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CDC world championships 2008

When in a very rare sport like Canne de Combat - one trainer A of smaller national canne selection, try to discredit another trainer B of another european country canne selection in front of B - selection (when a trainer B is not present), then it is something wrong in this sport.
Please - don't attack very small national teams that hardly exist in so called "complete" savate federations when on the other site sport cannot find right way of promotion on the empty market of stick fighting.
This perfidiously strategies are not good not for the FIS not for the National Federations. If this things will happen again maybe the protest in FIS won't be enough.

WFC 7 - World Freefight challenge 7 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Source: http://www.wfc.si/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=74&Itemid=30

Lukasz Jurkowski (Poland) vs Jair Gonzales (Brasil)in WFC 6, Sofia, Bulgaria,

Jose Barradas (POR) VS Vladimir Valev Pitbull (BUL

Sorry for the video - detection system is very powerful in eastern Europe.

WAKO kickboxing world junior and cadet championships 2008

24-27.9.2008 Naples, Italy.


Light contact:

semi contact:

Monday, September 29, 2008


Pro version of olympic WTF taekwondo. Something similar is also in ITF taekwondo.

How to receive a head punch?

Here is an answer:

Take A Punch

Daniel Marhold - Slovenia

KT golden fight

Rani Berbachi (France) vs. Danijel Marhold (Slovenija)
Rani won with severe and sudden KO - roundhouse leg kick in Danijel's head.




Igor Mihaljevic (Croatia) vs. Daniel Marhold (Slovenia)

Danijel Marhold vs. Patrice Quarteron


parts of fight:

Surce: http://www.pozareport.si/?Id=sport&View=novica&novicaID=7456

LINK: http://vod3.muaythaitv.com/175_1500p_patrice-quarteron-vs-daniel-marhold.wmv


Uros Repas - WKA kickboxing Slovenia

Ex Slovenian parlament vice president Saso Pece, holds in a hand a book KIKBOKS (kickboxing) written by Slovenian kickboxing (WAKO) selector Vladimir Sitar. And the tournament was WKA.


WAKO - kickboxing have strict regulation for his members not to compete in other kickboxing federations like WKA. So decision for WKA or WAKO won't be easy.

Tough is Not Enough - with savate fighter Goran Borovic (Croatia)

Promofilm Tough is Not Enough: 5 Oktober 2008 Ahoy Rotterdam with Goran Borovic - savate fighter from Croatia.

1. Stefan Struve MMA +95 kg Ralf Wonnink
Team Schreiber 2 x 5 minutes Team Hardcore
2. Brian Douwes K-1 rules +95 kg Stipan Radic
Top Team Beverwijk 3 x 3 minutes Team Hardcore
3. Najat Hasnouni-Alaoui K-1 rules -65 kg Jorina Baars
Universal Gym Belgie 3 x 3 minutes Team Hardcore
4. Igor Pokrajac MMA +95 kg Hans Stringer
Team Crocop 2 x 5 minutes Team Beast of the East
5. Mourad Bouzidi K-1 rules +95kg Goran Radonic
Team Showtime 3 x 3 minutes Team Hardcore
6. Furdjel de Windt MMA -70 kg Danial Sharifi
Team Schreiber 2 x 5 minutes Team Hardcore
7. Chris Ngimbi K-1 rules -70kg Chad Bischop
Team Showtime 3 x 3 minutes Oosterbaan – Hardcore Rotterdam
8. Robert Jocz MMA -95kg Vitaly Shementov
Team Beast of the East 2 x 5 minutes Team Hardcore
9. Brian Molany MMA +95kg Martin Zewada
Team Schreiber 2 x 5 minutes Team Hardcore
10. Christophe Clugston K-1 rules +95kg WT Jan Oosterbaan
Vos Gym 3 x 2,5 minutes Oosterbaan – Hardcore Rotterdam
11. Sahin Yakut MMA -80kg WT Chico Martinez
Team Showtime 2 x 5 minutes Team Hardcore
12. William Diender K-1 rules -70kg WT Rachid Belaini
Team Aerts 5 x 3 minutes Mike’s gym
13. Ali Mazoudi MMA +95kg NT Samir Bourekba
Golden Glory 2 x 5 minutes Team Hardcore
14. Henriques Zowa K-1 rules +95kg Jerrol Venetiaan
FFC 3 x 3 minutes Team Perfect
15. Goran Borovic K-1 rules –72,5kg Alviar Lima
Team Hardcore 3 x 3 minutes Team Beast of the East

