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IOC: Wushu these days - European championship 2013

Interesting is that WU SHU FEDERATION AUSTRIA is not on the list but kung fu is in Austria very, very popular, like in Germany (you know hard styles :)). Also Slovenian wu shu federation is not on this poster. This federation is especially weird and protected by Slovenian Olympic Comittee which uses this non active (only on paper) federation on regular voting in these small national olympic committee. And if we look Montenegro - they also have some kind of federation. And France? What is happening with the most powerfull European wu shu federation? So how many member countries does it have WU SHU? (We saw 3 of them non active in at least the last 5 years) WU SHU will be an Olympic sport 2020, so IOC operates certainly with some valuable DATA. Yes - you dream on.

IOC: New sports selection

Without participation of National Ministries of Sport of every world's country which finance amateur sport we left IOC to decide which sports will be on their IOC COMPANY agenda. After Franco's fascists dead (Samaran) they found out that they should be more independant from financing of national budgets of sport so IOC produced a mess especially in martial arts and combat sports where there are so many boxing professional federations and the same in MMA, wrestling-sambo, ju-jitsu-judo, muay thai - kickboxing, ITF-WTF taekwondo connections.
In the last 30 years they showed to the world of sport that they are totaly non-competent speaker of unification of combat sports. Their politics also leaks in every single corner and on every sport pipe. IOC is a dinosaur which remains the same in 21st century and we all wish to see it from now on only in a histrorical books and museums.
If you accept that the same boxers (also olympic medal boxers) leave official olympic AIBA and then compete for HBO (WBC) the TV houses very well connected with IOC TV rights then you can find out that they exploite national member countries (and their sport ministries which finance combat sport) to rise fighters and then they steal them in professioal system and sell fights through the same sport TV houses in USA and Europe. Incredible but so true. And I will not mention wrestling, MMA connections . IOC please leave the room or better ... get out.

The International Olympic Committee will announce the shortlist of sports for possible inclusion as an additional sport on the 2020 Olympic Programme during SportAccord Convention in Saint-Petersburg. On Wednesday 29 May, the eight candidate sports will present to the IOC Executive Board. The EB will then decide which of the eight sports to recommend to the 125th IOC Session for inclusion and an announcement will be made of the shortlist. The candidate sports are Baseball/Softball, Karate, Roller Sports, Sport Climbing, Squash, Wakeboarding, Wrestling and Wushu.

During SportAccord Convention, the EB will meet with the Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) and the International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF). It will also hear reports on the IOC’s latest activities and receive updates on preparations for the forthcoming Olympic Games: Sochi 2014, Rio de Janeiro 2016 and PyeongChang 2018.

IOC: Another mirracle of IOC sport politics - God save us

FIA is partially IOC recognised. What does it means knows only IOC. FIA is not Sportaccord member IF. But if you follow this steps you can legalise your sport ...

The FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) will be holding an event in Russia for the first time shortly after SportAccord Convention takes place in the country for the first time. The Race of Russia will be held June 8-9 at the Moscow Raceway in Volokolamsk, 70 kilometres from the capital city.

During SportAccord Convention in Saint-Petersburg, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) will be among the governing bodies applying for membership of the SportAccord association. Perennial SportAccord Convention attendee Eurosport is the promoter of the WTCC until 2017 through its company Eurosport Events, which has held the commercial rights since the series was re-established in 2005.

TAEKWONDO: In IOC Olympic movement everything is possible


First there was a meeting WTF and ITF taekwondo (Trajtenberg group)

Now we can see WTF and ITF (Ung Chan group meeting)

Presidents of WTF and ITF met at the German Open 2013 in Hamburg to discuss possibilities for future joint activities. This historic meeting could be the first step to unification of ITF and WTF.

See some pictures below. (ETU website)

WTF and ITF strengthen ties

WTF Vice-President Sun-Jae Park, ITF President Dr. Chang Ung, WTF President Dr. Chungwon Choue, DTU President Soo-Nam Park and ETU President Sakis Pragalos at German Open 2013′s official dinner

The President of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Dr. Chungwon Choue, and the President of the International Taekwondo Federation, Dr. Chang Ung, met last Friday March 8th at Turnhalle St Georg restaurant, located in Hamburg (Germany), on occasion of the holding of the German Open 2013, which is being played this weekend. The meeting, held in a relaxed atmosphere, helped both organizations strengthening their ties, as they committed to promote Taekwondo together around the world from now on.

