have athletes from all over the world participating. The actual number of athletes will depend on the specific selection criteria set by each International Federation. The average will 80 athletes.
During the visit, the SportAccord delegation and representatives of the Russian Union of Martial Arts had also the opportunity to meet the Vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Mr. Mikhail Oseevsky, to discuss technical features of the preperations and further cooperation in implementation of the event.

AIPS source:
MOSCOW, July 23, 2011 - From June 11th to 15th representatives of international sports association SportAccord paid official visit to the capital of the Second World Combat Games, St. Petersburg.
The organization of the Second World Combat Games in Russia has been made possible by initiative of the FIAS President Vasily Shestakov and support of the RMAU (Russian Martial Arts Union) leadership represented by Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Yuri Trutnev, who holds 5th dan in kyokushin kaikan, and Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” Sergey Kirienko (3rd dan in Aikikai Aikido).
At the time the idea was actively supported by the Government of Russia and St. Petersburg Administration. During the visit to St. Petersburg in March of 2011 of SportAccord technical committee, headed by its President Hein Verbruggen, it was confirmed that the city was ready to host such a major sports event.
The exchange of signed contracts that delegated the rights of hosting Games in St. Petersburg took place in April of 2011 during the SportAccord General Assembly (London, Great Britain) in the presence of the representatives of the IOC, leaders of international sports federations and international media.
SportAccord World Combat Games is unique multidisciplinary event, which includes not only competitions, but also broad cultural and business programs. We would like to point out that in addition to World Combat Games SportAccord also organizes World Mind Games and World Beach Games, confirming interest and popularity of these sports events among youth, media and sponsors.
The Second World Combat Games will take place in St. Petersburg from October 18thto 27th, 2013. It is expected that some 2000 athletes from 120 countries of the world will participate. The competition will be held at five sports venues in 15 Olympic and non-Olympic sports disciplines: aikido, boxing, judo, ju-jitsu, karate, kendo, kick-boxing, fencing, muay thai, sambo, sumo, taekwondo, wrestling, wushu, savate.
During their visit to St. Petersburg SportAccord Director of Combat Games Michal Buchel and the head of the project Federica Nenzi visited sports venues. They held meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg Administration and the RMAU. The program of the visit included a meeting with the heads of the Local World Combat Games Organizing Committee.
SportAccord representatives also held meetings with the leaders of the sports federations, whose athletes will compete at the World Games. At this high-level meeting FIAS has been represented by the FIAS Head of Sports Directorate Sergey Tabakov.
Michal Buchel and Federica Nenzi remarked that involving national governing bodies will be a very important step in preparations, since they are the experts in their sports disciplines. The main managing positions within the project include technical committee, Olympic committee, sports committee, and a working group, which will include technical delegates from 15 federations.
“It is necessary to highlight the role of national governing bodies of those sports which are included into the World Games program, – stressed Michal Buchel. – Delegates, assigned by each national federation, might be included into the organizing committee. In cooperation with international federations the Russian organizers might explain particularities of organizing events in the country, which would help to reach the high level of organization.”
Federica Nenzi said: “We sent queries to each Federation, which participated in the previous edition of the World Combat Games, to learn what we did right the last time, and what could be improved. The feedback line is open: over the course of the last three months we have handled and analyzed recommendations we had received from the international federations to ensure higher level of organization of the Second Games. Clear-cut standard of organization of all SportAccord events facilitate their participants’ understating of how the work could be set up.”
The SportAccord delegation presented General Technical plan for organization and holding of the Games for 2012-2013. The document contains the main tasks and preliminary schedule of their implementation over two years.
During the discussion of the plan SportAccord representatives mentioned that the official Opening Ceremony is scheduled for October 18th. Preliminary venue is the Ice Palace, which is a multidisciplinary indoor facility with 12-thousand-capacity, which covers of 37000 sq. m. The Palace was built for the World Ice Hockey Championships, which was held in St. Petersburg in 2000. Its equipment allows not only to organize competitions in dozens of sports disciplines, but also to host major shows, concerts, exhibitions and conferences. The competitive program of the World Combat Games is planned for October 19th – 26th. The preliminary date for the Closing Ceremony is the final day of the Games: October 26th.
The qualification for the World Combat Games will be based on athletes’ ratings within their sports, taking into account results of international competitions. At the same time the qualification system should allow representatives of all continents to participate.