16. Murat Derekci K-1 rules -70kg Tarik El Idrissi
Team Showtime 3 x 3 minutes Team Hardcore
17. Gary Turner K-1 rules -93kg Tyrone Spong
Team Turner 3 x 3 minutes Black Label
18. Chaid Oulat el Hadj K-1 rules -72,5kg WT Ali Gunyar
Team Showtime 3 x 3 minutes Team Hardcore
19. Gilbert Yvel MMA +95kg Sergey Shementov
Vos Gym 2 x 5 minutes Team Hardcore
20. Anderson Braddock Silva K-1 rules +95kg WT Gohkan Saki
Pancration 3 x3 minutes Golden Glory
21. Bjorn Breggy K-1 rules +95kg Alexey Ignashov
Team Showtime 3 x 3 minutes Team Hardcore
22. Barrington Patterson MMA +95kg WT Bob Schreiber
England 2 x 5 minutes Team Schreiber

One of the biggest shows in Holland and for sure among biggest in Europe in legendary Ahoy arena in Roterdam promoted by Henk Kuipers & Jan Osterbaan with show composed of top level fights under the MMA, K-1 & Thai boxing rules.
Whole show exclusively sanctioned by WIPU KOTR and OPBU with 5 KOTR super titles and 3 OPBU Euro-African titles!

Alexey Ignashov VS Bjorn Breggy (K-1 rules)

Tyrone Spong VS Gary Turner (K-1 rules)

Brian Douwes VS Stipan Radic (K-1 rules)

Photos from www.profighststore.com:

Goran Borovic VS Alviar Lima - Tough is not Enough Ahoy 5 oktober 2008 - 72,5kg wt 3x3 minutes K-1 rules

Tyrone Sponge seminar

Training with soft and small pads instead of Thai PAOs? Soft techniques with side steps - decalage and debordemont? It reminds me on savate training? What changed K1 tuff techniques?

Head punches

Thanks to CalSAVATE blog (George Ruiz) we have this nice video about head punches. Brilliant demonstration of energy flow from puncher to receiver. Maybe you don't see any blood, but this things are for the brains much, much more dangerous. So - be carefull by practicing combat savate if you want to stay as a student in a FISU university sport savate.

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Wushu on TAFISA TreX-Games 2008 in Busan, Korea

Kung-fu, Wu shu competitor: Lu YongXu (CHN)

2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games - Singapore

Youth Olympic Games, the first summer edition of which will be held in 2010 in Singapore; the Olympic Values Education Programme; or the 'Best of Us' promotional campaign; the 'Heroes' public service announcement; and 'Olympic Express', the first e-journal on the Games aimed at young people all over the world."

Interesting for us (martial artists): boxing, taekwondo, judo, wrestling, (fencing)


