Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cedric Lapauw world kickboxing champion WPKA

he also competed in France against Sofiane Allouache

Eurosport TV show:
World Championship in Bagnolet, Paris, France
Saturday, 1st march 2008
Full Contact
World Championship WAKO PRO
-71 kg (12 x 2 min)

But statistics on the day 31.7.2008 shows no Cedric Lapauw in WAKO PRO list. Weird?

Cedric Lapauw - Belgium

He teaches gently and smart belgium kickboxers (Renaud, David, Freddy, Quentin) how to defend against savate fighter. It is not easy play for these boys and Cedric is really patient and precise teacher.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jogo do Pau - seminar

In Portugal - longstick fighting on 20th April 2008.

Exercise final

Use these exercises. They are easy, simple and safe.

Assaut for children - savate

25 11 2007, in Nimes, France. Championships of Ligue Languedoc Roussillon younger generations, organised by Savate Nîmoise. Yann Ros (9 years 39 kg 800 ) won 2 assauts and is Champion of this Ligue.

Val Borbero savate - combat

In Italy - near Milano and Genova there is Val Borbero. And Combat savate gala was on 19th April 2008.

Pro version savate - combat

Castagna vs. Ha Van Yoan

Christian N'Ka (FRANCE) vs. Roman Kleibl (CZECH)
Broken tibia at Christian. Some say that osteosclerosis is disease at older womem, but also treatment with agressive hormon therapy can cause the same.

Compilation of fights:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

If you work on Canne de combat

If you practice only boxe francaise you are not real savate trainer, and your club is not savate club. Part of savate is certainly canne de combat and many principles teached in Canne fighting are used in Boxe francaise. If you don't understand stick fighting I am sure you don't understand nothing much in La boxe francaise.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Savate forme - savate in music

It is interesting that savate forme, is a reality show in the world of aerobics with elements of martial arts. Every move is performed precise just like in the ring.

IDF university championships France

Clichy dress seems to be better.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Marco Carucci vs. Luca Bergomi

On Saturday, 29 March 2008 at 8:30 p.m. at the Palasport Cornaro of Jesolo, the 2nd “JESOLO FIGHT NIGHT” took place, an evening of international professional ring sports with SAVATE, kick boxing, K-1 rules and Thai boxing.

The sporting event – organized by the Pro Fighting Jesolo Association with the support of the City of Jesolo has planned a breathtaking program of 9 matches with athletes from Belgium, Morocco, Bosnia and various Italian cities. The hometown athletes of Pro Fighting Jesolo who will climb into the ring were Alberto Tonicello in kick boxing and Sara Bortoluzzi and Sergio Kalezic in K1-rules.

The news for Jesolo Fight Night 2008 was a SAVATE match, the F.I.K.B. full-contact professionals’ Italian title in the 75 kg. category between Margiotta and Rigamonti, and the W.AK.O. female professional Thai boxing world title in the 54 kg. category between Silvia Valicelli (Pro Fighting Bologna) and the Belgian Claudia Fontebasso.

SAVATE fight:
Marco Carucci vs. Luca Bergomi in combat fight (70 kg.) 5 x 2 min on 29th of March 2008 in Jesolo - tournament Jesolo fight night 2. Luca Bergomi is the man in blue corner. Left handed attacker was more successful.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Abdominal training

Very interesting exercise for your 6pac. And your spine will thank you also.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Velo misto - Yugoslav nostalgia

Very popular serial in ex-Yugoslavija. No need to explain why.

Vincent Felix

Always the same effect in light categories (english and french boxing). Boxers are to fast and everything in a small world is so dynamic that they ussualy forget school techniques and switch mainly on instictive and reflex moving.

Felix Vincent: (5 combats)
1. combat: 2. series - versus marseillais-champion - victory Vincent
2. combat: tournoi de france - versus Gilet Tierco - victory of Vincent by decision of DO - Judge official
3. combat: gala honorary - versus Gilet Tierco - victoiry Vincent
4. combat: championnat Rhone Alpes - versus Carbonne Romain - victory Carbonne (doctor break in 5. round, arcade open)
5. combat; championships honorary finale - secteur Marseille, versus Carbonne. victory Vincent.

