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REUNION: Savate pro and thai salute

Fabrice Aurieng and thai salute in savate pro and the whole video

ALGERIA: Tarik Berahou - 90's

FRANCE: Gant bronze 12 from the region of Chauss fight

In Marseille, France and Genoa, Italy we have the same situation savate pro, savate - boxe francaise and chauss fight live together in perfect harmony.

Monday, December 24, 2012

CHAUSS FIGHT: It is still alive???

http://www.chaussfight.com/ - This so called savate sport is situated in a French version of Italian kickboxing federation FIKBMS. French called it FFSCDA - http://www.ffscda.com/page-249-Chauss-fight%20.html and I am sure that they have similar Ennio as Italians.
But good examples follow initiatives also in neighbour countries - so this masterpiece of combat federation is Italian-French cookery.

best of chauss fight Montelimar, France 2012
Team Borg - league PACA

University championship of France - Combat sports (among them also Chauss fight)

and look Christian Robert website http://punchuniversite.free.fr/liens.htm
 - link shows also - League Paca - http://www.ligue-paca-savate.com/

Do you know that excellent savateurs steped in this Chauss fight circle like Telemach, Diara, Fornes, ... and at the same time they can cooperate with French savate federation...

RUSSIA: In 2005 Russian boxers dominated


Pavel Bobrov(Russia) vs. Alfredo Genci (Italy)
Russia, St. Petersburg, 2005
Alfredo was perfect fighter but the Russian boxer was really excellent long distance fighter with a lot of experience.


Vladimir Gradusov (Russia) vs. Julien Lapauw (Belgium)
Russia, St. Petersburg, 2005
Julien (and his brother Cedric) was also one of the best Belgium fighters and had bad luck with excellent timing of his dominant Russian opponent.

Konstantin Imaikin (Russia) vs Ibrahim Sissoko (France)
Russia, St. Petersburg, 2005

Artur Rastov (Russia) vs. Mohamed Diaby (France)
Russia, St. Petersburg, 2005


Oleg Serstnev (Russia) vs. Roberto Betta (Italy)
Russia, St. Petersburg, 2005


RUSSIA: Raduga tournament - Chasse bas avant against Fouette bas arriere

Geoffrey Delhez (Belgium) vs Farrukh Zokirov (Russia)

ITALY: Knee breaker - Max of Greece

Max Greco VS Zanotti. - Savate Nov. 1999

Thanks god - Zanotti is still alive...

Max was so mad that he is now pro - savate pro responsible in FISA..

ITALY: Silvia La Notte ex- savateur seems to have problems with hair?

Do you know that Italy is pharmaceutical products giant? After China and India...

ITALY: Massa Carrara 2012 and Savate competition

Competitors fight typicaly in kickboxing WAKO style. But they wear integral savate funny old one part dresses - yes to prove that they really train savate. But they are not. For example well known Italian savate trainer Marco Gilloti from Rome is pa member of Italian kickboxing federation (WAKO - FIKBMS) although his friend Lallo (FISA - Italian savate federation) has many problems with FIKBMS which owns savate sport with CONI - Italian olympic Committee recognition. But maybe they are all friend. Why not? Lallo didn't register his savate federation in CONI. Also this WTKA-WKA competition was camouflage that WKA and WAKO are enemies. Most of people think so.

ITALY: MMA light probably not part of FIGMMA

SERBIA: University savate assaut championship 2012

21st of December - 13 clubs and 30 competitors



Men -65 kg:
1. Marko Ruzic – Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja Beograd
2. Predrag Damnjanovic – Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja Beograd
- 70 kg:
1. Damjan Markovic – Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja Novi Sad
2. Dragoljub Krajcevic – Visa tehnicka skola Novi Sad
3. Sasa Mikulek – Visa tehnicka skola Novi Sad
- 76 kg:
1. Stevan Zaric – Visa tehnicka skola Zrenjanin
2. Igor Pantic – Visa poslovna skola Novi Sad
3. Milan Dubajic – Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja Novi Sad
- 82 kg:
1. Iles Pap – Medicinski fakultet Novi Sad
2. Vanja Takac – Visa poslovna skola Novi Sad
+ 82 kg:
1. Srecko Palezevic – Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja Beograd
2. Petar Malesevic – Pravni fakultet Novi Sad
3. Jovan Radovanovic – Visa elektrotehnicka skola Beograd