WAPSAC - new fis: All ring sports maybe also savate (FIKBMS version)

17th September 2011 in AQUARIUM - Genoa, Italy

Marco Costaguta
with Switzerland, Spain, italy, France and EU?

Friday, July 22, 2011

SILAMBAM: Stick fighting in Malaysia

Not so fast as on presentations.

FRANCE: Canne de combat presentation

Why ussualy people don't decide for canne de combat.
Because of its moving. Constant moving. It's a hard sport.
And the old shoe - SDI - means savate.
We proudly present second competitive savate discipline called Canne de combat.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

GREECE: Savate box

Savate in Greece.

EUROSPORT: This TV wants to be a partner in sport. Also SAVATE?

Do we expect Eurosport in SAVATE.
Please read.

ITALY: OKTAGON + FIKBMS and Carlo Di Blasi with Marco Nacci SAVATE version

On a Saturday 23th of July 2011 - STAZIONE MILANO CENTRALE - Marco Nacci

On one hand ex-representative of savate in Italy - FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation is an associate member of Italian Olympic Committee called CONI.
There are 3 positions of sport in CONI:
1 - regular members - recognised sport federations
2 - associated members - partialy recognised sport federations (FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing muay thai and savate federation) (This one we don't like but it is higher then FISA)
3 - other non-regular members  - sport for all federations - (ACSI - and FISA - New Italian Savate federation FISA - This one we like very much :) ) (But is among non recognised federations in CONI)

On the other hand New Italian savate federation called FISA is not even an associate member of CONI, but is part of ACSI - Recreational sport federation (In Italy you have several recreational sport federation with different names on a national level).
And ACSI /where New savate Italian federation is) is just one of many (14 sport for all federations).
Interesting thing: (It seems that this savate federation is organised without legal representative ? )
Nuova Federazione Italiana Savate Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica - Associazione Sportiva senza personalita' giuridica ( Is this normal organisation of sport federations in Italy? )
I really don't know how  italian savate results can be evaluated from that kind of connection beetween a
  1. New Italian savate federation called FISA (FISA is part of ACSI)
  2. ACSI - Sport for all Italian federation  (ACSI is part of CONI, but as recreational sport for all)
  3. CONI -Italian Olympic Committee (CONI is part of IOC)
Sport for all federations in Italy - 14 federations at the moment:

C.N.S. Libertas


Peso, controllo certificati e visite mediche dalle h. 11 alle 13.00
Briefing Coach-arbitri h 13.00
Inizio gare h. 14.00

Torneo e gare di:
- Kick light
- K 1
- Full
- Savate

Esibizioni di arti marziali

Domenica 24 Luglio
Peso, controllo certificati e visite mediche dalle h. 11 alle 13.00
Briefing Coach-arbitri h 13.00
Inizio gare h. 14.00

Gare di Muay Thai
Gare di K 1

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SAVATE classics: European Championship 2002

Juniors - (S/Legers): Julien Lapauw (Belgium) vs. Mohand Azzi (France)

(Plumes) Emmanuella Pantini (Italy) vs.Gaelle Villette (France)

(Plumes) Sinisa Kovacic (Croatia) vs. Guennady Maksimov (Russia)

(Legers) Ali Kanfouah (France) vs. Matteo Pittaluga (Italy)

(M/Moyens) Ismaila Sarr (France) vs. Cedric Lapauw (Belgium)

(Moyens) Elhadj Mekedem (France) vs. Evgeny Raskine (Russia)

(S/Legers) Arnaud Mimouni (France) vs. Zoran Cvek (Croatia)

(Legers) Foued Hamissi (France) vs. Yves Julemont (Belgium)

Monday, July 11, 2011

INSIDE SPORT: Does sport need a World-Anti-Corruption-Agency?


