Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ingrid Graziani training

Savate club Omega GYM - Croatia

Join this club - from the picture you see that they train savate. And just few days ago they received big donation from smaller local community in Croatia. Can you imagine - 50 m2 (square meter) of tatami - artificial fighting ground.

Canne de Combat demonstration onTelethon in Aramits, France

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alexandre Walnier - FENCING (FIE) and SAVATE (FIS)...

  • Secretary General of AISF - Association Interfédérale du Sport Francophone (IN BELGIUM)(71 federation)
  • Ex president International Savate Federation (FIS) - Alexandre WALNIER - from 29th september 2001 till 7th september 2003
  • Ass des Fed Belge FRs du Sport Scolaire - SCHOOL SPORT OF BELGIUM

    Av Jean Volders 17 Bte 15

    1060 BRUXELLES

    Tel: +32 02 544 10 01

    Fax: +32 02 5379730

    Mr Alexandre WALNIER
  • Fed Belge Belge FR de Patinage

    Allée des Sports 12 2003:

    6280 LOVERVAL Members: 297

    Tel: +32 02 071 56 29 49 Clubs: 12

    Fax: +32 02 5346647

    Mr Alexandre WALNIER
  • President of Roller-skating federation of Belgium - FBFP 2005
  • Member of Belgium Olympic Comittee

he works also with Mr. Jacques Rogge (president on International Olympic Comittee) from 2001

Alexandre Walnier,
Belgian Royal Federation of Savate
Written by Alain Piette (translation: Julie)
"Alexander WALNIER? Without saying everything, Belgian Savate owes him a lot!"

"From my short experience in the world of Savate - eighteen years – I can tell you that this man is a work-a-holic, demanding all while remaining approachable and attentive to each. It is clear that Savate would not be what it is in the Tournai area, in Belgium or internationally if Alexander WALNIER had not worked this way. Few people are able to bring together so many volunteers for a project set up and often conceived by himself and by those he works with. This is one of the character traits of this man, who is gifted, intelligent and perceptive in his actions. Without saying everything, Belgian Savate owes him a lot!"

Alain Piette, President of the Belgian Royal Federation of Savate

Portrait of Alexandre WALNIER

Alexandre WALNIER was born in Tournai on 28th April 1957. He gained a Masters degree in the Management of Sports Organisations (MEMOS) after working closely with the International Olympic Committee at Lausanne in 1997, and after having successfully followed the Belgian Olympic Academy in 1992.

Boxe française; his sport, his life!
Directed to this sport by Michel MATTEZ – his physical education teacher - he soon became a coach with ADEPS* and was a federal instructor at the age of... 21 years. He created his club three years earlier. The Tournai school of Savate was established at the Notre Dame Institute before moving to the Lycée Royal, Saint-Piat, where it had 130 members. .. and the CET sports hall. Alex WALNIER also ran the Templeuve and Mouscron clubs.

In 1980, he became secretary of the French-speaking federation and technical director, posts that he has occupied since. In 1985, he became General Secretary of the International Federation, and stayed in post until 2001, when he was elected International President to replace Michel Roger. He had already been President of the Competitions Commission since 1991. He held these posts until September 2003. At the Belgian Federation, he was President for six years before handing over Ivan Umek, and currently to Alain PIETTE. He has organized fourteen World and European Championships in Belgium since 1984.

Administrator of the Olympic Committee and AISF!
President of the Hainaut Olympic Committee since 1993, he was a member of the Belgian Inter-federal Olympic Committee (COIB), where from 1997 to 2001, he was on the board of directors. He is still a COIB administrator, and member of the Selection Commission for the Turin and Beijing Games. He attended the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996), Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004) as well as the University Games of Fukuoka (Japan, 1995) and Bangkok (2007). Within AISF (the Inter-federal Association of French-speaking Sport), he was elected administrator and is currently the treasurer.

After developing Savate-Boxe Française in Belgium, Alexander WALNIER began his quest to travel the world and bring recognition to his sport. Since taking up the technical direction of Belgian Savate in 1980, Alexander WALNIER has contributed greatly to increasing the number of licence holders from 400 to a little more than 2500. Alex WALNIER equally wanted better international representation of our country. He wanted to put the athletes at the centre – organisers had tended to put on competitions for the show more than the sport. He was opposed to the new idea of gladiators of the ring.