With this verbal agreement, President Choue and his counterpart Chang Ung certified the good relationship that both organizations hold nowadays, leaving behind the distancing that they shared in the past, when each Federation decided to follow its own path.

The wish of both parties is to certify an agreement in the coming days that will allow all WTF competitors to participate in the events organized by the ITF with only one condition: respect its current competition rules. The same will happen with ITF athletes willing to take part in the events organized by the WTF. This initiative will also include the Poomsae competitions of each organization.

In addition, the imminent agreement could also include the unification of the Official Demostration Teams of both Federations, which would mix together to create a unique Demostration Team, made of athletes from both the WTF and the ITF.

All these initiatives follow a clear objective: leaving any past disagreement and rivalry behind to work together in consolidating Taekwondo as as a truly global sport.

The WTF and the ITF are expected to hold a press conference in the coming days to inform the Taekwondo Family Worldwide about all the details of the yesterday’s agreement, which will still be subject to the approval of the WTF Council and the General Assembly, as well as the corresponding ITF bodies.

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JKD: Aren't they so cute?

Fencing & Savate "JEET KUNE DO" Student Mike Lee
Bruce Lee followers ...

MOVIE: Captain America with batroc and savate - Georges St. Pierre

Current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre (GSP) is now cast as the French mercenary Batroc the Leaper in 2014's Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

WAKO: World combat games Kickboxing mascot Don Wilson

WAKO Kickboxing: Don Wilson

About: 79 professional matches won in Fullcontact Kickboxing; several world titles in various weight-classes; movie-actor and commentator for various martial art sports in the US

He was already mascot of WAKO kickboxing in 2010 WCG edition in Beijing



September TBA, 2013

WMW Presents
"Victory Night in Istanbul 2013"
"Dragon Jubilee"

Istanbul, Turkey


IKF Event Representative: Steve Fossum - IKF Event Referee: TBA
IKF Judges: TBA - IKF Timekeeper: TBA
Ringside Physician (MD): TBA - Ambulance Service: TBA

Sanctioning To Be Confirmed

IKF Is Awaiting E-mailed Fight Card From Promoter

Don announced yesterday that he'll be fighting a 10-round non-title Kickboxing bout this fall in Istanbul under the IKF banner and that he'll be flying out on March 19th for a press conference to make everything official. Don't take our word for it, though, check out what he had to say about this;
"It's OFFICIAL I'm fighting a 10 round nontitle kickboxing bout this year in Istanbul, Turkey! The fight will be either September or October and I will be sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation and I'll be fighting under rules similar to the K-1. I am very excited because although I am 58 years old and have not fought for over 10 years, I still miss the lifestyle....the training, sparring, etc. I will fly to Istanbul March 19th for the Press Conference."

WAKO is strange organisation promoting K1 style of some other organisation have mascot from other kickboxing sport version,  borrowed for some time thaiboxing sport from Muay thai and so on and on

JUDO: Unusual treatment in the land of rising sun

Japan Cuts Judo Funding 

The Japanese Olympic Committee will reduce its subsidy to the All Japan Judo Federation following allegations that one of its top coaches harassed judoka. 
Ryuji Sonoda with Kaori Matsumoto after she won gold at the London Olympics. (Getty Images)

In a statement, the JOC said it made the decision following a review of the allegations from 15 members of the national women’s team by the JOC Executive Committee and a third-party lawyer. The judoka said former head coach Ryuji Sonoda would insult and hit them during training. 

“After a thorough review, the committee concluded that serious misconduct had occurred,” the JOC said in a statement. 

The JOC added it has a “zero-tolerance policy for any action that runs counter to the principles of Olympism and will take further initiatives in order to promote the Olympic Movement.”

Japanese broadcaster NHK reports this is the first time the JOC has cut funding for a member federation. Judo is a Japanese martial art and closely linked with traditional Japanese culture. 