Juan Antonio Samaranch

Patrick Hickey

Kipchoge Keino:

Gunilla Lindberg:

Francisco Elizalde

Hassan Moustafa

Julio Cesar Maglione

Francesco Ricci Bitti

Albert II. von Monaco:

Raja Randir Singh

Thomas Bach

Kevan Gosper

Richard Carrion

Denis Oswald

Ching-Kuo Wu

Sam Ramsamy

Sunday, July 10, 2011

DRUGS: Medirteranean games, powerboats, helicopters, airplanes and combat sports




and support in the air :)

Full Contact sports: How to eliminate opponents or on the other hand how to evade this behaviour

Big problem in sport - martial arts and combat sports is not illegal betting but fixing the tournament results. But in certain time this behaviour can lead also to illegal betting.
Who is interested in it?
Multi martial art and combat sport federations who have tournaments in many different disciplines. If they don't succed in that one .... they plan succes in another one.
And they find federations where registration of sportsman is not an annual regular duty - and this is it.

If these federations cooperate in the field of kickboxing they calculate their annual results and financial benefits  which they get from they Ministry of sport or Olympic Committee (for kickboxing) and they plan further activities how to cover this missing gap in another martial art federation with another results (for example savate,  or other federation).

In this way we can discover the stagnation of other paralel sports (savate or other) in comparison to the primary one these federations are practicing (kickboxing for example).

In full contact sports they are even stronger that in light contact versions, because they can eliminate as a group every opponent.
In their fixed and arranged fight beetwen known and expected opponents they don't spend much of their energy and they don't hurt each other. Also they can discover tactics of their opponents so they investigate them through different regimes of fighting. They can also prepare opponents for their chossen winner with tactics of hurting it in the specific points and then they inform the chossen winner what is the the target (knee, leg muscles, ribs, ...).

In this way we can measure every year less countries in that kind of federation's full contact sport disciplines. Every year worse quality of fighters. We don't find specific technique and tactique needed for a specific martial art or combat sport competing in. Disciplines like that after some years start to die. And dying of the sport martial art or combat sport discipline is not the process that their true adepts want ...

How to stop them? How to stop that kind of non-sportive behaviour? How to improve fair play?

- Start to cooperate with IOC and EOC in the field of illegal betting and ...

- Start with identifying which federations are part of NOC - National Olympic Committees and achieve their recognition in all NOC and to support and strenghten the activities of these recognised members

- To sanction federations who don't develop in progressing their sport in their country and not getting always needed finance support from Ministry of Sport or NOC (with achieved results ...)

- To santction all sitting on two chairs at the same time (kickboxing , muay thai, boxing, savate and other activities at the same time (and also sometimes as multination representative)) - and help federations who specialise with all clubs only in one sport (savate for example)

- To start with ARISF recognition and IOC recognition like sambo did with much shorter history than (for example : savate) - every national olympic committee should recognise for example: national savate federation - legaly established with correct procedure (not as a club or multi martial art federation but specialised federation for example - savate federation))

- Annual registration and passports for all competitors, that can be revised everytime during the year and to fix weight or height categories. In this way it could be possible to discover also how many competitors that kind of system has in each category. Also it is possible to make some statistic about several nations competitors, who represented in their competitive history many continents and countries.

- To protect the name of the discipline and also all "know how" of teaching

- To promote sport through universal and accepted martial art supllier - which is distributer of martila rat goods and sponsor of many events (seminars, stages, clinics, competitions, ...)