Alexander WALNIER gained these results without having been a high level sportsman: he said that to be a leader, it is important to know about human resources and management. To achieve results, one should gain skills and set challenges. It is necessary to be ambitious, to want to go as far as possible not for oneself but to serve others. He has said that he believes that he could have worked as well at the international level for, say, fishing as for Savate. But good will is not enough to be a good leader. Even in the lower levels of soccer, it is necessary to have training. Athletes and trainers become more professional and have the right to expect the same of presidents, secretaries.., insists Alexander WALNIER. There is also a problem in the clubs where paid sportsmen and officials work alongside volunteers who offer free a little of their time without a requirement for precise competences.

* ADEPS is an administrative service of the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium charged with the promotion of sport and physical education amongst the population of the French-speaking community.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WAKO and IFMA - report about tragic death of Roberto Valdez

IFMA source:

The world of muaythai world mourns the tragic loss of

Roberto Valdez

President, Philippines Muaythai Association

The world of muaythai We wish to express sincere condolences for the tragic death of Roberto Valdez and to extend our heartfelt sympathy to his family, friends, and colleagues who are affected so greatly by this loss. He made many contributions to the world of muaythai and his efforts will be greatly missed. Roberto served as President of the Philippines Muaythai Association and is credited with the promotion of muaythai throughout the Philippines.
There are no words that seem proper at a time of tragedy, only sincere wishes for the well-being of those who suffer the loss. We hope that justice is served and that Roberto is resting peacefully. The global muaythai community sends its support and sympathy as we all mourn the loss of Roberto Valdez.

WAKO source:
We have just received the tragic news that our friend, Roberto Valdez, a former Muay Thai and Kickboxing friend, who helped us during last Macau Asian Indoor Games as a referee and judge, the man who actually helped us in creating the WAKO Philippines, died in a terrible accident in Manila.
The bad news comes from Mr. Abram Tolentino who is the current president of the Philippines Kickboxing Federation affiliated to WAKO.
In the name of WAKO as a whole, our most sincere condolences to Roberto's family. May he sleep in peace.

IFMA European and World championship 2009

Two big events - both in the same year.

From 27th November to 5th December 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand, Asia.

European championship - 15th May – 22th May 2009 , Liepaja, Latvia, Europe.

Ksenija Koprek (Croatia) vs. Eva Halasi (Serbia) 0:3

21th of February 2009 - Varazdin, Croatia, Europe - sport Hall "Graberje" hosted finals of European championships women and also junior men - fights.

Traditional pair - almost every time: Ksenija waited Eva for a month or two, because of Eva's injury.
Women: Ksenija Koprek (Croatia) vs. Eva Halasi (Serbia) 0:3.

Junior man for Croatian junior savate champion:
Finals +85kg
Agron Preteni (Pit-Bull Split) vs. Domagoj Lustring (Osijek) Won Preteni with stop in the 3rd round.

Finals -85kg
Marijan Belic (Valpovo) vs. Ante Goreta (Pit-Bull Split) - KO in the first round. Won Belic.

Semi-finals -65kg
Goran Mimica (Pit-Bull Split) vs. Marijo Jantolek (Cobra Marija Bistrica) 3:0. Won Mimica.
Silvije Tebet (Stubica) vs. Igor Karlovic (Omega Varazdin) 2:1. Won Tebet.

Semi-finals -70kg
Luka Tomic (Pit-Bull Split) vs. Matija Godinic (Kneginec) 2:1. Won Tomic.

Elimintion fight -60kg
Stipe Prtenjaca (Sesvete) vs. Luka Leskovic (Stubica) 3:0. Won Prtenjaca.

YES IT WAS SAVATE. Certainly it looked also like savate. There were integral dresses and many other savate things. Congratulations.

But more important thing was - that Varazdin hosted for the first time - PROFESSIONAL boxing match where two fighters shows everything in ENGLISH BOXING
Zoran Cvek(CROATIA) (ex-savate fighter) vs. Tomas Hengstberger (AUSTRIA) -67kg.
And MOST , MOST important thing in Croatia:
Bank of Zagreb was their official sponsor.