1. combat - Rhone Alpes 22.11.2003, championships of france honorary - "honneur".

Christian N'ka brilliant leg sweeper

Very interesting style of fighting in Full contact kickboxing - developed only in France. I talk about very precise timing of leg sweeps - broght from savate - boxe francaise and called also Coup de Pied bas. Low line kick, not so strong, but almost invisible and very fast working on short distances.

Time for defence - savate defense

Alain Formaggio and Eric Quequet (ADAC) in action.


Telescopic Stick Basic and Advanced Techniques with Alain Formaggio

Basic defence techniques

Advanced defence techniques

Woman in love

Enoch Effach carry olympic flame

To stop or not to stop Olympic games in Beijing 2008 because of Tibet - China conflict, this certainly wasn't the problem of savate world. Maybe Tibet symbolically represents in this situation savate running toward AGFIS recognition and carrying Chinese olympic flame. But all in all we are only human, like an old song says.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gerhard Schmitt - Savate Germany

In 2005 and 2006 was in Slovenia Gerhard Schmit German chief-instructor for Savate and associated disciplines who helped Slovenian Savate Federation to build important steps in gloves testing and building technical personal - judges, trainers. And his CV speaks for itself:
1961-1965 Elematary School (Wolfram-von-Eschenbach-Schule Wiesbaden)
1965-1973 Highschool (Leibnizschule Wiesbaden)
1973-1974 Military Service (fighting unit Jägerbatalion 501)
1974-1978 University (Technische Hochschule Darmstadt)
Employed as bodyguard in Germany, France and the middle east
1978-1980 School for Physiotherapy at the Johannes Gutemberg Universität Mainz
1981-1983 Physiotherapist at clinics in Wiesbaden and Limburg
1983 Start his own clinic for physiotherapy still existant today
Teaching activities in martial arts, combat sport, self defense and close combat:
1974 Close combat instructor german army (Bundeswehr)
1974 - 1983 Instructor for Shotokan Karate and Ju Jutsu in Judo Club Wiesbaden
1977 - 1980 Instructor for Taekwondo in club TV Delkenheim
1980 - 1983 Instructor for Ju Jutsu in club TuS Dotzheim
1981 - 1983 Instructor for Ju Jutsu in Judo Club Limburg
1981 - 1987 Responsable for technique and formation (Sachbearbeiter für Schulung und Technik DDK Landesgruppe Hessen) in the federal state of Hesse since 1983 Teacher for Ju Jutsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Nihon Tai Jitsu, Judo, Savate and Canne de Combat in Club Budokan Frankenberg
since 1985 Teaching Ju Jutsu and later Savate at Marburg university
1987 - 1991 Responsable for technique and formation Jiu-Jitsu in DDK for the Federal Republic of Germany
since 1991 Regularily invited as close combat instructor to the Hungarian military academy in Sentendre
1990 - 1992 National Coach for Jiu-Jitsu of the German Judo Federation (DJB)
1991 - 1995 National Coach of the German Federation for Nihon Tai Jitsu (DNTJV)
since 1995 Responsable for technique and formation Jiu-Jitsu in DDK for the Federal Republic of Germany
since 1995 Working with members of RAID (France)
since 1998 Teaching body guards for „International Security Agency“
since 2000 Responsable for technique and formation Deutsche Jiu Jitsu Union Sachsen
since 2003 Teaching close combat for Portuguese Armed Forces and police self defense for Corpo de Intervencao in Lisbon
since 2004 Representative and instuctor for Gemany of International Budo Union
Master Grades in martial arts and combat sports:
7th Dan Ju Jutsu (Deutsches Dan Kollegium, International Budo Union)
6th Dan Jiu-Jitsu (Deutsche Jiu-Jitsu Union)
5th Dan Nihon Ju-Jitsu (Kokusai Budoin IMAF Japan)
2nd Dan Judo (Deutsches Dan Kollegium)
2nd Dan Nihon Tai Jitsu (Fédération Internationale de Nihon Tai Jitsu)
1st Dan Shotokan Karate (Deutsches Dan Kollegium)
1st Dan Taekwondo (Deutsches Dan Kollegium)
GAT 1 Savate / Boxe Francaise (Fédération Francaise de Savate Boxe Francaise et DA)
Savate argent (Fédération Francaise de Savate Boxe Francaise et DA)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