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WAKO-PRO: a brief history


WAKO-PRO was officially established in 1991 during a WAKO Board meeting held in Spain during our WAKO European Championships, with the precise purpose of putting an end to the loss of our best fighters who, after a brilliant career as amateur fighters in our organization, were finding it possible to continue as professional fighters in other, so called “international kickboxing bodies”, which started using them against us like “a gift from heaven”.
For years I had tried my best to convince Mr. Georg Bruckner, founder of WAKO, to open a “pro” section in our organization to avoid such unnecessary “generosity”.
It takes a minimum of 5 years to shape a good fighter and 6 or 7 to have a star. They are the best representatives of any organization. By promoting galas featuring them, we could approach the media in general to attract their interest in our new sport. But it was all in vain.
In 1988, together with some friends, I had created IKL (International Kickboxing League) as a separate body linked to WAKO. But immediately after Georg Bruckner passed away I thought it was time to go back to the original idea – the creation of WAKO-PRO within WAKO itself, where we could place our best fighters so as to generate more activity, more exposure, more credibility. But before doing that, I had gone through a couple of vital experiences.
Actually, in the early ‘80s, before creating IKL, I had tried to reach an agreement with Mr. Joe Corley who at that time was the chairman of PKA (Professional Karate Association) in the USA.
To make a long story short, I simply wanted to sign an official agreement so that PKA could be the professional body of WAKO. The two organizations had to be linked on an exclusive basis and control the development of our sport worldwide.
Mr. Corley refused.
A few years later, again, I tried to find an agreement with WKA, which in Europe was headed by Mr. Fred Royers. Following our example, WKA had also started amateur activities, but since they were mainly strong in low-kick or Thai-boxing, I definitely wanted them to run only that aspect of kickboxing and have nothing to do with semi, light or full contact.
Again Mr. Royers did not find my proposal suitable for him, so I was obliged to do what I had really wanted to do from the very beginning: establish within WAKO new kickboxing styles in the ring called “Low-Kick” and “Thai-boxing” and in recent times, “K1 Rules”.
The two above-mentioned experiences were fundamental for the future development of WAKO-PRO. Through WAKO I had put together a fantastic system that could truly satisfy anyone’s requirements. WAKO-PRO soon became the “professional window” for all WAKO styles.
WAKO-PRO activity started slowly in Europe and the USA in the ‘90s.
The very first criteria I used in building our rankings was to consider the official results in WAKO World and European Championships only.
I started creating international WAKO-PRO rankings inserting the very best 4 fighters in World and European Championships in the weight classes of the various WAKO styles.
They were (and are) “la crème de la crème” of kickboxing in the world, a guarantee of excellence for any promoter. Their outstanding technique and quality of performance provides the certainty of a good show.
This means credibility for the newborn organization, credibility that is growing day by day all over the world.
WAKO and WAKO-PRO were the two sides of the same coin until IAKSA came into the picture.
The merger with IAKSA, one of several international bodies competing with WAKO for GAISF’s official recognition, was a “condition sine qua non” to reach that goal. After WAKO incorporated IAKSA, officially on September 26, 2006 in Zadar (Croatia) during an extraordinary general assembly held at the World Cadet and Junior Championships, WAKO-PRO was officially separated from WAKO. From that date on, WAKO-PRO is independent from WAKO from a legal and administrative point of view, but is still linked to WAKO by an agreement signed by the entire WAKO Board of Directors.
WAKO-PRO gives priority to all WAKO national federations to represent WAKO-PRO on an exclusive base. Logically, wherever the different national organizations are not interested in “pro” activity, WAKO-PRO will choose its own representatives freely.
In the meantime, WAKO-PRO has created solid standard rules to guarantee both promoters and fighters the respect of their different rights and interests.
WAKO-PRO is today granting a better future and extra international activity to the best WAKO competitors.
WAKO-PRO guarantees them fair decisions in their title bouts and better treatment in general.
WAKO-PRO stresses loyalty, fairness and integrity as the highest moral principles in its activity, which is in the best interests of kickboxing and its champions.
WAKO-PRO protects the health and well being of kickboxers, having adopted the WADA Code. WAKO-PRO is strongly against drugs and is for fair play in sports.
WAKO-PRO is against discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, and religion.
WAKO-PRO acts in the interests of kickboxer, guaranteeing them fair payment, equal treatment and respect of their rights.

TAFISA games 2008 - Busan, Korea & Muay Thai

The Sasjik Asiad Stadium was filled to capacity for the opening of the TreX-Games under the patronage of the IOC. Many IOC members and sport personalities from around the world filled the VIP section of the stadium. Korea really showed why they have been chosen in the past to be part of the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, and Asian Games, with the colorful performances during the Opening.
Muaythai is the biggest sport in the Games with the biggest numbers - over 800 athletes, coaches, and officials from all 5 continents. Today will be the opening for the Muaythai Games. Many royal sport personalities from around the world have sent congratulations messages to IFMA. Please find enclosed the Souvenir Program for the 2008 IFMA World Championships, which is part of the official sport programme of the TAFISA, Trex, Sport for All Games.

Source: http://www.trex-gamex.com/

Jerome Huon - Physical preparation for savate

This savate trainer is changing as a person quietly and rapid. Please look his videos and follow his web-site.

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World Police and Fire Games Boxing Competition

Next games: http://www.2009wpfg.ca/index.shtml

Mr. Rude Skocilic (city of Rijeka, Croatia (Club Hrvatski Sokol)) on a World Police and Fire Games (Adelaide, Australia 2007) won a final fight.