Savate forme is now a grown up discipline

Welcome to new discipline which is finally well formed to put it on a sport market.
Nice moves, different from aerobics, different from kickboxing musical forms, keeps savate identity.

SAVATE Activities in a French speaking part of Belgium

Savate S3 Seraing 2009 - Gerard Monsieur

Savate S3 Tournai 2009 - Fluid and educational way of pre-combat.

Morroco - SAVATE assaut seminar 2008

CHRISTOPHE NEUVILLE - SAVATE assaut trainer/coach of French Savate Federation's selection visited Morroco. Although combat-savate strong countries like Morroco and Hungary (Christophe NEUVILLE also visited them)- they still need improvement on a technical level of assaut - light contact which is a basis for good tactical fighting in full contact version - combat.
Heart and power are not enough.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cobra Gym-Club, Saint Etienne, Loire, France

Nice training place.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Glove testing - Mameli savate - Genova, Italy

Italians have a little bit different system of French federation basic glove testing. But anyway - nice to see a savate club with systematic work.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Low line and high line

Learn non-violent and effective savate tricks using smart leg kicks.

Why head guard in assaut? It is safer and allows head "toe" kicks more freedom.

Giorgio Ali - Genova boxing instructions

Through the wall to train your assaut hand techniques. Roger Waters - don't watch this video.

INTER-REGIONAL savate tournament in JKS gym PAVIA, Italy

VIDEO: Precombat: Elton Bani (club Andrea Doria - trainer M. Ilengo) vs. Kaabour (Team SAVATE Val Borbera - trainer Boidi Mauro)

Elton Bani (Albanian roots)

Mr. Stefano Gennaccari organised Savate Assaut and Pre-Combat for Italian regions Liguria, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna and Lombardia.
10 fights in Savate Assaut, 4 fights in Savate Pre-Combat and 1 fight Kickboxing - class C.

Woman: Piffer (Pavia) vs. Palmieri

Maestro Alfredo Lallo
60 kg Casiddu vs Bisio
75 kg Gazzano vs Ricci
69 kg Cammarere vs Fossati
65 kg Bani vs Kaabour

65 kg Ciccarelli vs Ventimiglia vs Tenconi
63 kg Chieppa vs Settimi
60 kg Bibbiano vs Iannello vs Nacinavich
73 kg Bini vs Giovane

fighter in a red and black integral dress is Sebastiano Giovane:

71 kg Mantovan vs Bolis
70 kg Pati vs Fiore
Over 85 Campailla vs Lucente

77 kg Cassano vs Linviri
63 kg Radaelli vs Minella
85 kg Bellentani vs Ruello

fighter in a black integral dress is Paolo Bellentani (club Zeus)

Italian trainer's course - Tonic gym Milano

From October 2008 to January 2009 - 6 person on 11 trainer's seminars in Tonic center, Milano, Lombardy, Italy (like Olympic disciplines boxing FPI). DVD is expected also. Canne de combat course with Daniele Parrilli.

TAMARA GIUGNO - Trainer 24/30
FRANCESCA PIFFER - Trainer 28/30
ALESSANDRO LAMENTA - Instructor 26/30
ANDREA MONTARULO - Trainer 29/30

Hungarian savate on KEMPO tournament

Results: (search savate)

31st of January 2009 - Juhász Ferenc Memorial cup - Kempo European Cup
Women: -70kg Plovetczki Krisztina I. place (trainer: Ferencz József)
Man: -85kg Szitó Tibor II. place (trainer: Rimár Zsolt)
-85kg Drixler István III. place (trainer: Dudás Attila)
-80kg Molnár Dániel III. place (trainer: Lovászi Viktor)
Juniors: -70kg Szalontai Gergő III. place (trainer:Dudás Attila)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