WAPSAC: New "savate" member in Sardinia and other misunderstandings

WAPSAC - (Liguria regional kickboxing federation) and also domain for the website of Marco Costaguta and Christian Robert new International savate federation called also
World Association of Professisonal Savate And ChaussFight.

WAPSAC has an interesting gym (representative) in Sardinia:
Did you see any savate activity in its description?

Accademia Moros

and member of national:

Provincia: Sassari
Comune: Sassari
Indirizzo: Via Gorizia 40/b
Telefono: 3385844530
Orario di apertura settimanale: 15-22
Giorno di chiusura: Sab-dom

Presentazione della struttura
Palestra in via Gavino Matta 4 a Sassari
Arti marziali: Muay Thai, Kaliradman, Totalcombat, Autodifesa, Yoga
Direttore Tecnico: Mr. Giancarlo Casula
Affiliata: FIKB (Italian kickboxing federation), Mangdirigma Italia-federazione italiana arti marziali filippine, CSEN (Centro Sportivo educativo Nazionale), Aitma (Association Institute Thai Martial Arts), Pckeam (Philippine Council Kali Eskrima Arnis Masters).

But on the other hand we have an ACSI - SAVATE member

called ACCADEMIA MUAY THAI BONORVA the same region and city

Provincia: Sassari
Comune: Bonorva
Indirizzo: VIA TURATI 2
Telefono: 3486958973 - 3492441089
Orario di apertura settimanale: Lun.-Mer.-Ven.- orario: 18.30 - 22.30

Presentazione della struttura
Presentazione della struttura
CORSI di:Savate Boxe Francaise; K1 Style; Shoot Boxe; Thai Boxe; Muay Thai Tradizionale; Difesa Personale; Antiaggressione femminile; corsi per bambini dai 6 anni di età.

With some help in Italy we find responsible man of the gym: Angelo Lai

and when we looked at Angelo Lai we found that there are three so called savate clubs totaly uknown to anybody and without legal representative or better not registered as should clubs be registered in Italian sport. Let's say we are talking about savate sections or savate departments not legally registered.  Crazy is this Italian living :)

WAPSAC - new fis: Oktagon 2012 with savate in Italy

After many debates, many talks, many ... no reaction of FIS and no real effect about the case WAPSAC. Who is responsible for waiting? What can FIS get from waiting and what WAPSAC?

CHINA VS. ITALY  - 19th November 2012
Chauss fight and savate pro?
Isn't savate pro protected sport discipline by FIS - International savate federation and Sportaccord who accepted this sport in its family? Isn't savate part of IF recognised sports?

If so many sponsors can promote savate outside FIS - International savate federation , they are also able to pay the rights or some sort of penalties for their illegal behaviour on the sport market. There are many lawyer companies which could easily take this simple case and also take benefits of it.


Carlo di Blasi with the help of sponsors:
  1. CONI - Italian Olympic Committee  (who knows that savate is in FISA :)  )
  2. FIKBMS - Italiuan kickboxing federation
  3. WAKO PRO - Professional WAKO kickboxing federation
  4. CSEN - Centro sportivo educativo nationale
  6. LEONE (boxing equipment)
  7. WAPSAC - new Internationla savate federation
  8. Marco Costaguta management
  9. Region Liguria

Saturday, July 09, 2011

WCG 2013: St. Petersburg - Host City of the 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games

No words about our loving sport SAVATE.And even no promotion on
- combat and martial arts.
No savate there? As 13th combat sport?  Isn't savate in Sportaccord? And part of  2013 SportAccord World Combat Games? Do we really need promotion?