UKBV vabi k vpisu

Novi člani pozdravljeni

Vabljeni v prijetno okolje Univerzitetnega kluba borilnih veščin (UKBV).
Treningi potekajo 2 krat ali 4 krat tedensko na različnih lokacijah v Ljubljani (Vič, Bežigrad - Savsko naselje in Kodeljevo).
Zasnovani so za različne starostne skupine. Treningi so razdeljeni v skupine za rekreativce in tekmovalce. Vse informacije so vam dosegljive na: 040-48-48-48 ali 041-752-734 ali preko elektronske pošte:, najdete pa nas tudi na spletu:
KLIKNI TUKAJ za povezavo do spletne strani UKBV

Naj vas ne zmede nova malce hudomušna domena TEPEN.SI - to je samo odziv na prenapeto oglaševanje borilstva v Ljubljani. V Univerzitetnem klubu je mačizem stvar, ki smo jo že prerasli, gradimo pa predvsem na kvaliteti, logičnemu poučevanju in najpomembnejše - kluba ne gradimo po principu sekte ali hierarhije glavnemu in vsemogočnemu trenerju. Pridruži se nam.

Apaches we love you

They make different approach to Canne de combat fighting. More relaxed style, we can see more moving, usefull rotations, nice canne travelling and a lot of imagination. Thank you Apache group for every video you put on internet.
And for audience - follow these links:

Jerome Turcan highlights

Jerome Turcan in kickboxing, K1 and savate fights with his unussual leg technique. One of the most famous fights was K2 100.000$ tournament in Paris, France bout with Rob Kaman.
Jerome Turcan, France (w) vs. Pottai, Thailand (l)
Turcan starts the hostilities with front kicks and straight punches. He puts a lot of pressure on Pottai, who tries to fight back but is not very effective. Jerome connects well with a jab and the Thai gets an 8-count. He gets up, but is put away with another combination. The fight is over with 15 seconds on the clock in the first round.
Atokawa, Japan (loss) vs. Johnson, England (win)
Tosca Pedritis, Australia (w) vs. Tonoyan, Russia (l)
Lavelle Robinson, USA (l) vs. Rob Kaman, Holland (w)
Turcan (w) vs. Johnson (l)
Pedritis (l) vs. Kaman (w)
Kaman (w) vs. Turcan (l)
Turcan is still fresh from having fought less than 2 rounds in his previous fights. Kaman, on the other hand, has just finished an all out battle against Pedritis. Jerome knows this and starts the round by putting the Dutchman under pressure. He keeps going forward but is countered several times by Rob, who is again using his footwork and body evasion. The round ends with Jerome unloading on his opponent, who is backed up against the ropes. Rob closes his guard and counters when the flurry of punches is over.
In the second round, Rob pays the price for moving so much and fatigue forces him to stand his ground. He tries to keep Turcan away from him and uses single techniques to force a KO. The Frenchmen show some signs of fatigue as well, but he keeps going forward. The round is pretty even.
The third round is pretty much a replay of the previous one. Kaman starts out with more footwork and he uses the front kick very effectively. Turcan is less focused and misses a lot. However, in the last 30 seconds of the round, he corners Rob and deals out blow after blow. Some of these strikes land clearly and snap Kaman's head back. The Dutchman goes to his corner a tired man and is cut at both eyes.
In the fourth round, Jerome starts out rather well with a couple of punches. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of showing pain after receiving a low kick. Kaman sees his cue and fires of a couple more, which send Turcan to the floor. A swift high kick later, the Frenchman is in need of an 8-count, but he recovers well. Kaman continues punishing his opponent's legs, before connecting with another high kick, which leaves Turcan KO on his feet. The referee steps in and stops the fight.
This is a very exciting fight and Kaman shows a lot of heart and courage.
These days Jerome is active in introducing savate in USA (Disneyland), and in North American Sport Savate Association (N.A.S.S.A.)-

Monday, April 07, 2008

Savate forme - competition 5.4.2008 in Calais (France)

4th meeting of savate forme (savate aerobics) groups in organisation of Calais savate club.