Karate 2001, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

AIBA School (light contact) boxing championship UNSS - France, 2008

Light contact boxing AIBA in Lormont,Bordeaux - France - school championship. They call it Boxe Educative - Educational boxing.
140 competitors from the whole France competed in two days UNSS - l'Union Nationale du Sport Scolaire - School sport Federation competition.
This is a unique and very rare practice of light contact AIBA boxing in Europe. Frenchmen has technology and knowledge how to develop contact sports from the early ages. In many countries coaches and managers of boxing events don't take care about organized amateur competition for children. They start immediately with full contact boxing bouts. But maybe - this is a key to success of AIBA english boxing in France. We should learn from their good practice.

School savate championship UNSS - France, 2006

UNSS - boxe française savate assaut in Cergy Pontoise, France 2006.

ASSAUT: Ismaela Sarr (France) vs. Laurent Brard (Argentina)

Ismaela Sarr - one of the greatest full contact - combat fighters in savate boxe francaise in the world of all times. But as you see he is prepared to fight in savate - assaut without any excuse. Why? Savate is not an empty head macho sport. It is effective and open minded fighting discipline in which smarter and more clever ideas of the moment win.

Night of champions 18.3.2006 France - Paris - gym Japy

1st specialised international woman combat tournament of boxe française - french boxing on 8th november 2008 in gym Japy, 11th district of Paris.

-52 kg : Nadège BRISSON (FRA) won Sandrine DE SOUSA (FRA)
-60 kg : Ilhame RAGUIG (FRA) won Mélodie REY-MEGRET (FRA)
-56 kg : Laurence MARIE (FRA) won Anissa MEKSEN (FRA)
-52 kg : Dalila ADOUI (FRA) won Sabrina CHEVAL (FRA)
-65 kg : Julie BURTON (FRA) won Wided YOUNSI (Tunizija-trener Issa Barhoumi)(4+5th video)
-60 kg : Fatima ADIB (FRA)won Paola MASSAGRANDE (ITA) (6th+7th video)
-65 kg : Ingrid GRAZIANI (FRA) won Safia BEN BALA (FRA)
-56 kg : Erika HUILLE (FRA) won Manuella MASSARI (ITA)(3th video)

And on 8th November 2008 we expect in Paris next event NCD2:


Source: http://www.wakoweb.com/en/NewsDetail.aspx?Ctn=82529

For the first time ever, Chile will host a very important WAKO kickboxing event: the 2008 PAN AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS. It will be in Vina Del Mar from 17th to 19th October 2008 and promoted by Mr. Claudio Pardo, president of the Chile Kickboxing Federation.
It will be a great opportunity for all WAKO country memebrs of the Americas to meet and plan future important activity.
Mr. Paulo Zorello from Brazil, president of the WAKO Pan American Federation and Mr. Ennio Falsoni, WAKO president, will be there.

Planning the results in boxing olympics 2008, Beijing

Source: http://www.aiba.org/en-US/news/ozqsp/newsId/965/headlines.aspx
AIBA Information on Disciplinary Cases in Beijing


Shortly before the Olympic Games, AIBA received information that some of AIBA Executive Committee members were planning an organized manipulation on certain countries' bouts. Although these were sad and totally disappointing news, we felt very fortunate to learn the scheme and prepared some plans to protect our boxers.

As our worries came true during the competitions in Beijing, we have now put these cases in front of AIBA Disciplinary Commission for investigation and decisions. With full statements from various sources which greatly helped AIBA to save our boxers from this scheme, we are now waiting for the results of the Commission's investigation.

AIBA also realized the fact that those people were trying to harm our organization by accusing AIBA's management of the competition during the Games since they failed to succeed in their manipulation. In this regard, AIBA promises to open the results of the outcome of these cases to all AIBA Families and to do its best to protect the benefits of our boxers.

Boxing AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu Doctor Honoris Causa in Philosophy

Pic: Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu gives a speech at DanKook University, Seoul

Source: http://www.aiba.org/en-US/news/ozqsp/newsId/968/headlines.aspx

Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu, IOC Member and the President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) received a Doctor Honoris Causa in Philosophy from the DanKook University on September 17, 2008, Seoul, Korea. The University Board has selected Dr. Wu for this year's Doctor Honoris Causa with the recognition of his great contribution for the significant development of the Korean Olympic Movement after the success of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. The ceremony was held on the occasion of hosting the 20th anniversary ceremony of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea.

South and North Korea - a place for honorary doctor degrees for a leader Martial artists (first ITF taekwondo Ung Chang, now Ching-Kuo Wu boxing, who will be next?)

