Sunday, March 24, 2013

WCG: Launch of the Licensing Program of the World Combat Games 2013

The presentation of the Licensing Program of the World Combat Games 2013 took place in Moscow “Crocus City” exhibition Centre. It is a startup of the powerful promotion of a Multi-Sports Event brand which already attracted the attention of major Russian companies.

In his speech to the representatives of the largest transnational companies Aleksey Levitsky, Director on Finance and Marketing of World Combat Games 2013 Directorate, highlighted that through participation in market and licensing programs of the Games, business will get a unique opportunity to introduce its product to the global public, to the combat sports enthusiasts from all over the world.
The most successful commercial project in the field of sport is the Olympic Games which brought first profits after the competitions in 1932 in Los Angeles. This is the event which can be considered a starting point on the way to the international marketing program establishment. From then on the number of sponsors has been steadily growing. Today not only the Olympic Games are considered to be financially successful sporting events, this also applies to the major international competitions. These include the World Combat Games which attract the attention of millions of spectators, participants and representatives of the advertising business.
Within the frames of the souvenir merchandise licensing program the interested companies obtain not only the right to use the mascots of the World Combat Games for commercial purposes on the territory of the Russian Federation.  The holder of the status - “Official producer of SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 souvenir merchandise” will get the following benefits:
1. An opportunity to release a limited edition of souvenir merchandise autographed by the participants and new champions of the Games 2013,
2. Exclusive representation solely in the producer’s merchandise category
3. Participation in the program on the protection of souvenir merchandise against fakes.
4. Participation in the program aimed at raising customer awareness, trust and loyalty to the produced merchandise and to the brand of the souvenir merchandise producer.
5. Increased presence of the partner company in the market.
6. Tickets and parking permits to the World Combat Games 2013.
In addition the holder of the status “Official producer of the SportAccord World Combat Games2013 souvenir merchandise” gets extensive informational and PR support and an opportunity to promote his own brand.
The status “Official supplier of SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 souvenir merchandise” means making an appearance at a high international level and a real contribution to the development of sport in Russia, to the health of our children and the care for the younger generations.
The World Combat Games 2013 is ranged among the largest sport projects which will be held in Russia - the Universiade in Kazan and the Olimpiade in Sochi. According to the tentative estimates the event audience will be over 300 million people worldwide, while over 200 thousand people will visit the WCG.

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