AIBA - World series to revolutionalise boxing


NEW DELHI: The performance of Indian boxers at Beijing Games made them national heroes with the game catching the imagination of youngsters across
the country. Now, the Indian fans will get the opportunity to see some of the top boxers of the world in action at home.
In order to satisfy the ever-growing need of watching knock-outs and to ride the gravy-train of professional boxing, the game’s world amateur body (AIBA) has signed a treaty with marketing firm IMG to introduce ‘World Series Boxing’ from March, 2010 in which Delhi will be one of the 12 teams from across the world that will vie for the title.
In the series, somewhat similar to professional leagues like EPL or IPL, three continents - Asia, Europe and America - will each have four city teams (read countries) participating in the event which will see boxers exchanging blows without headgears and vests, fighting five rounds of three minutes each with five bouts in five categories with home-and-away matches thrown in.
The boxers will stand to make a reasonable amount of money, which was so far unheard of in amateur boxing, and will still be allowed to take part in the Olympics, unlike the professional boxers.
The ‘cities’ will fight among themselves before one qualifies for the grand finale to be held at Macau, which is famous for casinos, much like what Las Vegas is.
"To take Asia’s example, Delhi will first fight Bangkok and then Bangkok will come down to Delhi to fight here. At the end of five bouts, the scores will be counted. Only one country from each continent will be able to go through to the semi-final to be held at Macau. The fourth slot in the semis will go to the ‘best loser’," said PK Muralidharan Raja, secretary of Indian Boxing Association. Raja was part of the AIBA-IMG meeting in China on January 11, which was attended by the amateur heads from all across the world.
The World Series, when it comes into play in 2010, will be a fertile ring for the boxers as well as their respective federations to earn good money now and to sustain the flow when they retire. A franchisee from one continent will be allowed to buy boxers from other countries.
"Let’s say Cuba might be interested in buying Vijender Kumar and Akhil Kumar. Their franchisee will then have to get in touch with the Indian franchisee to sort out money issues in order to buy them. The boxers will themselves have to sign a contract with their respective federations so that a certain percentage of the money that is earned by them will also filter down to the federations," said Raja.
This decision was taken since the federations support a boxer when he goes through his bends. But when the boxer comes through and earns cash benefits, he does not share it with the federation. The World Series will help the federation to make money from the franchisee.
It will also make the boxers participating in the Series more secure as they will get pension after retiring.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

KALI is more effective than Canne de Combat

With savateurs like this we will certainly win, come to AGFIS and deserve more respect in martial arts.
I think that author of this text doesn't know nothing about canne de combat - and if I summarize all this - he doesn't know anything about savate also. Savate is a system not - fighting sport of divided parts.

From CalSavate BLOG:!_Ow!_Ow!.html
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Monday, February 16, 2009
Full contact French stick fighting. Maybe not as effective as Kali, but it’s an elegant style for a more civilized time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