AIBA - boxing: IOC Adds Women's Boxing to Program for Youth Olympic Games

Lausanne, July 6th, 2011 - At its meeting in Durban, South Africa, on July 4, ahead of the 123rd IOC Session, the Executive Board of the International Committee approved the inclusion of women's boxing in the program of the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.
AIBA President Ching-Kuo Wu welcomed the decision, saying "[it] will further enhance the development of women's boxing from the grassroots level up and demonstrates a very positive progress in AIBA's continuous efforts to make women's boxing one of the most attractive competition programs in AIBA."
Wu also committed AIBA's full support for its members' development of women's boxing and encouraged them to participate actively in the growing development of the sport at international level.
Women's boxing is one of two new sports added to the program of the Youth Olympic Games for Nanjing 2014, bring the total number of sports to the IOC's maximum of 28 sports with 216 individual events and a total of 3,809 athletes.

ARISF: 8 new sports prepared for Olympic games 2020, but there will be only one

WHICH SPORT IS YOUR POTENTIAL CANDIDATE FOR SOG2020? (don't even mention savate)

Shortlist of Candidate Sports for 2020 Olympics

05 July 2011

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made an official announcement of the eight sports shortlisted for a possible inclusion into the Olympic sports programme for the Games in 2020.
  1. Baseball
  2. Karate
  3. Roller Sports
  4. Softball
  5. Sport Climbing
  6. Squash
  7. Wakeboard
  8. Wushu
At its meeting ahead of the 123rd IOC Session in Durban, RSA, the board followed the suggestions of the Programme Commission and shortlisted again the five sports (baseball, karate, roller sports, softball, squash) that were considered in the review of the programme for the Games in 2016 already. Golf and rugby sevens succeeded with their campaign then. Sport climbing, wakeboard and wushu are the newcomers to the list.
As the programme will be limited to a maximum of 28 sports in 2020, and as golf and rugby are slated for a second appearance after 2016, only one of the eight shortlisted sports can actually be added to the Games. Which one it will be is voted on by the 125th IOC Session in 2013.

All ARISF Member Federations with sports eligible to feature on the Olympic programme had submitted their questionnaires to the IOC Sports Department in May 2011. The eight sports on the shortlist will now have to prepare a complete candidate file for further evaluation.

Friday, July 08, 2011

JOGO DO PAU: Escrima Lusitana and Nuno Russo


Jogo do Pau presentation - (Martial arts gala) Gala de Artes marciais in Fernao Ferro.
Masters Nuno Russo, Ricardo Moura and Frederico Martins

Short stick

Long stick:

FRANCE: Savate Club Perigord Pourpre

SAVATE classics: France Elite 2000/2001/2002

Sebastien Gautherie vs. Djibrine Fall Telemaque (M/Moyens)

Christophe Candeil vs. Patrick Elisabeth (Plumes)

M'Hamed Abdelaoui vs. Aziz Raguig (Moyens)

Mohamed El Haddadi vs. Eric Merlo

Gilles Cherubin vs. Fabrice Basquaise

Olivier Roche vs. Jean-Francois Rimani

Ali Tebiz vs. Thierry Louison

Ismaila Sarr vs.Karim El Idrissi (S/Legers)

Marouan Staifa vs.Didier Buch

Johnny Catherine vs.Ali Kanfouah (Legers)

France Elite 2001

Djibrine Fall Telemaque vs. Jean-Louis Lahcene (M/Moyens)

David Tuquet vs.Marouan Staifa (S/M/Moyens)

Valere Grondin vs. Jean-Francois Volcey (Mouches)

Sonor Morellon vs. Gabriel Schneider (Lourdes)

Anthony Mezaache vs. Fabrice Basquaise (S/Plumes)

Ludovic Fornes vs. Jerome Huon (Legers)

Hakim Abdelaoui vs. Jean-Marc Oneix (Plumes)

Karim El Idrissi vs. Karim Temmar (S/Legers)

Frederic Bellonie vs. Elhadj Mekedem (Moyens)

Denis Francois vs. Mohamed Ezzahraoui (M/Lourds)

Yannis Racine vs. Hadi Boumoula (Coqs)

Djibrine Fall Telemaque vs. Jean-Louis Lahcene (M/Moyens)