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Trailer Karim Lafif Kimfu

Just one word for the guy - INCREDIBLE. This is it.

WC Assaut - french boxing 2008, Paris, France


France vs. Belgium - Man - finals

Hungary vs Algir

Hungary vs Slovenia

3 rounds of a final match of the World Championship - Assaut, 2008. Switzerland vs. France (-48kg).

Mexico vs. France, (-52kg)

Belgium vs. France: (man)

Italy vs. Madagascar, (-48kg) women

Slovenia vs. Sweden (-85kg) man

Canada vs. Belgium - man

Southwood (GB) vs. Noiren (France)

Japan vs. UK

France (Julie Burton) vs. Russia

Japan vs. Russia, (-52kg) Women

Japan v. Russia, (-52kg) Women

Monica Torchio (Mexico) vs. Nina Abrosova (Russia), (-52kg) Women

Josh (Canada) vs. James (GB)

Tony (GB) vs. (Algeria)

Tony (GB) vs. (Serbia)

Jaskara (FINLAND) - Massari (ITALY)

Jaskara (FINLAND)- Botalova (RUSSIA)

France vs ?


quarter-finals - France vs. Italy

Anne-Laure Bouvier (Canada) vs Italy (women)

Anne-Laure Bouvier (Canada) vs Slovenia (women)-56kg

Canada vs. Switzerland, heavyweight, men

Canada vs. Serbia

Canada vs. Belgium

USA vs. GB

France vs. Serbia, Women's Savate Kickboxing, 52kg

Ilic (USA savate):

Final Round USA vs. Italy, 85kg category. This fight went to Mike Ilic of the USA.

Moore (USA savate) vs. France:

Interview with Mr. Predrag Znaor (WAKO kickboxing, Croatia)

From the event: 13th BEST FIGHTER - World Cup 2008 - Semi Contact-light contact-Full Contact-Musical Form - 6th-7th-8th June 2008 in Salsomaggiore, Italy.

European championship final fight - savate combat TARBES France - 29th november 2008

Finals - european savate championship - Category: -80kg
Stéphane DOYA (France) vs. Paolo FERRARI (Italy) on 29th november 2008 in Tarbes, France. TV Sport+ will cover this event - so be carefull and record it. Entry 12 € and 100€ VIP 4 persons.

Fight video:


European championship final fight - savate combat Châtellerault, France

Modibo Diarra (France) vs. Miroslav Tustič (Croatia) - Saturday, 6th December 2008.

training in club Châtellerault

Mirko Cro Cop Filipović (Croatia) VS Alistair Overeem (Netherland)

Show must go on. And very ineteresting is the statement of Badr Hari after the DREAM contest in Saitama, Japan - about the boys who like to hug each other in a close, close action. His playground is serious K1 - with dangerous KO and is much more spectacular and real (as he mentioned).

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Savate training in Brasil - Ilha

And amazing fights:
All medal winners - think about it twice - the best guys still waiting in savate. Academia Metfísica: Rafael and Rodrigo Lang and Adler Lós. World championship 2010 will be surprise for all Europeans:

AIBA boxing - FISU students world championship 2008

Opening ceremony:

1st day:

2nd day:

Official Opening Ceremony of the 3rd World University Boxing Championship took place on September, 20, in hotel “Tatarstan” in Kazan, Tatarstan. Organisation: Russian Students Boxing Federation.
93 boxers representing 16 countries competed for 11 gold, silver and bronze medals in 11 weight categories.
Next World University Boxing Championship-2010 will be in Mongolia.
Kazan has become the capital of students sports of Russia: - The day before it was closed the 1st All-Russian Summer Universiade, and it seemed as if it passed the students sports relay baton to the 3rd World University Boxing Championship.

19 Country - Participants:
1. Virgin Islands
2. Republic of Costa Rica
3. Finland
4. Italy
5. Democratic Republic of the Congo
6. Kazakhstan
7. Turkey
8. Germany
9. Czech Republic
10. South Africa
11. Russia
12 Mongolia
13. Ukraine
14. Nigeria
15. Kyrgyz Republic
16. Lithuania
17. Belarus
18. Azerbaijan
19. Moldova

Source: http://www.worldstudentbox.ru/

Elvis Presley and Kang Rhee

Source: http://www.croring.net/sadrzaj.asp?ContentID=357&

In 1974 Elvis passed 8th Dan. And he is in Martial arts Hall of Fame.