Savate in Milano (Lombardia) Italy 5.4.2008

Savate tonic hosted precombat tournament. No doubt - Italians started with mass production of new savate talents. And here we have interesting duels:
Mangiardi vs. Sassone:

Ariano vs. Minella

Sunday, April 06, 2008

La Nuit des Champions 2002

Jean-François Houis vs. Arsen Kachatrian.
Very nice sweeping. Full contact's only weapon downstairs. But if you use it you have big, big advantage in fight. This kick is Coup de Pied bas - and derives from savate - boxe francaise - french boxing.

Belaïd Asham - Fabrice Barrale - Rani Berbachi - Samir Berbachi - Hervé Busonera - Olivier Cerdan - Edy Draoui - Marcello Feirrera - Frédéric Gargani - Franck Hamdani - Jean-François Houis - Kamel Idir - Surren Khalachyan - Jean-Louis Lahcène - Christophe Landais - Youcef Lattaoui - Farhat Mansouri - Imed Mathlouthi - Franck Mezaache - Slimane Safriouine - Arsen Kachatrian - lionel Spica - Christophe Tendil - Perry Ubeda

TAFISA - Traditional games - Sports for all

Is savate traditioanl French game? National sports of France? Why didn't savate want to participate here in TAFISA? Very interesting games under the patronage of IOC - International Olympic Comittee. Let's say promotion in TAFISA would be great for spreading our sport. Muay thai did it with IFMA.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Moringue - Reunion Capoeira

Mix of different cultures (India, China, Arabia, Africa) on an island of Reunion near Madagscar - Moringue is more fighting oriented. Not so many acrobatic moves like we see in Capoeira but strong will to improve functionality and effect of fighting in its style. Ground strikers are future development of fighting sports, and on the other hand they represent old days techniques.

Combat stars

Understanding of fighting sports is different in France than in other countries. It is strange fact but it is true. If you are rigid, agressive and ego-fighter you just need two weeks of your brain development in some savate club near Paris and your treatment is over. Thanks to savate I finally found what fighting is all about.

Copie de TREBES2006 sélectionné dans N.C.

Amri Madani:


Friday, April 04, 2008

Mario Benzon arrested

Croatian police arrested World champion of kickboxing WAKO - Marko Benzon from club Pitbull - Split (23 years) suspected of trading with narcotics (heroin and cocain). (press:

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Patrice Quarteron vs. Chris Cristopolidis

Patrice Quarteron vs. greek boxer Chris Cristopolidis in Australia -Sydney.

Anthony Mezaache

Brilliant in boxing and successful in savate. He was also finalist in World championships savate assaut - french boxing light contact low kick.

Clichy stars

Sofiane Allouache, Farid Villaume, Farid Khider, Mourad Sari, Franck Mezaache are the names from Clichy part of Paris and the best fighters in multi contact disciplines K1, boxing, muay thai, kickboxing and french boxing savate.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

French University Savate Assaut Championships 2008

French University assaut championships 2008 in discipline savate/boxe française (french boxing) weight category: 70-75 kg Stan vs. Raco
Stan is also an excelent combat fighter and his adaptation on assaut is still in progress. Brilliant ring judge made good decision, but Stan still cannot control his techniques. I think that Djibrine should make fast training to all combat fighters how to switch from combat to assaut fighting.

French Baton Fédéral

French Baton Fédéral seminar with Roland Hoffbeck National technical director of canne and baton. Very nice combination with long stick of wood (140 cm).