Foued Hamissi vs. Didier Buch (S/M/Moyens)

Valere Grondin vs. Ludovic Carbou (Mouches)

Laurent Berthinier vs. Jean-Francois Rimani (Lourds)

Elhadj Mekedem vs. Frederic Bellonie (Moyens)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

K1 - wako pro kickboxing: Kazuyoshi Ishi and Ennio Falsone meeting in Milan, Italy

They met in Hotel Palace Milano (this is very important :) ).
And Mr. Ishi came from Zurich (this is important too). (But the most important news ...) There will be more money on next K1 grand prix wako pro shows. Can you imagine? More money ... These were THE news. :)

FRANCE: TV Aujourd 'hui CRISTOPHE a teste pour vous - Boxe francaise

FIAS - sambo: IOC recognition is their next step

On June 10th the presentation of the new headquarters for the International Sambo Federation took place in the Centre of International Sports. Members of the FIAS Executive Committee and guests of honour were invited to the event, including the head of SportAccord Hein Verbruggen, who wished the attendees success in their endeavor to promote sambo to the Olympic family.

On June 11, a meeting of the FIAS Executive Committee took place, discussing such issues as preparations of the 2011 World Championships in Vilnius, Lithuania; recognition of the National Sambo federations by national Olympic committees; preparation of updated version of the International Amateur Sambo Federations statues. 

The FIAS Executive Committee discussed the new version of the Regulations for preparation and holding of the FIAS official competitions. The updated version of the document is aimed at improving the quality of the FIAS competition organization in full agreement with modern requirements for sports marketing, television. 

The conclusion of the productive work of the FIAS delegation was a visit to the Lausanne Olympic Museum, founded in 1993.
Such a conclusion for the FIAS working visit to Switzerland was a symbolic one, since the entire sambo community would like to see sambo as one of the events concordant with Olympic spirit.

Earlier this year, the headquarters of the International Amateur Sambo Federation were re-located to the capital of the international Olympic movement and that the Federation itself have been re-registered in Switzerland. This, of course, means that managers of sambo want to be closer to Olympic movement is not only spiritually, but also geographically.

WKF-karate: Antonio Espinos receives the Olympic Order of the Spanish NOC

World Karate Federation President Mr. Antonio Espinós received the Olympic Order of the Spanish NOC in a ceremony that took place during the General Assembly celebrated in Madrid the 1st June.

The award was given by the NOC President Mr. Alejandro Blanco and the Minister of Sport Mr. Albert Soler. Mr. Espinós is one of the most senior members of the Spanish NOC; he entered in the Spanish NOC in 1984 after his first election as President of the Spanish Karate Federation and has remained member since then.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

GERMANY: Mickey Hardt's many posibilities

We present you a savate judge from the World savate assaut championship 2008.

On October 1st, 2010, famous TV actor, model, and martial arts expert Mickey Hardt became an active member of the Luxembourg Taekwondo Association (LTA).
Mickey started Taekwondo in Luxembourg in 1984 under Grand Master Jin Oh Ra (9th dan) and LTA vice-president Luca De Tommaso. He received his black belt 1st dan in 1987.
He left Luxembourg for his studies in medical science, then was discovered by a model agency. He started working as a model all over the world. After a few years, he decided to attend the "Deutsche Schauspielakademie" in Berlin. He took advanced classes in acting as well as stunt- and action training. Mickey Hardt appeared in various TV shows like "SK Kölsch", "Soko Leipzig", "Wolff’s Revier", and many others.
Most of us know him as the protagonist of the TV show "Der Puma – Kämpfer mit Herz", in which he played the role of Josh Engel, a martial arts expert who helps the police fight crime. The show’s fight choreography was directed by one of Hong Kong’s biggest superstars, Donnie Yen. At the Berlinale 2001, Mickey was voted "Shooting Star of the Year".
In addition to the success in his acting career, Mickey became an expert in Savate-Boxe-Française. He was the German Champion in 2007 and 2009. Currently, he is training fighters as one of the head instructors in a martial arts gym in Berlin. He is also preparing his 2nd dan in Taekwondo
Mickey states that he encourages the LTA in their efforts to promote Taekwondo in Luxembourg.