AGFIS atendee list 2009 - Denver , USA

I DON'T.,8510,5197-192221-209444-45839-289954-custom-item,00.html

abold - sport communication Germany
Action Images Limited United Kingdom
Active Rights Management Limited United Kingdom
AFC Asian Cup QATAR 2011 Local Organising Committee Qatar
Aggreko United States of America
AIPS Switzerland
AISTS Switzerland
Alem International Management United States of America
Aon Benfield United Kingdom
ARAMARK United States of America
AS&P - architects, planners/ProProjekt - bid management Germany
Asian Hockey Federation Malaysia
ASOIF Switzerland
Associated Press United Kingdom
Badminton Players Federation Denmark
Badminton World Federation (BWF) Malaysia
Beijing Delegation of China China
Beyond Sport United Kingdom
BlaCon Media United States of America
BTD International Consulting AG Switzerland
Cannon Design United States of America Canada
Charlescannon Switzerland
CHB Enterprises LLC United States of America
CHICAGO 2016 CANDIDATE CITY United States of America
Chicago Tribune United States of America
Chinese Olympic Committee China
CIES (International Centre for Sports Studies) Switzerland
City of Berlin Germany
City of Edmonton Canada
City of Lausanne- Canton of Vaud Switzerland
Cognagora United States of America
Commercial Doctor Ltd United Kingdom
Commonwealth Games Federation United Kingdom
Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) Italy
Confederation Sportive Internationale du Travail (CSIT) Netherlands
Contemporary Group United States of America
Davis Langdon LLP United Kingdom
DB Schenker Germany
DBD Pty Ltd Australia
De Telegraaf Netherlands
Dentsu Inc. Japan
Designwerk United Kingdom
Diversified Search Ray & Berndtson United States of America
ECA2 France
Edmonton Events International Canada
Elliott Sports Media LLP United Kingdom
EPIC United States of America
European Olympic Committees Italy
EUROVISION Switzerland
Event Knowledge Services Switzerland
Events for London United Kingdom
Events New South Wales Australia
Events South Australia Australia
Eventscorp Australia
EventScotland United Kingdom
FCT Flames Pty Ltd Australia
Federacion Española de Deportes de Hielo Spain
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) Switzerland
Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Switzerland
Fédération International de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) Switzerland
Federation Internationale Amateur de Sambo (FIAS) United States of America
Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA) Switzerland
Fédération Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT) Switzerland
Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) Switzerland
Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH) Switzerland
Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Switzerland
Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) Switzerland
Fédération Internationale de Pelote Basque (FIPV) Spain
Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) Italy
Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) Switzerland
Fédération Internationale des Echecs (FIDE) Greece
Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron (FISA) Switzerland
Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU) Belgium
Federation Mondial de Jeu de Dames (FMJD) Netherlands
Federation of International Polo (FIP) France
Fencing World Championship PARIS 2010 France
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Germany
Freelance Germany Canada
Gangwon International Sports Committee Republic of Korea
Generations for Peace Jordan
Get the Point Foundation Switzerland
GL Events France
Glasgow City Marketing Bureau United Kingdom
Global Sports Partners United States of America
Gold Coast City Council Australia
Great Big Events Australia
Greater Columbus Sports Commission United States of America
Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Organizing Committee(GAGOC) China
Harris County-Houston Sports Authority United States of America
haymarket network United Kingdom
High Council for Sport, Spain Spain
Hirthler & Partners United States of America
HOK Sport Venue Event United States of America
Holme Roberts & Owen, LLP United States of America
Host Broadcast Services France
IEC in Sports Sweden
IMGA, International Masters Games Association Switzerland
Infostrada Sports Netherlands
Inside Sport Germany
International Skating Union (ISU) Switzerland
International Aikido Federation (IAF) Japan
International Archery Federation (FITA) Switzerland
International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) Germany
International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Monaco
International Baseball Federation (IBAF) Switzerland
International Biathlon Union (IBU) Austria
International Boxing Association (AIBA) Switzerland
International Canoe Federation (ICF) Switzerland
International Casting Sport Federation (ICSF) Czech Republic
International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG) Algeria
International Cricket Council (ICC) United Arab Emirates
International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) Spain
International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) United Kingdom
International Federation of American Football (IFAF) France
International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) Switzerland
International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Spain
International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IMFA) Thailand
International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) United Kingdom
International Federation Sport Climbing (IFSC) Italy
International Fistball Association (IFA) Germany
International Floorball Federation (IFF) Finland
International Go Federation (IGF) Japan
International Golf Federation United States of America
International Handball Federation (IHF) Switzerland
International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Switzerland
International Judo Federation (IJF) Hungary
International Kendo Federation (FIK) Japan
International Korfball Federation (IKF) Netherlands
International Life Saving Federation (ILS) Belgium
International Luge Federation (FIL) Germany