- 60 kg:
1. Brigita Milanovic – Fakultet sporta i fizickog vaspitanja Novi Sad
2. Milica Nedeljkovic – Fakultet tehnickih nauka Novi Sad
- 70 kg:
1. Jovana Stanisic – Visa poslovna skola Beograd
2. Anica Rimac – Filoloski fakultet Beograd
+ 70 kg:
1. Aniko Halas – Visa skola strukovnih studija Subotica
2. Emeke Halas – Univerzitet u N.Pazaru – Departman za psiholosko pedagoske nauke Subotica
3. Jelena Despotovic – Pravni fakultet Beograd

ITALY: Roberto Betta savate higlights

ITALY: Ennio Falsone - short portrait

After elections 2012: (new mandate - 2013-2016)
You cannot say that his people stand behind him even if they act opposition or enemies Orientation for the future:


Ennio's regional meetings 2004  - Look at the audience how they accept their chief

Claudio Alberton is responsible for MMA - but not only in 2011 in Italian kickboxing federation (FIKBMS) but also in Italian wrestling federation, which is part of FIJLKAM - Italian karate, judo, wrestling federation (FIJLKAM - http://www.fijlkam.it/ )
To be more precise he is somekind of boss in FIGMMA - Italian federation for grappling and mixed martial arts MMA - recognised by Italian Olympic Committtee : http://www.figmma.it/organizzazione.html
(Watch their videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/FIGRAPPLING/videos?view=0 )
Please look at the judge Mr. Valente (candidate for a new FIKBMS president - opposition to Falsone :) ) wearing his WAKO shirt (judge). All together: Falsone, Valente, Alberton
But in 2012 it seems that Claudio Alberton moved to FIJLKAM - FIGMMA.
As it looks he is not anymore part of FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation - sector of Shootboxing
As it looks CONI - Italian Olympic Committee can sort disciplines like MMA by Sportaccord regulations - except from savate which is still part of FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation. In Italy this things just depend on the nature of situation.

Claudio Alberton and Ennio Falsone

Claudio Alberton as DTN - National technical director MMA in FIKBMS - October 2011

Valente and judging rules

Claudio alberton still in FIKBMS as a boss for MMA in March 2012

Claudio Alberton as a leader of a club University of figting where also is Max Greco - responsible for Savate PRO in FISA - Italian savate federation (A. Lallo)

Watch Max Greco in his club University of fighting talking about savate pro and chauss fights as the same dicipline. Maybe he doesn't know that WAPSAC in FIKBMS owns Chauss fight as dicsipline.

and Max Greco (SAVATE PRO :) ) with his friend Alberton in the same club

And finaly Marco Costaguta from Genoa - resposible for Chauss fight and savate in FIKBMS - Italian kickboxing federation with Christian Robert also WAPSAC and French savate federation  - part of International savate federation - FISav together with CONI observers (Italian olympic Committee)

As it seems kickboxing in Italy and savate are not so far away one from another - on a national and interantional scale.
It seems that IF as FISav and WAKO cooperate more then we thought.
They can invent intermediate discipline like chaus fight which can be later recognised as savate.

And the role of Falsone for the future?
As it seems his ex, temporary and future people control MMA, savate, kickboxing, muay thai in all the new and old versions of  very confused Italian sport life.
And French are quiet.
Think about it.

FRANCE: Combat sports statistics in France 1998

Data: 1998

Combat sport
No. licenses
% women licenses
Boxe Française
Boxes anglaise


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CROATIA: Goran Borovic - interview 2012

About the end of his sport career?

CANADA: Savateworld.com - Lilian Guicherd-Callin wrote beautiful savate scientific work

Lilian Guicherd-Callin wrote this beautiful research about savate.


His domain savateworld.com doesn't work anymore. Why?