FIAS: Fight for a sport called MMA or even combat sambo

Dear Mr. Verbruggen,
Many thanks for the detailed letter of 22.02.2013 regarding the perspectives of COMBAT SAMBO inclusion into the SportAccord Combat Games.
Notwithstanding that SAMBO is a ‘non-Olympic’ Sport, SAMBO is developing rapidly, and surely for us the opinion of SpotrAccord is extremely important.
Please, consider that the members of the FIAS Executive Board will be considering all your recommendations at the nearest meeting, planned for the 22 of March.
We are completely agree that there might be some ways how to hold the violence in Sport and to promote all Olympic values throughout all membership of SportAccord, and we are ready to facilitate this issue. We hope that after the FIAS EB meeting the overall (common) decision how to finalize the controversy will be taken and we will advise of it to You duly.
Staying at your disposal
V. Shestakov
N. Lents

Dear Mr. Shestakov, Dear Mr. Lents,
Thank you again for your understanding of the situation and the challenges that we face in securing the IOC Patronage.
As explained previously, the topic of violence in sports, and the underlying security, health and safety of the athletes is one of the priority subject on the IOC’s agenda. The IOC has taken a few steps to evaluate this issue. First, strong recommendations have been made during the IOC Congress in 2009 as follows: “Protecting the physical and psychological health of all athletes must be a major priority for the entire Olympic Movement. Attention must be given to the specific needs of athletes with a disability. In support of these objectives the IOC and the other constituents of the Olympic Movement should implement educational programmes providing information on training methods, gender specific health protection and injury prevention. Such programmes should be based on IOC Medical Guidelines and be widely disseminated at the Olympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games and other major international competitions. Proactive information programmes should be organised on a nationwide, sport-by-sport basis through the national and international sporting bodies, the National Olympic Committees, schools and other educational institutions”. Additionally, following the Executive Commission in Dubai in 2010, a questionnaire on “health, security, safety and insurance” was sent to all Olympic International Federations emphasizing attention paid by the IOC to the following areas: level of physical exposure, injury surveillance programmes, technical development and equipment evolution, rules evolution, venue safety and athlete eligibility checks. The IOC is also working collaboratively with the athletes on this topic. The athletes have formulated the recommendations during the 5th Athlete International Forum as follows: « Role of Athletes in Decision-making Processes : The Athletes’ Forum strongly believes that athlete involvement in the decision-making process regarding health, safety and security should be increased. Their role should also be broadened in areas such as sports rule evolution and event organisation. ».
From our understanding, significant attention is specifically paid to the rules and the equipment of a sport and/or a style/discipline. Any rule, style or labelled event which is seen as potentially not meeting expectations – quite subjective at this stage – can reflect negatively on the whole sport and/or discipline. As you can see, this is an ongoing evaluation process, and, as said in my previous communication, I fully agree that determining the level of violence that we collectively can/should accept, or not, within the context of future SportAccord World Combat Games is a topic that deserves a serious discussion. As part of our future collective approach about this topic, we are considering appointing a technical expert who may provide us with a critical view in this analysis. Regarding Sambo Combat, in the current circumstances, this discipline does not fulfil the IOC expectations on the athletes’ safety. However, we are committed to working with you to evaluate how we can change the situation for the future editions of the event.
Regarding the quotas, I want to thank you for confirming the use of the overall quota for FIAS delegation including 96 athletes. Regarding the details of the FIAS sports programme, we would be grateful if you can confirm the categories for the Sambo Sport discipline as soon as possible. As confirmed during the operational meeting in January, the deadline to communicate the sports programme to the Local Organizing Committee was set for the end of the first week in February. As you have not confirmed the categories by the deadline, we had to assume that the categories for the Sambo Sport discipline would be similar to those in Beijing in 2010, and had to include this information in the programme sent to the Local Organizing Committee.
We look forward to cooperating successfully with FIAS on all these questions
With kind regards,
Hein Verbruggen
Dear Mr.Verbruggen,
Many thanks for your letter of 14 of January’2013.
Following your request, we are kindly confirming that we would keep of Overall Quota for the FIAS delegation, including 96 athletes within the Program of the SportAccord World Combat Games to be held in St.-Petersburg in 2013.
At the same time, concerning the position of FIAS on exclusion of Combat SAMBO from the sports Program of the SAWCG-2013, we have to take a collegial, decision at the nearest FIAS Executive Board meeting.
In accordance with the decision of FIAS EB we would finally fix: the competitions format on SAMBO, including the categories, time-schedule, times and sessions (18-19 October).
To discuss this issue in details and to adopt the correct decision by the FIAS Executive Board, we would be obliged a lot if you could kindly provide the corresponding materials, regarding the precise reasons and criteria, connected with the exclusion of COMBAT SAMBO from the Program of the forthcoming SA WCG 2013, to be submitted to the members of the FIAS Executive Board for their consideration.
Hoping for further fruitful cooperation,
With best regards,
FIAS President
FIAS Secretary General 