Is there savate in Luxembourg? From now on it is with Micky Hardt - Luxembourg Taekwondo Association

Mickey Hardtop, taekwondo, Savate, Dudelange

Puma - action

Mickey Hardt shirtless 29.04.10

Centre sportif
Rene Hartmann
Dudelange (Lux.)
2 juillet 2011
Membre du jury
Wann s de eppes kanns! 

Acteur - Actor
  1. Alles was zählt (2011)
  2. Alisa - Folge deinem Herzen (2011)
  3. SOKO (2004-2009)
  4. The Twins Effect (2003)
  5. Der Puma - Kämpfer mit Herz (1999 + 2000)

Sports Ceinture noire en Taekwondo - Black belt taekwondo
Gant d'argent en Savate / Boxe-française - Silver glove Savate - french boxing
3 x champion d'Allemagne en Savate - 3 times national German savate champion

14h00 - 15h30 Séance pour avancés
avec des éléments de Taekwondo, Savate/Boxe-française et Kickboxing
16h30 - 18h00

Séance découverte pour le grand public
Fitness, gymnastique et stretching pour tout le monde et tout âge

18h00 - 19h00 Séance autographe
19h00 - 20h00 Show d'arts martiaux avec la participation de Mickey Hardt

Escryma, Grappling, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, MMA,
Savate / Boxe française, Taekwondo et Wyng Tjun

REUNION: Canne de combat - mobilisation

FIS: World cadets savate assaut championship 2011, 3th of July, Villette D'Anthon,Lyon, France

Croatian are proud of assaut now, and also Serbs. Assaut is a good sport.

Lazar Vujovic in a ring.

and also on combat national chamopionship 2009 in Serbia with Aleksandar Dragovic

Cedric KHELIF (France) vs. (Serbia)-65kg

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

GERMANY: Assaut national savate championship 2011
 here you can watch slower gallery :)

too fast gallery ->

Competitive ring, floor ring, tatami. Very nice.
I wonder how many competitors used these really rich equipment.

FRANCE: National Sport Museum - Musee National du Sport

Did you see SAVATE?

GERMANY: BUDO DAN - kollegium - belt degrees

Hier finden Sie Ansprechpartner für weitere Budo-Disziplinen, die im DDK vertreten sind.

Bundesbeauftragter für Aikido und Aiki-Jo / Aiki-Ken
Reiner Brauhardt
Barbaraweg 20, 57076 Siegen
Tel.: 0271 / 6 60 94 27
Fax: 0271 / 6 60 94 28 Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

Bundesbeauftragter für Iai-do und Thai-Boxen
Willi Donner
Harffstraße 53, 40591 Düsseldorf
Tel.: 0211 / 77 47 07
E-Mail: Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

Bundesbeauftragter für Taekwondo
Christoph Heinrich
Frauenthalerstr. 97, 50374 Erftstadt-Blessem
Tel.: 02235 / 92 45 38
Fax: 02235 / 92 45 39
Mobil: 0178 / 3 74 84 94 Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

Bundesbeauftragter für Kickboxen
Metin Yalim
Pommernring 35, 24253 Probsteierhagen
Tel: 04348 / 9 19 28 92
Fax: 01212 / 5 29 72 14 70
Mobil: 0176 / 96 73 33 00 Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

Bundesbeauftragter für Sambo
Stefan Buben
Heerenholz 10
28307 Bremen Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

Tang Soo Do / Deutsche Tang Soo Do Vereinigung
Klaus Trogemann
Palsweiser Straße 5-i, 82140 Olching
Tel.: 08142 / 1 37 73
Fax: 08142 / 17 99 72 Diese E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können