He is now active in a Kung-fu academy white crane?


MONTE NEGRO: After 2 years we still don't have a video - Frederic Bellonie (savate) vs.Ivan Strugar (kickboxing)



On April 15th a Low Kick World title defense Kg - 88,600 took place in Sanski Most (Montenegro) between IVAN STRUGAR - title holder - and FREDERIQUE BELLONI (France). With decision of Judges 2-1 won Frederique Belloni becoming the new World champion in Low Kick Kg - 88,600:

Ratko Roganovic (MNE) : 48-47
Ferradj Chaouqui (FRA) : 46-50
Vedran Badjun (CRO) : 46-48

Ivan Strugar - BIO:  (very respectful fighter)
1998 WAKO PRO World Champion (-75kg)
2001 WAKO PRO World Champion (-78,1kg)
2002 WAKO PRO World Champion (-81,4kg)
2007 WAKO PRO World Champion (-81,5kg)
2009 WAKO PRO World Champion (-85,1kg)
2010 WAKO PRO World Champion (-88,6kg)
2002 Winner of the King's Belt - Milano, Italy


Intro 1

Intro 2

Intro 3

Please listen to this video:

... continue

and the boss speaking:

Sometimes expectation makes the same thing as Hyperbaric chamber. This is probably not the first time in the history of combat sports.

FRANCE: Modibo Diarra - From Boxe francaise French savate federation to Chauss fight - WAPSAC and back again to French savate federation




And now Modibo is again in savate - french savate federation. Was this just about WADA and antidoping or it was "savate pro - chauss fight" friendship.
As we understood Chauss fight was legal in FISav and now it is not and WAPSAC owns savate stollen discipline chauss fight and FISav and French savate federation cannotdo nothing about it. And Marco Costaguta an international operater of discipline chauss fight (under patronage of french Christian Robert) is a big chief of WAPSAC and inside Italian kickboxing federation called FIKBMS - Federazione Italiana kickboxing - muay thai and SAVATE, which is not Italian savate federation called FISA (Alfredo Lallo) - which is not registered in CONI (Italian Olympic Committte) registration application - please type savate and you will find nothing here about FISA:

And we can describe this problem again and again but the facts inside France show very ineteresting combination of this international play.

Modibo Diarra and his stage in France - Cognac savate club. (Have you ever drank cognac?)

Stage aprooved by French savate federation.

Monday, December 17, 2012

WMC Muay thai: Hari Gorijan produced Frederic Bellonie vs. Ivan Stanic "The terrible"

Ivan "Terrible" Stanic (OFC) vs Frederic Bellonie
Fight for W.B.C. muay thai world title -86kg
Winner: Stanic
Opatija Fight Night 2
This was even more terrible then some AIBA boxing olympic matches in London where people asked themselves if the weather in England is guilty for the decisions like we saw also in this fight. Everytime when trainer said to Mr. Terrible - throw him, Bellonie thrown Mr. Terrible 3 times in a row. It was terrible. And broken nose and cut on an eyebrow weren't enough to prove the fact that a boy who stood 5 rounds in the corner is the winner. Please enjoy. At least we can watch this fiasco, finally.

1st round
2nd round

3rd round

4th round

5th round

6th round

Thursday, December 06, 2012

RUSSIA: Tatneft cup and oh god

The oldest job on the earth and everything connected to it cannot be paid directly. But shows and galas are the best way. Sport. Yes. Sport. It is unnusual these days that some guys outside Russia speaks some words in Russian language. Intelectual fighters doing many businesses.

Monday, December 03, 2012

ITALY: We will never forget Silvia La Notte - fan club

ITALY: Francois Pennacchio stage in Milan 2012

When very inteligent people realized that savate is faster than bare foot ANY-BOXING. And Pennacchio totaly led the initiative in this battle. War against staroid fighters was fought. As a milestone in fighting against drugs in sport and fighting sports who support steroid treatments of fighters:

SERBIA: Cup of Banat - competition 2012

BELGIUM: Trainings in Grimbergen

RUSSIA: Vladimir Putin booed at Moscow martial arts fight