Dear Mr. Shestakov, Dear Mr. Lents,
Thank you for your positive answer and above all for your understanding of the challenges we face in securing the IOC Patronage. The IOC situation is indeed sensitive for both our organisations, as on one hand, SportAccord is faced with the pressure of securing the IOC Patronage from the IOC – for promotional, sponsorship and credibility purposes – in the interest of all participating IFs, and on the other hand, FIAS is applying for IOC recognition in 2013, which of course requires you to carefully handle the situation from a strategic standpoint. I have no doubt however we will be able to progress this discussion positively.
I fully agree that determining the level of violence that we collectively can/should accept, or not, within the context of future SportAccord World Combat Games is a topic that deserves a serious discussion. We will make sure we put this on the agenda of our next plenary session, during which we will invite the IOC to present their perspective on the subject. In any case, you will be receiving further technical information and explanations way before then.
Finally, I conclude from your non-answer on the topic of quotas that you want to maintain the same numbers for FIAS as previously shared with our team, which we take note of.
With kind regards,
Hein Verbruggen

Dear Mr. Verbruggen,
Thanks for the letter specifying the details and your personal considerations that are undoubtedly valuable for us and as we strongly believe your recommendations are based on your vast experience which we always have been following for many cooperative years up till now inclusively.
From the very beginning the SA multi-sports projects appeared as very effective and competitive events at a very high level under the IOC Patronage, that allowed the “non-Olympic” sports and disciplines to be improved and promoted worldwide. SA multisport events are becoming more and more popular to the significant benefit of all Stakeholders: the SA members partners and sponsors, hosting cities, and of course the SportAccord itself.
Following these noble objectives we would like to provide all possible support for the benefit of Your multisport project – the SAWCG .
At the same time the withdrawal in SAWCG 2013 edition of Combat Sambo one of the most spectacular disciplines, was a success during the 1st WCG in Beijing can negatively influence the success of the overall event, especially because of it would be staged in the cradle of this sport – in Russia (St. Petersburg).
The Aspect of violence in Combat sports discipline is a very delicate issue and the absence of clear criteria and arguments by which this or that discipline can be excluded from the program endangers the whole concept of the Combat Games project.
Without having been explained in proper transparent way to FIAS today, tomorrow any of the 15 participating IFs could suffer respectively from any subjective decision.
We consider that the upper mentioned issue is a concern of all the IFs- the SAWCG stakeholders, and therefore the FIAS is kindly asking you to hold a special session to discuss this pending issue with the participation of all 15 Ifs involved in order to find the proper solution for future Concept of our common event - SAWCG.
Awaiting your kindest response,
Vasily Shestakov
FIAS President
Nikolay Lents
FIAS Secretary General 

Dear Mr. Shestakov, Dear Mr. Lents,
Thank you for your feedback, which we will be sharing with the IOC in the context of the conditional IOC Patronage to our event. As previously mentioned, we will communicate further technical reasons for this decision from the IOC, when the information is being received following our request. I cannot tell you when this will be concluded however, but we will ensure this is done within reasonable delays.
On a more personal note, I want to explain that, as difficult to accept as it may be, those types of decisions simply cannot always be strictly objective and rational, and always leave room for what may appear to be subjective considerations. The IOC, however, sees themselves as independent and sovereign on the subject of those appreciations, and I know, will not appreciate too much questioning of their expertise, especially considering that fighting violence in sports is a topic which has received overwhelming consensus amongst their members. In this regards, I would have considered more appropriate to accept the decision that has been taken, and work with us and the IOC collaboratively and patiently with an objective to find an acceptable solution for post-2013 editions. From my perspective, the contrary can only have negative consequences for FIAS, but also for all of us collectively as we endeavour to obtain the IOC patronage for the overall benefit of the event.
I confirm herewith that we will not organise a Plenary Session to discuss what is essentially a bilateral matter of a concern to FIAS and SportAccord only, and that the meeting being planned for January 22-23, technical by nature, will not be a platform during which this subject will be discussed. We will discuss subjects of relevance to all, in all transparency and with constructive intentions, following the agreed agenda.
I must however insist on a related topic: I had, on several occasions, strongly suggested that, in the context of this decision, you should communicate to our team by November-end how you would like to reallocate the quotas of Combat Sambo to other disciplines which, to my knowledge, has not been done. This is therefore an urgent appeal for your to communicate your decision on the matter before the program is fully finalized, which will happen in the next days.
In conclusion, I would like to recommend that, in consideration of the overall benefit of the IOC patronage to all WCG participating IFs, FIAS accepts the decision that has been made, and, based on the technical reasons to be communicated in the near future, works with us on a possible solution for post-2013 editions. Many thanks for confirming your intentions in that regard, as well as on the previous point related to the reallocation of your quotas.
With best regards,
Hein Verbruggen