International Military Sports Council (CISM) Belgium
International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) Switzerland
International Olympic Committee United States of America
International Orienteering Federation (IOF) Finland
International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Germany
International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Germany
International Racquetball Federation (IRF) United States of America
International Rugby Board (IRB) Ireland
International Sailing Federation (ISAF) United Kingdom
International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Germany
International Ski Federation (FIS) Switzerland
International Softball Federation (ISF) United States of America
International Sports Diplomacy Institute Republic of Korea
International Surfing Association (ISA) United States of America
International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Switzerland
International Tennis Federation (ITF) United Kingdom
International Triathlon Union (ITU) Canada
International Water Ski Federation (IWSF) Switzerland
International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Hungary
International World Games Association (IWGA) United States of America
International Wushu Federation (IWUF) China
International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation Iran
IOC Switzerland
JdeHeer Consulting Switzerland
JLT Sport Canada
Jon Tibbs Associates United Kingdom
Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) Bulgaria
Kaohsiung Organizing Committee for The World Games 2009 Chinese Taipei
Karl's Global Events United States of America
Kyodo News United Kingdom
Leaders in Football United Kingdom
Lily Fenn & Partners Hong Kong
LOCOG United Kingdom
Los Angeles Sports Council United States of America
Ludus Sports United States of America
Macau Sport Development Board Macau
Major Events International United Kingdom
MaKe communications Germany
Maryland Department of Sports Marketing United States of America
masterconcept ltd. Austria
Maxxam International Australia
Mile High Sports United States of America
Mizuno Corporation Japan
Moore Sports Australia
Munich Olympic Park Germany
MX Sports & Events Greece
Myers Consulting United Kingdom
National Association of Sports Commissions United States of America
National Basketball Association United States of America
National Sports Council Ghana
Nations and Regions East / EEDA United Kingdom
Nations and Regions East of England United Kingdom United States of America
New Moon Television United Kingdom
Nicki Vance Consulting Australia
NOC*NSF Netherlands
Nordic Sport Sweden
NORTH United States of America
Northwest Regional Deveopment Agency United Kingdom
NUSSLI (US) LLC United States of America
NUSSLI GROUP Switzerland
NUSSLI International Ltd. Switzerland
Octagon Australia
Octopus Media Technology / Octopus TV Ltd United Kingdom
Odgers Ray & Berndtson United Kingdom
Organising Committee of XVI Mediterranean Games Pescara 2009 Italy
Payne - F1 Switzerland
PBK Architects Inc. Canada
Peace and Sport Monaco
Peoples Press Denmark
pmpLEGACY United Kingdom
Procon Event Engineering Germany
Promontory United Kingdom
Qatar Olympic Committee Qatar
Quebec Government - Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport Canada
Rotterdam City of Sports Netherlands
Rushmans Ltd United Kingdom
Siemens AG Germany
Singapore Economic Development Board Singapore
Singapore Sports Council Singapore
Singapore Youth Olympics Games Organising Committee Singapore
Snohomish County Sports Commission United States of America
SOS Global Express Inc. United States of America
Spokane Regional Sports Commission United States of America
Sport Event Denmark Denmark
Sport Finland Finland
Sportaccord Switzerland
SportBusiness International United Kingdom
sportcentric United Kingdom
Sports City United Kingdom
sportsarts+ Switzerland
Sportscover United Kingdom
SportsMark United States of America
Sportworks UK United Kingdom
Stockholm Globe Arenas Sweden
Stockholm Visitors Board-Event Stockholm Sweden
Swiss Confederation Switzerland
Swiss Timing Ltd Switzerland
Sydney 2009 World Masters Games Organising Committee Australia
T. O. & M. SPORT Luciano Barra Italy
Team Canada Canada
The Event Planning Group Australia
The Yomiuri Shimbun Japan United Kingdom
Timothy Fok China
Toronto 2015 Pan American Games Canada
Total Sports Asia Malaysia
Transportation Management Services United States of America
TSE Consulting Switzerland
TSE Consulting -- United States United States of America
Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) United States of America
UC Denver, Business School United States of America
UK Sport United Kingdom
UK Trade & Investment United Kingdom
Unicorn Consulting France
Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Switzerland
Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) Monaco
Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) Monaco
United States Bowling Congress United States of America
United States Olympic Committee United States of America
United States Sports Academy United States of America
Universal Sports United States of America
University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tyrol - Austria Austria
University of Colorado Denver Sports & Entertainment Management MBA Program United States of America
US Fencing United States of America
USA TODAY United States of America
Utah Sports Commission United States of America
VANOC Canada
Victorian Major Events Company Australia
VISIT DENVER United States of America
VNews Spain
Welsh Assembly Government United Kingdom
World Academy of Sport United Kingdom
World Anti-Doping Agency Canada
World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) Italy
World Bridge Federation (WBF) France
World Curling Federation (WCF) United Kingdom
World Darts Federation (WDF) Norway
World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) United States of America
World Karate Federation (WKF) Greece
World Minigolf Sport Federation Switzerland
World Squash Federation (WSF) United Kingdom
World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Republic of Korea
Yorkshire Events United Kingdom