Dear Mr. Verbruggen,
Thank you for your letter regarding the SAMBO Combat discipline. We were happy to learn that corresponding description documents had been submitted to IOC for the review. Hopefully, we may have their recommendations and comments long before the SportAccord Combat Games, which we evaluate highly for the development of SAMBO. The importance of SAWCG 2013 for us as a SportAccord member and participant of the forthcoming World Event, encompassing the mixture of 15 Combat sports is vivid.
Following your advice we communicated with our EB members on the possibility of exclusion of the Combat SAMBO, and correspondingly informed our National SAMBO federations affiliated to FIAS.
As a result we have a unanimous position of FIAS leadership and national federations that the Combat SAMBO discipline is a very important integral part of our sport and we are not ready to accept the decision on its exclusion from the SportAccord Combat Games 2013 without being presented a clear reasons behind this.
We would be very obliged if you can provide us with the list of criteria, according which, the sports with the elements of violence are defined, and specific data within these criteria considered for evaluation of Combat SAMBO. Also we would like to understand what kind of expertise was involved to take the decision.
We kindly ask you to provide us with upper mentioned information in order to undertake relevant efforts to bring the discipline in compliance with the requirements in order not to lose one of the most attractive sports disciplines for our Combat Games.
We acknowledge that the Combat Games is a property of the SportAccord association with the 15 IFs being major stakeholders of this important event.
All these federations inevitably must be involved in essential decision making for these Games major issues and, especially, it refers to content the overall program of the Games. We consider that the transparency in the decision making process always has been an objective of SportAccord association and it is very important for the success and future prosperity of the Event.
Therefore for the benefit of the SA Combat Games we propose to convoke the Plenary session for all 15 Combat sports federations involved in the Games prior to the meeting on operational issues (planned on 22 of January) in order to discuss and approve overall sports schedule of the Games, cultural program, as well as other related terms and activities
Still hoping for the better,
Staying at your disposal

V. Shestakov

Secretary General

WAKO: President WAKO has been hospitalized

Statement WAKO HQ: Monza, 20/03/2013 By the present we are deeply sorry to inform you all that our President Ennio Falsoni has been hospitalized since last Sunday morning, prognosis is reserved. At the moment his conditions is serious but stable and we do hope that his condition will improve with time. We kindly ask you to understand the delicate and difficult situation the Falsoni's family is living in and that we all are respecting their privacy on this particularly difficult moment. For your information all WAKO events will go ahead regularly, according to the international activity calendar, WAKO Standing Committee and Board supported by its Vice Presidents will guarantee their regular process. In the meantime all our best wishes,prayers and hopes to our President for a prompt and speedy recovery to full health!

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FRANCE: Adrien Schefflr - National youth french savate assaut championship 2010

Nice kick to the head

AN ISLAND: London OPEN savate - Great Britain

Great Britain (Stephen OConnor) vs. Slovenia - assaut - light contact.

CDC: Benjamin Latt - Alsace, France

You can name yourself mediaval fencer, bartitsu master, vigny follower and you can copy wrestling and name it ringen, you can also copy all canne the combat techniques, but you will never be a good real stick fighter. Why? Beacuse you don't have experiences from competitions and if you don't now that sport creates masters you can still fool yourself again and again. Canne is progressing and competitors are better and better - we present you excellent Benjamin Latt. France.

FRANCE: Anissa MEKSEN - "magazine de la sante"

USA: Daniel Duby as savate master

Many, many times mentioned in Black Belt as savate master.